'Largest living thing' on Earth is dying after decades of human interference, scientists say

Scientists have warned that an ancient forest widely considered the largest single living thing in the world is dying, despite efforts to preserve it.

The Pando aspen is an enormous expanse of 40,000 trees, all of which are clones with identical genetic compositions, meaning they are classified together as one individual.

Thought to be up to 80,000 years old, the colony known as the “trembling giant” is a contender for the oldest organism as well as the heaviest and largest.


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Sounds like BS to me.

Every single tree is connected by the roots; thats how the "tree" reproduces. Roots branch out and grow into a new shoot which becomes a new tree and the process repeats.


Sounds like more of a deer problem then a human one according to this article, if we can only hire a deer slayer.

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Having never heard of the mycelial network. There's far larger living organisms on this planet, besides the planet itself being a living organism.
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I've heard of it. Apparently giant tardigrades use it for interstellar teleportation. Oh, the miracles of nature.

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there are different types of plants

Seems to me a population of 40,000 clones is in a tenuous position anyway. All it takes is for one disease that the trees are particularly vulnerable to to happen across this forest and there will be no genetic variants to possibly have immunity.

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He's right though. Ashen roots sprout from th ground and forms trees. Making them really fucking annoying to have in your yard.

thought it was about the great barrier reef or the amazon tbh

Fuck you. Not only was that show a sin against star trek, but Tardigrades deserve better than that.

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Preaching to the choir, friend.

No that is how grasses reproduce. Aspen's, Alders are grass-like. TREES reproduce with seeds.
t. Plant biologist

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Those trees are not productive. Chop down, we need paper. Something lost forever, who cares. Nature abhors a vaccuum. Plant fruit.

Is there any reason given for why it is dying?

All plants reproduce through seeds, but some (most? all?) can also reproduce through alternative means. Asexual reproduction produces clones, while sexual reproduction through seeds creates offspring with their own DNA.

They don't anymore

You're retarded, look up Quaking Aspens and clonal colonies.

They care to be seen caring about trees, they do not actually live outdoors, and consequently don't give a shit when their lavish lifestyles require deforestation to sustain it. Compare that with a forester or huntsman who actually lives innawds and cares for it, like in Bongland where the liberals continued campaigning against hunters & foresters for controlling the deer population (cos killing is bad m'kay), allowing deer to overpopulate and destroy tree saplings.