Defaming Prophet Muhammad not free expression, European court rules

The ruling from the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) comes after an Austrian national defamed Prophet Muhammad’s marriage in her seminars held in 2009.
Defaming the Prophet Muhammad “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate" and "could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace” and thus exceeds the permissible limits of freedom of expression, ruled the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Thursday, upholding a lower court decision.

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Pick a country that doesn't have demented censorship laws now.

I guess piss christ is still fine tho
violence works
maybe many of us could learn something

What does this shitshow of a court have to rule over sovereign nations anyway? It's a national matter. Fuck your monkey courts!


Why is it okay to insult jesus. Why is it not against the law to say jesus was a pedophile?

because the elites don't have to worry about Christians beheading them
there's a lesson here

christians are weak cucks and will die off
islamists are strong and violent
violence wins

Never write off the capacity for genocide of pissed off atheists, the other majority in Europe.

Muhammad was a liar. He didn't speak to God.

There is no God. All religions are false. He made it up.

He's a lying bastard, just like the Jews, Christians, Jesus, and all the other "prophets." The word itself reveals the delusional fantasy of these idiot people: Prophecy.

Prophecy isn't real. We write our own destiny, one word at a time, one day at a time. There are no gods but MANKIND.

We are strong and we are noble. We make mistakes, but we do not give up.

There is no god greater than mankind, even if mankind has its flaws. The gods of religions? They lie.

If Christians acted up the government would use it as as excuse to go after them. This is government backed invasion.

That is not illegal in Texas or most of the states

And on cue the Mohammedan bring out his lies

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Can't spell cuck without UK.

California isn't America.

He didn't even mention america you triggered eurocuck. More people than americans post on this board.

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On September 11, 2019 there will be a "Draw the Prophet Muhammad" contest. Deliver your picture to the Synagogue nearest you to receive a free Christian bible.

that's not how it works, retard

Nigger faggots, fuck Molester-hammad. I am now on a EU watch-list.

A prophure of the picmed of Mohaphet.


ITT triggered idiots
This is a good move Islam will repair the West from its degeneracy.

Then follow by example and become a suicide bomber

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This is why christians need to chimp out, the only way to get respect is if you start killing people if they dare to offend you. Kill enough and soon you got the state sucking your dick.

I'm an atheist nigger, the entire "community" is cucked as fuck, only a tiny fraction has the balls to defy snackbars anymore, the rest defend them in the most pathetic way while atheists in the middle east get hangeg

They can't, going against muslims could trigger something like the Troubles but if they go against christians which are the majority you have a civil war with the military bombing the government and christian mobs genociding anyone who doesn't agree with them including cucked "christian agnostics" who dont get the memo that they dont get to virtue signal anymore

But they wont, christianity has become the cucked religion, the new pope comes from a country where they used to throw commies out of planes and into the atlantic, and he himself got shit from the leftards for years……and when he gets to be a pope he goes full-cuck instead of calling for a crusade.

They wouldn't say "We are coming after all you Christians." They'd say "We need to do something about all these Christian terrorists." with the implication that you'll be fine if don't look like one of those "bad" Christians. This is what they do now. They destroy opposition while maintaining plausible deniability. It isn't about what you do, but what you are.


No it's not?

It's not even illegal in Commiefornia, hell I live here

It is and those anons were literally pulling shit out of their asses. Even if there was an edge case in the state of commiefornia that involved a tranny suing someone for calling them a dude (which in itself isn't illegal but they could state it as defamation and if the judge is retarded they could side with the tranny) it would likely be reversed if it ever escalated to the Supreme Court whom is essentially forced to obey the constitution

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Defaming muhammad is just as much freedom of expression as burning an american flag.
And people are equally justified in beating your shit if you do either. Not. stop being spooked.

I agree
I disagree

Bible is mistranslated. Greek & Hebrew versions had Jesus saying he was "a" son of God. He was crucified for being a man, and encouraging mankind to think for themselves.
That was what made him dangerous.
The implication is that God is inside our own ability to reason and decide, or vice versa. To speak with the Holy Spirit is to speak from your own heart, to connect with your own subconscious ability to know what is right or wrong.

And the Koran ain't all bad, it's also misinterpreted for a very large part. Moderate Muslims were the standard, pre-1970's.
There's plenty of stuff in the koran about mercy, just how there's plenty of stuff in the bible about heretics.

No, it's not

"Penalties of up to $250,000 can be imposed for violations that are deemed to be the result of malicious intent."
"The Obama administration last week issued a decree mandating that every US public-school district allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identities."
i know reading is hard, but sometimes it's worth it, user

Calling a spade a spade is not malicious by itself.
That second part has nothing to do with the initial claim.

lol wat? It might actually be more respectable if they just admitted they just want sandy mudslime cummies in their tummies.