Trump On Midterms Voter Fraud: “Cheat At Your Own Peril”

With only a few weeks to go before the highly-anticipated midterm election, President Trump issued a stern warning to those who may have some intentions of cheating at the polls.

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I want to see mass arrests.


The demorats won't care. They openly cheated for Hillary and nothing was done about it.

Look at Texas for example. Their fraudulent voting slips sent to illegals is enough to have them removed from the ballot, jailed indefinitely or executed for treason.
That won't happen.
US law only applies to white goyim.

There are fewer than one hundred fraudulent votes a year. In a country of hundreds of millions, fewer than one hundred. Not one hundred million. Not one hundred thousand. One hundred. One and then two zeroes. The majority of which are submitted not by illegal aliens, but by "Mickey Mouse."

You are mindless sheep, wrapped up in a wolf-crying narrative. "Be mad at something and let me tell you what, so you should vote for me! Don't notice that the thing I've got you riled up at doesn't exist; just give me money!"

In 2016 there were 4 cases of voter fraud.

Four. Single digit.

That was 100% of the voter fraud, nation wide: four votes.

Voter fraud is when people send votes in that are fraudulent. Not when ballots are delivered. You've got the wrong end of the stick there, friend.

am i missing some retard joke here?

You really believe only 400 votes are fraudulent a year?

Save this video, its getting harder and harder to find.

I guess this is the new leftist shit narrative. "we don't deny we engage in voter fraud but here is a fake number we just pulled out of our ass that is unrealisatically low compared to every study done and actual stats."


It's literally a fact. Despite what your television tells you? Facts exist. Fewer than 400 per year. 4 in 2016. These are facts. Go attempt and try to find contrary ones. Guess what? You won't. Know why you won't? Because facts are real, and the thing you believe has nothing to do with them.

Go ahead and try to find those studies you think exist. Because you won't and they don't. There were 4 cases of voter fraud discovered in 2016. That is a fact.

And Japan has an almost perfect arrest record for murders. Because if you don't investigate it, then it doesn't exist.

Good goy!

Wasn't there a lot of instances of dead people voting in the last election?


So that evidence of all that massive voting fraud you believe in is where? Oh right: it does not exist because it does not occur.

Jill steins demand for a recount found 60% of hillary's votes could not be verified as legit in 3 major voting districts. But the fraud wasnt trumps so they stopped checking.


Ah, I get you. Wink wink, nudge nudge.
100 *alive* voters.
All the other thousands of fraudulent votes were dead. I get you, say no more.

Massive Big Up for Isreal, LOLZ




Trump should have a botnetted voting machine developed and then use an executive order to require all voters use said machine. It should be able to detect cheats and take pictures of their faces so that ICE can track them down and deport them.

Oh the fucking irony, because you see I unlike you actually access policies of those on alternate political spectrum's as me, and yes there are some really fucking retarded Donald fags out there especially with the deluded as fuck Q fags, and here is the fucking thing
It doesn't matter about "fraud" since both parties are in on it and are on the same side
No this is about National Socialism (Us) v Jewish Global Hedgemony (Them) and we're stuck looking at a completely different set of goal posts which are kilometers away from where they actually are

Funny how you ignore Israel, E V E R Y S I N G L E T I M E
Stop over inflating yourself Vlad you're a fucking nobody loser that is powerless to the Israeli scum, if you would stop spreading that self falatio of yourself for one second you'd realise that Who am I kidding Moshe I know it's you

That's pretty retarded since Democrats will not count Illegal votes for themselves as fraudulent.

Eh that's too dystopian tbh, I think we just need to kill all the Amerimutt trash, would be more humane

How do you know?
I refuse to believe in a country of 300,000,000 people, that only 100 either "voted without being a citizen", and/or "voted at more than one place", especially since you don't have to show any sort of ID to vote.

That's a CNN bot.
There are a significant many more fraudulent votes cast each year.

He very clearly said 4, where the hell did you pull 400 from his post?

We can't know, because the states that had the most voter/poll fraud blocked the investigations.

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I once read a study that showed that Democrats need to secure a mathematical 8% voting advantage in order to get a result that breaks-even with the GOP, because the Republicans fix votes so hard. Doing shit like making sure there are few polling sites in minority and urban neighborhoods, so that on Election Day the lines get so fucking long, half the people stand there all day and don't have time to get into the building to cast their vote before they close. Meanwhile, you better believe every country hick's vote is counted.

Oh, and tell me again how the electoral college ensures fairness by making the vote of every Wyoming resident worth three times as much as the vote of every California resident.

Bad things.
Bad Things.