277 Pedophiles Arrested by Polk County Sheriff, in Florida's ‘Operation No Tricks, No Treats’

There's an amazing victory against pedophilia and child pornographic distribution coming from the Polk County Sheriff's Office in Florida, where 277 alleged sexual predators have been arrested.


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Trick no good tbh

Oh, this makes me laugh. Anti-pedos are as bluepilled as it is possible to be.

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Is this the 90's?

This, they about as NPC as one can get also

So once again police posted illegal materials to nab people for victimless crimes. No children involved other than the pics the police spread themselves. Literally using pedobait to catch lewd commentators.

Shit song, tho.

It's a shame pedophilia is so rampant. All that trash like scorpions is literal pedo life soundtrack.

What is this an I was born in the 60s thread?

You wouldn't even comprehend how widespread the attraction for young beauty is.


Good, I hope the pedos burn.

Not yet, but it can become one quick!
There are several of us more active users on this board who were born in the sixties.

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I fully comprehend it. They still don't outweigh normal society that has protective instincts. If they ever did society would fail

Shut the fuck up you old pedophile, you want a medal for being born? I don't give a shit.


Wew lad!
You still haven't learned how not to let every little thing push your buttons, stress you out, trigger you?
Of course not. Millenial detected. Go back to your safe space and play with some crayons.

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Where are your protective instincts against what capitalism does to billions of children around the globe?

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You're the one who is so bothered you took the time to post that shit, lol.

Pedos don't have much longer.

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The way you think is why you'll never do anything with your life. I bet you don't even try in life because you think it's pointless.

It's alright, user…if you put your headphones on you don't have to listen to the children screaming for help.

bullshit… in fact, even though it's been the true law of nature since the beginning of time, it's still only just begun.

you simply never get any pussy.

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1: Wrong.
2: The default non-argument of pathetic scum who can only get pussy through rape of a child.
I can't wait to watch the life leave pedo's eyes as they struggle from the top of the streetlights.

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Nothing is wrong with society, you've just convinced yourself it's on the verge of collapse to justify the life you live. If the world is just going to end then you don't need to worry about your future. I hope you live to 90 and really get to know reality.

Sunset yourself.


Still trying to lean into me personally while children getting trafficked, gang raped or forced married…that is if they're lucky, otherwise it's just the daily struggle of starving to death.

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nope….. I was correct

you never get any pussy

just curious……

when was the last time
you got any pussy ?…..

and don't lie, Sally

So you admit that shit is pretty fucked on global scale, yet you have no problem taking big, meaningless words like protective instincts in your mouth? Trying to play the almighty nature-backed moral card, while you help the big exploiters of children by riding along the pedophilia witch-hunt train…

I don't get it, what is wrong with the world?

How about you start with watching this vid? There is a lot of wrong shown to you right there.

hey, girlyboy…

you're lucky that
is being so polite with you, simply dragging you over the coals, making a bitch out of your with an intelligent moral argument….

me ?….. not so much
I don't give a fuck about
an 'intelligent' argument

I'm simply calling you
a pseudo-homosexual

I dont give a fuck about
the reasons behind your
incessant need to play
moral judge and jury….

you're a fucking faggot…..

and when I say 'faggot', I mean a homosexual, as in: you never get any pussy


the fact that you fixate on these ridiculous concepts speaks volumes about YOU

Freudian much?

sexless sissyboy


oddly enough, you still haven't answered me, Sally…..

I'm waiting, sissyboy


normally, I would disagree with your assertion, even though of course I realize you were attempting to be 'humorous' with your 'witty sarcasm'……

but, to be quite honest
YES….. yes we ARE
indeed the 'chosen ones'

absolutely we are

that's why WE control the world
while YOU complain like a bitch

victorious champions never complain

only the bedwetting losers complain

Lel! This thread..
Another pedo / anti-pedo war, with Johnny Neptune screaming on the sidelines about how no one but him will ever get any pussy! What's not to love?

there's a reason why you've never seen a Jew complain about how unfair it is that whites rule the world

why would we?…….

you don't rule jack shit… you're our monkeys

no sir, I am NOT saying I'm the only one who gets any pussy…..


