Explosive Devices Sent To Joe Biden, Robert De Niro

Suspicious packages containing parcel bombs were found today addressed to former Vice President Joe Biden (at a postal facility in Delaware) and to actor Robert De Niro (at his restaurant in New York)

more here: thegoldwater.com/news/40378-Explosive-Devices-Sent-To-Joe-Biden-Robert-De-Niro

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it turns out Trump is sending the pipe bombs whoda thunk


Certainly payed for by Soros. I'm just curious if they drag out some "white nationalist" to put the blame on, or if they're are so desperate to win the election to put it on a republican. Friendly reminder to the democrats…if you blame the "racists" yet again you also have to sell it to the public, and can I remind you that in the eyes of the public the democratic party is nothing short of utter lunacy? Whatever it will be, it will be a glorious spectacle for the public morons, while the banking cartel is robbing the economy.

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Maybe do some fact checking before saying dumb shit.

Any postman worth his salt would have flagged that for the inspectors because
1. Insufficient postage, first class packages started at $3.00 a year ago, they start at $3.50 now
2. No tracking barcode, uncancelled stamps
3. Suspicious as fuck address
4. Names misspelled (LOL)
5. More than likely weighed more than 13 oz.

I guarantee that when they catch the retard who sent these out he will look like a wild-eyed backwoods redneck. And to all the faggots screeching false flag, you'd be surprised at the amount of dumbshit that sovereign citizens and other nutjobs do on a daily basis.

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This but it really does feel like a false flag.


The power of autismo in full effect


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"explosive devices"
has any law enforcement even confirmed that these "devices" are capable of exploding?
none of them exploded. they have clocks strapped to them even though their mail bombs?

i swear its like the "nice clock mohammad" kid became a terrorist.

certainly has nothing to do with trump calling for violence against democrats and media the past year

right wing: feels before reals

Straight out of central casting.

what violence here occured?

Hasn't he already suffered enough?

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I'm sure that was real in you mind user.


This is next level shitposting

Sure is a (((coincidence))) how none of these bombs have gone off. It's almost like progressives are fishing for sympathy right before some kind of vote or something.

sure is a (((coincidence))) how every right wing pundit is parroting the same NPC line. god soros is such a genius sending a bomb to himself right?