Actress Kristen Bell Says Non-consensual Kiss In "Snow White" Goes Against Her Beliefs

Bell went on to tell Parents Magazine that she always reads Snow White to her children Lincoln, 5, and Delta, 3, and asks them if they think it is odd that the prince kisses Snow White. "Don’t you think that it’s weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission? Because you cannot kiss someone if they’re sleeping," Bell said. That is how out of touch with reality Hollywood liberal loons are and it never ceases to amaze me what they will think of next to be offended by.

Although Disney didn't originate the story, they popularized it in animation form with their 1938 film adaption that shows the prince saving Snow White from an eternity of sleep with a single kiss. What normal and rational person thinks children need an explanation as to why kissing Snow White to break the spell is somehow inappropriate? One thing is for sure, Bell is indoctrinating her children from a very young age into the liberal left ideology of politically correct culture and identity politics.

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Women's rights were a mistake.

This but unironically.


hasn't been ironic for at least 6 years

She's been sleeping for 40 years you retard. THey have no medicine, it's better than fucking her in medieval times.

I suppose CPR is rape too

< literally rape condoned by the patriarchy
this is why chivalry is dead

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Angelina already attempted to ruin this beautiful story with maleficent. Happy ending where the princes kiss doesn't break the curse. Princess' daddy dies and she lives happily ever after flying around with demon bitch.


at least 100 years*

Chivalry sadly isn't dead though. Hence the continued existence of feminism.

You know, sometimes I think those Muslims are on to something with the way they handle their women. They don't let them rule over them like we do.

That's a bad example. A good one would she's fucking choking on shit and you won't give her the Heimlich maneuver.

That's too extreme. How will these poor women live if not like a loose whore!

Ok noted, first aid courses should be alerted. If a woman is in need of it, never apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, that's literally RAPE.


Frankly, I don't think it's extreme enough! Women need to be view as property, not unlike pets or cattle. They are a resource and should be treated as such. We need to bring back slavery.

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Chivalry is dead. Actually read the code of chivalry - it's primarily a document of acceptable conduct in male relations (dueling standards). Women only ever understood the part where it mentioned courtesy towards them. They failed to understand that it was not out of kindness. The underlying message of it is that women, like children (Thus the idea "Women and children first!"), are less capable beings who need defending from their own actions. That when a woman grievously fucks up it is upon the men to atone for it in her stead.

It's not a pro-feminism document. The feminists and white knights have it all wrong. It completely undermines everything they've struggled for and the fact that they pine for its return is indicative of its soul crushing truth: they really are not capable of understanding the complexity of things. They see it at face value without examining the far deeper philosophical undertones. IT was conceived and codified back in a day when the christian West was a lot more like Islam in its treatment of women. They were valued for their capabilities as home makers, care givers, comforters, and friends, but not overvalued for their contribution in fields they don't understand; statecraft, morality&philosophy (they are the cause of original sin), and logic.

Women like to feel small and inferior, in spite of all their claims to the contrary. They miss when they were put in their place and could be the iconic female: a mother in a secure household free from the heavy lifting of politics but capable of influencing them indirectly. Hell the desire to maintain this position was actually the most powerful female movements against feminism in its early days. Being "equal" to men, these wiser women knew, was a double edged sword that satisfied neither party and would wind up offending both party's sense of self-worth. And it has, those old women feminism decries with all the fervent hatred the black community reserves for its intelligent men (uncle Toms), were right. Women have never been less happy than they are now, men have never been less happy than they are now and all this in spite of the fact that it has never been a more bountiful time to be alive.

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Nice try juden, keep your semite poison to yourself, and fuck off back to the desert that you came from.

just deliberately drown yourself where there is a female lifeguard.
when she resuscitates you, phone the police and take her to court.
make a big stunt of it.
then stab whoever the fuck Kristen bell is in the throat and blame it on video games

she just gets off on lying and getting paid for it

she hardly seems like the type that would shun a guy being assertive every now and then, maybe she should look at some of the scenes shes even been in herself

like she went around zapping guys to death in HEROES, but i'm sure that oh no, *that* was just a story, just a role, plus it's different, because she has a vagina

< "Dont you think that its weird that the prince kisses Snow White without her permission? Because you cannot kiss someone if theyre sleeping,"
things that happened: snow white edition

This. And feminism killed it.

It has been reduced to "m'lady".

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Sounds like the prince could have kept fucking her over and over as long as he didnt kiss her and wake her up.

This chick acts like a modest classy girl who won't do nudity but then plays a slut in movies like burlesque. She just seems insanely self conscious.

Veronica Mars was literally all hype. Holy shit she probably did the weinstein dance, was given veronica mars which supposedly did well with critics but not audiences. Eventually farting around in movies until she became relevant.

My three year old came up to me the other day and said: "why is the media all run by juden, surely if they are the vast minority, they should have less than a proportional quantity of people in the field due to the natural nepotism that takes place within races, and given that European-blooded people have always, up until now, been the majority in the US, wouldn't it make more sense that they and only they dominated the media within their own country?"
I replied, "yes".
He continued "yet, juden are overrepresented a thousand fold, so much so that 90% of directors for blockbuster films are juden, as are the principle actors. yet, they are the same people pushing for the extinction of European blooded people, the ones who founded the country and created almost every facet of modern civilisation in terms of technology, reason and language. why have the juden been allowed to do this, or is it because they are completely amoral and therefore do not play by the rules, instead being entirely criminally minded, and having achieved permanent victimhood from a false flag invented in 1948, they have become impervious to criticism. why is that?"
I replied, "I'm not sure, I think it is wrong".

Then I wrote on twitter about it while my son finished off the last third of his doctoral thesis on how human progression has been perverted within the last hundred years.
he's up to page 205 now.

But it made men realize the bad deals society was demanding men take. Society has never been patriarchal. Cunts were always pedestalized, valued, and cared for. We have women and children first—what about men? Society sees them as disposable utilities.

muslim women would be just like western women if they weren't suppressed


So place your own well-being before anyone else. Never get married. Never have children. Problem solved.

After all the female NPCs read what this cunt said they all suddenly feel the same way.

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