Obama - “I Actually Try To State Facts” - Tries Taking Credit For Trump’s Economy


The day after Trump’s speech, Barack Obama discussed the history of American steel during an appearance with the Canadian prime minister and the Mexican president, who were meeting for a summit in Ottawa.

Reporters asked the three leaders what they would do to counter the anti-free-trade sentiment exemplified by Trump.

Obama said, "This nostalgia about an era when everybody was working in manufacturing jobs, and you didn’t need a college degree, and you could go in and as long as you worked hard you could support a family and live a middle-class life – that has been undermined far more by automation than it has been by outsourcing or the shift of jobs to … low-wage countries," Obama said. "I mean, the steel industry is producing as much steel in the United States as it ever was. It’s just (that) it needs one-tenth of the workers that it used to."

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I guess the video of Obama asking if Trump has a magic wand to create jobs, but it's on this page.


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Of course, since you're an uneducated Filipino prostitute, you have no clue, but it's highly unlikely anyone would want to 'take credit for' the idiotic decisions Trump has made regarding our economy.

But it's not your fault that you're stupid.

But didn't Obama all but say Trumps' economy was going to be a failure?

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It likely still will be. Economies don't change overnight. That's like someone saying that a dinner will be a disaster, and you denying it when the food hasn't even been prepared yet. Give it until 2020, and we'll see how things are going.

My money is on it making 2008 look like a minor pothole.


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The STOCK MARKET has nothing to do with our actual economy, and is just a shell game run by a handful of fat cats (central bankers) who continue to rip everyone off, get Congress to bail them out with taxpayers' dollars, and do it all over again, without fear of prosecution. Ten years ago, Wall Street stole the kit and caboodle, only to receive a 25 TRILLION DOLLAR PARACHUTE from the taxpayers, and they promptly went right back to doing the exact same behavior again. Nothing has changed, and in fact, Trump's stupid business decisions have hurt our economy. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

I think a more accurate analogy would be how these trump supporters are like people telling everyone 'how delicious the new menu is going to be' at a restaurant, when they just hired a new head chef who has no experience cooking whatsoever….

Regarding Trump's private sector business Mastermind status, that's all bullshit….. He's actually a terrible negotiator, who lies about being a billionaire, inherited his money, and lost tens of billions of other people's dollars with his stupid terrible bullheaded idiotic business decisions….

He's a shitty negotiator, a shitty businessman, and absolutely nothing has changed regarding the way the central banking system has the game rigged.

Wall Street is not an indicator of how our economy is doing. Our economy is not reflected buy a handful of corrupt Insiders playing a rigged game where they buy and sell, knowingly bottoming out the entire system, keeping all the profit for themselves, while 'Mom and Pop' are forced to live paycheck-to-paycheck, prices are increasing due to the tariffs, unemployment numbers are twisted and skewed with a false test statistical measurement system, the average job is minimum wage, employers are avoiding giving people full-time hours, and even the American farmers are now being appropriated welfare benefits to make ends meet, thanks to his idiotic business decisions.

Anybody who tells you 'the economy is improving' is clearly demonstrating their uncanny ability to mimic and parrot whatever he says during one of his stupid Rallies.

No matter how much you guys try to insist otherwise, I am not a leftist, or a Democrat, or a liberal, or a right-winger, or a Republican, or a conservative, or a moderate, or a libertarian, or an independent, or ANY of those pre-packaged cookie-cutter templates.

I'm none of those things.

Let me tell you what I AM, though……

I'm an American, who has been carefully watching this entire process for decades and decades………

I've been watching how they make people think they have a choice (the fake Democrat versus Republican bullshit)

I've been watching human behavior

And I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen more blind stupidity than what's going on right now

on BOTH sides

I've never seen so many fucking IDIOTS in my life…..

And I used to think niggers were stupid

If you want to hear the most clear, concise, coherent explanation of how bad things are (and have been since 1974) and will continue to be until somebody finally changes the system?

I strongly suggest you read Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World by Naomi Prinz.

She does an AMAZING job of explaining how fucked we are

And NO… I didn't say 'Printz'

I said PRINZ…..

Naomi Prinz, who used to be one of the Wall Street insiders responsible for bottoming out our economy and keeping all the money for themselves

After they assraped America in 2008, instead of going to prison like you or I would have done, the government decided to bail them out with 25 trillion dollars

They kept the money they had stolen, took the 25 trillion parachute they have been given, gave themselves gigantic bonuses, and went straight back to the exact same misappropriation they have been doing for decades….

There is a gigantic collapse right around the corner, and that's not just a 'theory'

It's not even a conspiracy



That's exactly why they got the 25 trillion dollars, because that's business as usual for these people….

And when they collapse the economy again, the government is going to give them more money so they can do it again, and again, and again

And guess who says for this scam ?…

E G G . . .
Z A C K . . .
L E E . . . .


my bad

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If you think Trump is doing anything to change this crooked system, you would be fooling yourself…

a lot of people are deluded

I think they're just SO frustrated

that they're angry………………….

and this recent administration
was designed to capitalise on
their frustration and anger, to
add fuel to the fire, to point
fingers blindly at external
factors that have nothing
to do with our real actual
problems, and encourage
venting and rage, blindly
and without any validation

and otherwise reasonable people
are now predisposed to accepting
ANYTHING as a target of their
collective rage…….

Mexicans ARE NOT the problem
Muslims ARE NOT the problem

WE are the problem

Here's a fun fact
to put things
in perspective

In Atlanta alone, over 3,000 law enforcement officers are on food stamps

Now is she an Austrian School follower, that's the real question. Looking at her history, I guess not.