I'm just saying that doesn't get any pussy, which is why he's fixated on being a superhero

That's pretty much all they do besides steal and cheat.

can't say I'm surprised little johnny is a pedophile the only way like he can feel like the big man in a relationship is with children after all


let's use CATS as an example
(although this applies to all species)

the female teenaged cat goes into 'heat'
(it's first menstruation cycle)
and she's good to go !!!

she's ready to get busy………………

does a male teenaged cat mount her?

the male teenaged cats sit back in fear
while an older, experienced Tom Cat
walks up and bites her on the back
of her neck, kicks her ass up in the air

the fresh nubile womb of the teen female
and the cellular memory of the Tom Cat's
genetics guarantee a lineage that's
healthy, strong, and has survival instincts

only humans invent morals
the laws of man
mean nothing

More like "Operation No Tricks, No Treats, No Fun Allowed"

…..says the guy who spends his life
bitching and whining about the
unfairness of the Jewish control

Low quality


people who have no control become control freaks, trying to exert undue control over other people

similarly, people with repressed sexual desires try to exert futile control over other people's sexuality

'rescue randies', who try to present themselves as 'noble warriors' against the exact thing that they are secretly turned on by.

you arent fooling anybody

you aren't even fooling yourself
so you're certainly not fooling
anybody else



years ago, on my birthday, my ex-wife (on the left) talked another girl into fucking both of us as an impromptu birthday present.

I had some dope, and I chopped out three lines for us to snort as the other girl took off her clothes and kneeled down in front of my chair….

as I handed her the plate with the lines on it, she grabbed the straw, and announced:

"let me make this clear. this has nothing to do with you giving me drugs!!"

she made it known that she was NOT a whore that traded sex for dope.

I answered, "of course not. thats not what we're doing at all!"

she was relieved. she snorted her line, and started to suck my dick.

that's when I grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head, pulled her up on to my lap, pushed her snatch down around my dick and told her, "bitch you'll pay me for that God damn dope!!"

she sighed in ecstacy….

no shit!!… she moaned and melted.
she let me basically rape her for the dope.
SHE LOVED IT!!! my ex-wife smiled at me.

that bitch literally told me what her 'no no' button was, what her 'moral weak spot was' by trying to present it as an unacceptable line she refused to cross…

bullshit….. she was using predictable human behavior to actually announce her greatest turn on….

my wife and I fucked her all night long, and I gave her more lines of dope to snort, and rudely made her deepthroat for each line….

100% true………………….

if you think I don't understand why you're so adamantly opposed to 'pedophilia', you'd be underestimating my ability to understand human psychology

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still waiting, bitch

the problem with you 'anti-pedo superheroes' is that you seem to think you're breaking new ground….

you actually think people can't see right through you

Love the pedo outrage itt


you can't even protect yourself from your own videogame-induced life failures

you have no experience protecting jack fucking shit

nobody elected you to be a superhero

you ain't shit


bullshit that's like saying I'm an 'outraged Jew', when Jewish people have nothing to be outraged about….

we own you….

why would we be upset?

Wow, bunch of doofuses making busy work to pretend they're taking down pedo/trafficking rings.

Oh come on. Jews are always filled with rage. Jews are never happy. They are never at peace and never will be. They can make all the wealth and have all the power in the world and they still can't have that *one* thing that even Asians possess. You can never achieve final victory, only rage against god and those he gifted with souls.

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the only 'outrage' I've seen is the false facade of 'morally indignant protest' by the guys pretending like they've been elected to 'protect the world from itself'….


and we all know why they're upset


you fucking idiot

hahaha douchebag

people who bitch and complain about external entities and situations are merely trying to distract from themselves, and their own inadequacies.

plain and simple

like a little boy in the 3rd grade talent show, trying the most ineffective, amateurish 'misdirection techniques' as he performs his adorable little 'magic act'.

I'd be asshurt too, if I was an adult white male, and my penis was smaller than the average 10 year old Jewish boy's genitalia….

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ouch. your MS PAINT commentary was needlessly hurtful….. lol !!

( I'm still waiting. you are incapable of naming the last time you ever got any pussy for a reason)

your ironic failure? you don't even realize it, do you?….

