Enormous Turnout for Trump's Ted Cruz Rally in Crucial Swing-State of Texas


The crowd and the lines surrounding the Center were beyond the scope of what was expected, with aerial footage of the event overwhelming the teleprompters of every news channel in America.

More than 100,000 people from around the nation had requested tickets to the jam-packed event, with even more online saying that they were given notices that the Toyota Center had exceeded maximum capacity.

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Trump and Cruz were actually buddies in 2015

I'm sure having 100,000 people in the audience is something Cruz is not to familiar with.

He's running against an all out idiot. It's like Trump vs Hillary all over again.

When liberals only offer crap, they can't be surprised when it turns out the way it does.

#Cruisemissile ?

Cruz' redemption arc is the best.

Does all this retard do is post on twitter and attend rallies? It's a fucking miracle he has any time to perform any actual duties of governance. You know the lazy fuck doesn't even get out of bed until like 10:00am, right?

What a goddamn joke.

Texas is a swing state now? The California effect is real.

Center only holds 18,000 . Outside the Center , were at least another 10,000 caravan of dummies..

vote democrat and that orange racist moron will get impeached

and i bet you never said a fucking thing with all teh vacation time odumbo took off, eh?

I like how what used to be a solid, deep red state is now a light blue state.

Saw a clip of Cruz's speech and I couldn't tell if he was running for office in the US or Israel. This country needs a centrist party or something where the majority of us who don't give a shit about gender pronouns and muh holy land can find a home.

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well that's okay because trump has already out done obama in golfing and vacation

It's all the Calishits fleeing the mess they made and who are more than happy to vote that same mess into their new place of residence.

Mate sucking Jewish dick and letting in Immigrants takes up most of his time

NatSoc Party when

Israel is our greatest ally

If I am elected Israel will always be protected and well funded

And if it comes down to it… I would sacrifice every last American manm woman, and child in order to save even one Jewish life

jewnald drumpf the kike

Heads up for those who are lolled. But it was torrential downpour for two weeks. Then it got sunny and clear during the rally and immediately started back up raining again when it was over

I don't think you realize how important these elections are for trump's plans.

But then again you sound like a shill

When did Texas became a swing state? Fuck me, I live in Texas and I never heard of this, truly Goldwater tranny writer are ahead of the curb!

for greater israel

These kikefaggots seem to be stuck in 2016.
Look around, cunts, it's 2018, and the frogs are here to fuck.

I want you to be real excited about this because I'm measuring the success of the mid-terms in suicides.

Goldwater tranny writers are a head on the curb.

Does Trump look like a guy with a plan? You know what he is? He's a little dog chasing a Presidency. He wouldn't know what to do with himself if he caught it!

sounds like marco rubio

it doesnt matter if he has a plan when he just has to follow his jewish masters commands


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Jeb pls gtfo

So now the kikes are moving what was just 2 years ago the most solid red state in the US to a swing state?
What do they have cooked up for 10 days from now?