Florida Man Carved His Initials Into Leg Of Ex's New Boyfriend Then Cut Off His Penis


A violent attack that took place in March in Des Plaines, Illinois left a man with brain damage and his penis dismembered. The attacker, 28-year-old Justin Foster, of Tallahassee, flew to Des Plaines and went to his ex-girlfriend's house to find her new boyfriend. When Foster found him, he struck him over the head with a tire iron and then carved his initials in the man's leg before cutting off his penis and throwing it over a nearby fence.

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Another attack by Florida Man. Can no one stop this madman?

Is there any possible silver lining for this story?

Florida Man was stopped, 2000 years ago, he was sacrificed by the native tribes in t he region, now his spirit possess good boys who dindu nuffin in order to promote chaos and evil in the world.

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Didn't know Florida was in Africa

The girlfriend was probably pretty upset.

gee i wonder why they broke up. what a regular don juan.

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What a chick thing to do.

Florida nignog confirmed for insecure dicklet


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Saw photo of dickless, he was some white libcuck and his gf is some coal burner. Nothing of value was lost.

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'making fun of' and 'insulting' are two different subjects.

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She'll break up with him now that he has no penis, just give it some time and she'll make up an excuse.


What tells you the new bf wasn't a nigger as well?


Florida Man is my favorite superhero.