China Plans To Replace Streetlights By Launching Artificial Moon By 2020

Within two years, a Chinese city hopes to light its streets at night with an artificial moon rather than streetlights. Now, that may bring to mind pictures of a giant glowing orb mounted on a tall tower but that isn't the type of artificial moon the Chinese city of Chengdu is talking about building. The city which lies in the south west of China plans to launch a satellite in 2020 that will serve to illuminate the city below it at night.

The idea may seem like something out of a science fiction movie but they are dead serious about the plan. A report in the People's Daily said the artificial moon is "designed to complement the moon at night". The satellite would actually be about eight times brighter than the moon and emit a "dusk-like-glow". The artificial moon would be capable of lighting an area with a diameter of about 10-80 km.

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>"I, Dr. Warlock, will enhance the light beams of the Chinese satellite, thereby destroying the entire city, frying everyone alive! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!"

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das ist bullshit desu

Thats a beautiful picture. What city is that?

They can't even keep a fucking space station in orbit what the fuck are those retards doing?

Also, the apparent magnitude (its brightness from space) would require a very large and/or very bright surface to illuminate cities in the mythical dusk-like way they hope it will. The lowest practical orbit is about 100 miles from sea level. Do to the inverse square law we know we would need exponentially more light to cover effective distances at an effective apparent magnitude. At 100 miles worth of atmosphere such a craft would be very heavy, consume a lot of power, and would also consume a lot of heat that would surely burn out. China is out of their fucking minds now.

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Generic chink city 2004, you only like it because it reminds you of anime

Its going to reflect light from the sun, you brainlet, don't you know how the moon works?

It will be visible from the ground but I don't think its going to replace artificial light like China is shilling. The moon hardly even does that and the moon has a significantly larger reflective surface area than this craft surely will

the west was planning this 20-25 years ago, a network of satellites with reflectors to eliminate night.
it was announced in the main newspapers etc.
fortunately never happened.
this would cancerify the whole population, darkness is a biological necessity for healthy regeneration. not to mention destroying the plant and insect life, and confusing all the other animals.
ww3 can't come fast enough

Its probably more about flexing their technological muscle, but as we all know, China is a shithole and all their pretenses of strength and advancement is all just posturing.

Probably trying to test weaponizing sunlight with mirrors and focusing lens.

And just like that trump is reelected

whats actually going on here?
Israel sold China a bunch of US secret tech and plans. Just some of those plans are bunk that the US gave up on years ago. China sees artificial moon and lose their shit. "Hory crap! Needa buird this naow!" They will eventually realize that it doesn't work and isn't practical, but only after they purge a few bad citizens that criticize the project.

and hows it going to do that you brainlet, the only reason the moon does it is because its far enough away from the earth to do it, you cant reflect light from the sun in lower earth orbit if your sat in the earths shadow, christ

Lol they are going to cook themselves


Because it won't be in lower earth orbit? Its like you brainlets don't even think what you're typing through before your post, that or you're in it for the (you)'s.

I sometimes think that things like this are developed with the intention of never using them so that in situations like this, we get hearty keks as the enemy goes full JUST.

Xi fried roaches
Chengdu is the high temperature wok

its going to have to be brainlet, or are you planning on putting something the size of france (probably still wouldnt be big enough) into orbit, you must have noticed the moon periodically falls into the earths shadow, you cannot do it reflecting the sun without being a long distance from the earth dipshit, and then your reflector is going to have to be enormous and you'll still periodically fall into the earths shadow, its a dumbass idea and so are you

Time to get 'murica, lads.


so much for the chinese being smart.

they could just weaponise their bacterial growth rate populace by sending them to every single last corner of the globe, to meet up low quality cafes and junk shops, pushing out the local inhabitants and removing all choice.
that would be effective.

Wouldnt it need to be in a geostationary orbit?
Thats like 35,000 miles up and only possible over the equator.

inb4 the remaining Chinese women bleed to death.

I just thought this would really upset Muslims. They worship the moon.

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I'm ok with this.

you convinced me user, fuck the impossible science, this has to be done!

Just more of the plot to disconnect people from their Humanity. It is a fact that NOT being under the stars once in a while KILLS YOUR SOUL.


That's some Bond villain shit. Can't wait for it to be used as some kind of devious superweapon, like burning ants with a magnifying glass.

Actually, #2 is a tool shed concealed with a curtain.

Some New Zealand rocket company literally did this earlier this year as a marketing stunt, it was visible as a faint, fast moving star but visible nonetheless, and it quickly burned up in the atmosphere albeit this was intentional

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inflation fetishism confirmed metal as fuck, but don't tell Dobson

sounds about right to me at least

Chengdu. For the most part it's a nice city, but it also has pic related

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Literally reality now. Sad.

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Am I the only person who looks at pictures of tower blocks and feels sad that there obviously far too many people in the world if they have to live like this?

This is NOTHING, user. Try looking at a picture of a large African city on the outskirts. You know those homeless people that you sometimes see on the side of freeways, with their little encampments made of tarps and cardboard boxes and garbage? Now imagine an entire city like that: literally tens of millions of people in a trash-heap slum that spreads over hundreds of square miles.

Roughly three billion people in the world live in THAT level of poverty. A "roof over the head" that is more than a tarp or a piece of sheet aluminum is a luxury afforded only half of humanity.

We have the ability to create our own moons now and you think that's sad? The fuck is wrong with you?

I recall a fairytale in which an ancient and powerful civilization used its greatest magicians to create an artificial sun that would work in tandem with their actual star to "cast all darkness away" and only have daylight. The result was an artificial sun that synchronized with the original star and scorched the entire land into desertification and ruin while also making night that much worse.

How big would this thing have to be for the impact to destroy most of china when it invariably crashes to earth during launch?

Too heavy to launch.

The most powerful rocket ever built can launch 140 metric tonnes in to low earth orbit

The real moon is 73,600,000,000,000,000,000 metric tonnes.

But the moon is already artificial (and hollow).
Besides, this is easy to do because the earth is flat.

The moon is occupied by evil alien forces

A man can create his own moon but TASTE MY COFFEE.

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With the size and power they'd need to penetrate their smog, how destructive would it be when it crashes down?


That's you.

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just get yo mamma fat ass
big enough moon for all of china