TX - Walmart Employee Tells Customer To Speak English Only Since “We’re in Texas” (Video)

An El Salvador native living in Texas shared on social media his experience in a Walmart store where an employee admonished him to speak English “because we’re in Texas.” The guy recorded part of their exchange and uploaded the video, too, on social media sparkling reactions and debates among users. The man said he is also receiving threats because of what he posted.

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/39778-TX-Walmart-Employee-Tells-Customer-To-Speak-English-Only-Since-We-re-in-Texas-Video

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Yup, it's a felon.


What happened with "customer is always right"?

Rebellious wage-slave dares not to bend over to secure more profits for Walmart, shouldn't you cucks be REEEE-ing about uppity servant?

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My grandmother is mexican immigrant from spain, who, after leaving spain for the new world, ended up south of the US. After experiencing mexicos hospitality and lawful enforcers, my family fled across the border the legal way and have been here ever since. Its ungrateful mexican nationalists that make all hispanics in america look bad. Speaking english is simply the polite thing to do. Anyone who says its not disrespectful is probably a liberal apologist and needs to be ignored anyways.

Based lady. Praise God.

i know a dominican boomer that tells spics this all the time and refuses to converse with them in spanish. says its rude, especially if there are any english speakers present.

Do you go to France and expect English service?

How about Mexico or Brazil?

This is America, we speak English here.

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I hope her life has been ruined by now, racists need to realize that their behavior is not acceptable. She should never be able to find work again.

Are you talking about the racist spic that won't even learn the language of the country they are living in.
If so, I agree, it is incredibly racist to not integrate.
It is like an american going to Guatemala and shouting English at a bunch of people in a remote village, videoing them and trying to humiliate them publicly because they can't speak English.


are you retarded? nothing about that is illegal.

Actually you may not record or use anyones likeness unless willingly disclosed or explicitly allowed. Laws are laws.

Pretty sure recording laws vary by state. Personally its the context of the manner as well.

If you catch someone who is breaking and entering in your home and record them do you really think that it matters if you don't have their permission to willingly disclose the tape?

Sure this is a lot different than the subject at hand recording wise but I'm just using it as an example..

Post the law please.
The likeness shit is wrong the nation over.
The thing that differs by state is the conversation being recorded. Texas may be a 1 party state - meaning if one person in the conversation is okay with the recording then the recording is legal.

Entering your residence does change the location from public to private and you have jurisdiction within your property. So yes it does change, laws are contextual.

Also, yall seem to be confusing "recording an incident" with "posting someones likeness online without their consent" which are very different things.

Expectation of privacy is what matters.
No one has an expectation of privacy in public in the middle of the store talking to the public-facing employee.

Now if they had been in the back talking to a sales manager about something like credit which is personal and they moved away from the front face of the store then yes, there is a small expectation of privacy.

How did he know that she was requesting him to speak English?
How did he know that he's supposed to be outraged at this gringo trying to get him to speak English?
If he really couldn't speak English, then what the hell was he recording for?

Lol Texas is a single party consent state. You can film anyone you want without their knowledge all day long

Even in a womens changing room?

modern american english is closer to how people in britain spoke in the 1700s compared to modern british english.
the way you guys pronounce your "R"s was a cosmopolitan fad that eventually went mainstream. americans never adopted it, and it was considered improper english.

Surprisingly, it's not. At least to the charge of performing an illegal wiretap on this woman.
google.com/search?q=texas two party state


Yes, the wiretap laws vary state to state. Texas is a one party state, which I linked here

so whatever this guy records is legally obtained as long as he consents. One of the few benefits of my state of fucking Illinois is it's a two party state. Isn't much else for the average serf here. Illinois is also the only state that has a law against businesses using surveillance and bio-metrics to identify shoppers. Otherwise it's a chicago run shithole.

Not that at all.I know enough spanish to be able to tell when someone is talking smack behind my back.Happens more often than not.These are UNGRATEFUL people.

Would we go to a foreign country and expect them to cater to our language? HELL NO!

Even if they're taking a shit?

Criminally underchecked trips

Yes. Absolutely.

last sentence is accurate
spic was making trouble

I was filming in the girl's changing room in a school for a year and a half while I was working as a janitor in Texas, no one ever said anything so I guess they had no problem with it.
Used to take a lot of their underwear to smell while they were out on the field. Can tell you that there wasn't much grass on the field though.

Why hasn't Trump made English the official national language and require a English test for anyone applying for citizenship?!?!?!?!

We have something like that here in Huezil. We retain some old-school language traits that have disappeared from modern European Portuguese.

Texas is a single-party consent state, beaner.

Bill Gates ruined windows when he retired xp. all for a buck.!

Mexicans who claim some kind of european roots always end up being the brownest most self hating beaners and no different from the spics. Am i right pablo?

Wal-Mart is a network for trafficking.!

America has no official language constitutionally.

european spanish =/= beaner mexican

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You guys can't spell colour or flavour right at least you aren't being invaded by Pakistanis tho..

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#brave #racism #imAhero #notReallyIMaGiantFaggot

Like I give a fuck.

We speak English, not French, faggot

If you can't understand him, there is no way to know where he is: left, right or in-between. So, just get him out of the door !

roasties are toastie

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Same shit.

Based Texan Lady

Meximonkeys BTFO

Sometimes the customer is wrong. It happens in Walmart quite a lot.

The customer is wrong by definition for setting foot in there.

Can you ask that boomer how it feels to be retarded?