China - Knife-Wielding Woman Injures 14 Children in Kindergarten Horrific Attack

A horrific attack took place in China’s southwestern city of Chongqing on Friday when a knife-wielding woman attacked children at the gate of a kindergarten injuring 14 children.

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what is it with chinks, knives and little children?

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Good thing that civilian gun-ownership is banned in china, or people could have died…

Reminder that this shit happens all the time in China and the only stories we even hear about are shit that managed to leak past Chinas censors

Knife control

You would have a point except nobody died in this case.

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This only proves that women shouldn't teach during their period.

Chinese women are among the worst possible wives you can find. Controlling psychopaths who won't let you take a single decision in the household but pretend that you are the boss when in front of your male friends.

women shouldn't teach at all.
Teachers, real teachers beyond primary school where they were replacement mothers, were always men.
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You say that like nobody dying is a good thing. This crazy bitch needs a bullet through her brain.


Ban assault knives! (Assault knives are the ones with scary black plastic handles, BTW.)


You really don't know? All Asians carry this latent tendency. It's what the DSM calls a "culture-bound syndrome".
First observed in Malays and known as "amok" in their tongue, hence the phrase "run amok". This phrase was literally brought back by White colonials who observed it first hand.
Traditionally it only affected men, so this might be a sign that feminism is being rolled out in China.
Curiously, contemporary descriptions of AMOK bear a striking resemblance to descriptions of the Norse Berserkgang.

this is true. if they had easy access to guns like in the US, the death toll would have been easily a hundred+ kids, and it would happen more often because from a psychological standpoint it's a lot easier to simply pull a trigger than actually do the physical, bloody work with a knife with your own hands.

gee if only women ruled the world everything would be so much better right?

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maybe, if we make murder illegal, there will be even less killings.

it's not so much about which laws are on the books, but have steps been taken and support given to help enforce the laws? in the case of gun crime, no.

These kind of attacks are the exact reason we need to ban guns! Just imagine if she had an extended clip how many more she would have killed!

it's the reason why mentally ill people shouldn't be able to get guns. trump signed an executive order removing that restriction. so enjoy your next mass shooting trumpfag!

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