Chinese Shock Communists With #FallingStarsChallenge

The next internet ‘challenge’ poised to take the Western world by storm in the coming weeks is coming out of supposedly Communist countries Russia and China where the rich millennial generation is going full ‘gung ho’ over the ‘falling stars challenge.’

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China is a literal communist country You zoomer retard

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Enslaving your citizens under some communistic propaganda, while the elite is happily participating in capitalism, is not called communism!


A one party state that practices a capitalist economy is not communism. China has a limited socialist government, socialist doesn't mean communist. oh fuck me, why am i tutoring you…

Hey retard you might be the one in need of tutoring. Every government has some aspect of both socialism and capitalism in it. There will never be "true communism" for the same reason there will never be "true capitalism". But when a nation leans more heavily to one side or the other it can be considered capitalist or communist because no nation will ever be 100% one or the other. Communism (and pure capitalism) is a pipe dream because it cannot overcome human nature.

not the guy you're replying to, but:
China abandoned socialist principles way back during the Chinese Economic Reform under Deng, and even then, the Marxist-Leninist program's reinterpretation of Marx's conception of planning from the organization of work by workers to the organization of an economy arguably maintains the market economy system, and so even then the USSR maintained a capitalist economy, even ignoring the presence of commodity production. Point is China hasn't been socialist for a very, very long time. Stop echoing every dumbshit liberal viewpoint.

Yeah funny how every socialist and commie shithole eventually reverts back to a capitalist economy. It's almost like human nature is greedy and people don't want to live in squalor. The USSR voted itself out of existence and China is all but capitalist in name. Hell, even fucking Vietnam is a capitalist economy.

Millions died in purges so thots in china and russia can flaunt their wealth and consumerism. What a vapid, empty world. I think we need to start purging again.

Hate to break it to you, but that is what every attempt at communism has done. The problem is not economic models, it's not "If -I- did it things would be different!" It wouldn't, you're not powerful enough to change the evolutionary path of social mammals let alone. We evolved with social stratification. It's present in all our relative species. It's present in all social mammals. We are not arthropods, we are not part of vast social organisms foregoing our own identities, desires, wants, and foibles to the uncompromising greater good of the colony. We climb social ladders, by grace or ruthlessness. It's what we do.

Communism fundamentally ignores this. It's not built for actual human beings, it's built for imaginary ideal human beings. The flaw with communism is that it is incompatible with human psycho-biology. This is what human communism looks like, every single fucking time. IS it "real communism"? No, that's true. But "Real Communism" is as fantastic a goal as "Ideally compatible Human Beings" in that neither will ever exist without an extensive breeding program in place to create the people to form the system.

Anyone who pines for communism is quite plainly ignorant of humanity or suffering from delusions of grandiose transcendental meaning in what communism purports. It's not alchemy, it will not transmute people no matter how hard you try to convert them. Communism deserves all the hatred it gets and more. At least National Socialism, itself disgusting, recognizes and celebrates the innate structures mammals form. IT holds the state above all, but recognizes not everyone is the same and equal. If most people had to choose between the uncompromising deceptive lie of communism and the uncompromising ruthless objectivity of NatSoc, most people would willingly choose NatSoc. Search your heart, you know it to be true.

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Once the ride stops, and it will; people like this will be the first to fall. The poor will eat the rich.

I've seen some pretty poignant deconstructions of Communism, but I don't often see such an accurate critique of national socialism.

The cold winds of history are blowing my comrades. Let us cling to liberty on pain of death.

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Precisely. It is not Communism that shapes people, but the ideal human that runs society with Communism ideology and humans are far from reaching that inner maturity. As long as the human social strata continues to place selfish material achievement at its forefront, corruption will find its way into the nation and Communism will never be realized.

That's what we've been telling you.


Fuck Zig Forums is youtube comment section tier these guys.

NatSoc will never work. It's just more idealist bullshit about a "perfect volk" working for the common good, i.e. the State. National Socialist Germany was full of drug addicted, alcoholic, gay, corrupted loose cannons who failed and backstabbed Hitler at every turn, and Hitler was no moral saint himself.
Besides, like it or not, most whites don't really care about racial purity when it comes right down to it. They just want jobs, a house, a life partner and maybe some kids. I'm white and most of the people who treated me the worst were fellow whites. I never got help from a white just for being white. Racial unity is a myth and always will be.
America is the best there is, deal with it.

Retard alert.

It's not communist no matter how many times you say it. Look up what communism is and then study the Chinese system. It just isn't communism. The problem with communism isn't what communism would be like in practice, but rather it's an ideology based on an impossible pipe dream that generally results in authoritarian shitholes with a sefdom or serfdom-capitalism hybrid. Stop being such a brainlet or you will lose every argument.

You know terminators aren't so bad.
Day of the wire when?

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