NASA Releases Bizarre Images Of Rectangular Iceberg

No doubt many of you already noticed the seam in the thumbnail of this article, but that seam is supposed to be there and represents where two panoramic images were spliced together to give a full view of the rectangular iceberg. What is so strange about this iceberg is its shape, it is literally a perfect rectangle as if it were cut out from one giant chunk of ice with a laser or something.

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Its clear such a perfect shape could only have been carved from the hands of an intelligent creator

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pretty cool.

I wonder how "science" will run damage control for the establishment trying to control the narrative from being shattered.

could've been aliens tbh



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I know you not supposed to be smart enough to notice anything beyond burgers, but Antarctica is a land continent, not an ice one like the virgin artic

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The best part of all of this "rectangle icecube" bullsheit is the comment section in the article (see OP's link)
This was probably some platform cut by scientists so they could place a tent and watch porn while off-duty.
In the words of Humbert Humbert.."there are no nymphettes in polar regions"

So NASA uses MS Paint. Who knew?

It's only perfectly rectangular if viewed from one angle. Other angles show it being somewhat irregular on the sides. As for it being flat, well NO SHIT. If you knew anything about how glaciers form, you would know they form in layers from snowpack, and have a tendency to slough off in those layers. Lots of other large bergs are similarly flat. It just so happens this one is sorta squarish, which is just probability. When there are millions of icebergs floating around, chances are some of them are going to form into certain shapes.

It's several miles across. That's impossible.