I'll tell you, little guy……

*whispers in your ear*
the size of a man's penis can be correctly assessed by their nose.

not their hands, not their feet….

the NOSE is the actual phenotypical indicator of the genotype, including the genitalia.

thaaaaat's riiiiiight, dum dum !!

so, in essence, when you post that stupid illustration, you're basically bowing down before Jewish men, on your knees, admitting that our penises are naturally larger than yours…..

"awwwww you're simply adorable!"

(gently pinches your little button nose)

I enjoy starting arguments between groups of people, then sitting back and witnessing the carnage and chaos. Anybody else?

finally someone who understands phenomics. you are correct.

Sorry fam. Real world shit had me busy. I wake up every morning to tits in my face. You're so desperate for my attention because no woman is giving you theirs? Just little kids who get tricked into your van?

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Type like how you would write a pen and paper letter, your typing style is so fucking insufferable and makes you stand out like a sore thumb.


the age old myths about the
'size of a man's hands' or the
'size of his feet''' are not true

it's a person's NOSE that clearly
indicates the specifics about their
genitalia, and this holds true for
females as well as it does for males

You might be onto something.
Look at this guy's schnoz.

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Looks one someone took a drafting class in highschool.

there are only THREE REASONS
why somebody fixates against pedos:

1: they were molested as children

2: they are adults who can't get any pussy

3: they were molested as children, and are now adults who can't get any pussy

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I never even went to high school

I had started my own graphic
design & mural business while
in middle school, and scored in
the 'very superior' range of the
WISC-R4, the subset of the
Wechsler Scale, and was urged
by my middle school principal
to drop out of school at the age
of 15 (one year too early) and
I took his advice………………….

hee hee

Don't need a GED if you own the business you work for. Nice.

fortunately for me, my principal realized the downward spiral of the education system, and told me that school had nothing to offer me

and to think how badly the education system crashed and burned subsequently….. tsk tsk tsk

the first thing I did was begin researching internal medicine, psychology and pharmacology with a passion……

I never learned anything worth knowing in school. I have taught myself everything


although I'm no 'business genius', far from it. I've been up and down dozens of times in my life.

I've made shitloads of money, but spent even more.

yet I have no regrets…. none

…..and one thing I taught myself is …..


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Does anyone have a problem with this aside from cops trying to trap people? Naturally we're supposed to be fathers are mothers by the age of ~16. Our ancestors had full families by the time they were 20. I think most people will find friction because they think of people going after literal children who are not fully self aware. If you're not fully self aware and do not have agency by the age of 16, there is something wrong with your brain.

I still love it, of course….

but I don't take it anymore.
those years are long behind me
I'm old as shit now

the last time I fucked a 16 year old, I was 32 years old…. and I married her. we we're married for 16 years.

these days, I'm mellowed out….
my current wife and I are happily married, I guess you'd say…. pretty much, with the exception of the occasional 'familiarity breeds contempt' thing that happens to anybody when you're with them 24/7

she and I have fucked other chicks together, young ones, but they've all been between the ages of 19 and 24

I don't fuck 16 year olds anymore………..

(but there WAS the 15 year old girl who wanted me to marry her when I got out of prison 7 years ago)

any man who wants to fuck little children is a sick piece of shit who needs to be castrated…..

but 16 & 17 year olds aren't little children

any man who says he wouldn't fuck a 17 year old girl IS A GOD DAMN LIAR

correct, sir!!

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Or you're an american.

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Considering the demographics of America, thats pretty on the money. It also explains why states which are populated by mostly whites have a state AOC of 16.

absolutely correct !!

if I caught an adult trying to fuck a 12 year old, I'd have him arrested

if I caught him trying to fuck a 9 year old, I'd smash his face through a plate glass window

but if he's been fucking a 16 year old hottie ?…… BUY THAT MAN A BEER!!!


if it weren't for the nose, I'd say Jim posed for that illustration.

I'd know those breasts anywhere

This thread ended, why are you faggots still posting?

Busy replying to faggots like you.

Anything to avoid spending time on your own issues.

Still top story on Page 1.

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