Apu 'to be dropped' from The Simpsons after racism row

After 31 years working behind the counter of Springfield’s Kwik-E-Mart, Indian shopkeeper Apu is going to be dropped from The Simpsons, sources close to the programme have claimed.

The cartoon character, voiced by white actor Hank Azaria, prompted heated debate in recent months after he was branded a racist caricature in a TV documentary, The Problem with Apu.

The documentary’s presenter, US comedian Hari Kondabolu, claims the character is tainted “a little bit of the poison of racism”.


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what fucking cucks

Indians are a problem and the only solution is to remove them. Thanks lefties.

So pathetic. Apu was a really good character overall on the show compared to everyone on there. A really smart business owner who was a good father and husband and a dare I say a model legal immigrant. Sure his voice my Hank Azaria was really stereotypical at first early on but he refined it and it was much better. And the kicker is that there's way more "offensive" characters on the show and he's the target? Way to keep the priorities in line NPCs and also getting rid of one less minority (which may end being 11 total including his wife, children and possibly his brother) in all honesty as retaliation, we should troll and point out the more "offensive" characters (Bumblebee Man, Carl being voiced by a white guy, etc) and see how far they'll take it before they say "enough"

Fuck Hank Azaria. I hope he never works again.

Is it just me or does that sound very racist?

Considering they'll likely take out his wife, 8 children and maybe his brother (11 total Indians) which is about 90% of the minority community in the show… kinda yeah

Racism is not good

Orange man bad

The simpsons to become an all white cast of characters.


What character do you guys think we should troll the Simpsons creators into taking out?

There's literally rugheads at every convenience store in America. It's a fair depiction.


Bublebee man
The italian chef
Fat Tony
Groundskeeper Willie

They already caved in, so it's just a matter of time.
I loved the Simpsons, now I want to see them burn

Same. Let's start a movement to see how far they'll go or redpill normie Simpsons fans

< In current year

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It's a news post faggot. It's only reporting it

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All the non-white ones.

Make them also put in heaps of jewish ones.

The Simpsons is about an uneducated blue-collar worker bringing enough dough home to feed his wife and 3 children and actually own a house. It goes to show how much it belongs to the past.

And so, the Simpsons died. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

I say we kill Krusty off since they are stereotyping him as a drunk clown!!! not all clowns are drunks!!!! SAVE THE CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!

Fuck Zombie Simpsons.
Haven't watched this shit sense early 2000's. Shit isn't as funny anymore. Just like Spongebob and Pokemon. Shit got stale and needs to die.
Also fuck that pajeet that said having a Indian caracter voiced by a white guy with an accent is racist! I hope that racist fuck gets ran over by a truck of piece or gets a "mysterious package" delivered to his house!


How are we gonna go about doing this?


What about Cletus the Trump supporter? Guess only diff is that the only Indians in the show work at 7-eleven, whereas there are a range of white characters.


That being said, Pakis inbreed:

"First cousin marriages in Pakistani communities leading to 'appalling' disabilities among children"


they're getting rid of the brown characters and acting like its the right thing to do. they will keep all the offensive white characters tho. lmao. i don't think they know that white is a race and what racism even is. i used to like the show but hate to see when it has become. it's like they feel they are responsible for socially engineering everyone into some perfect world but its insane to even try this and it will never work.


they have no spine. we can ruin this show. well ruin it more then it all ready is ruined that is.kotos and kang must go. they are a racist depiction of aliens.

for once, i agree with leftists, even tough it's not for the same reason.
all non-white characters need the axe treatment.
except jews, who need the gas treatment.
let's be culturally sensitive AND inclusive.

So when do we get to shitcan all the ethnic characters in their entireity?
I'm now offended by the portrayal of scots by Willie (they're all fat junkies, not fit handymen)
I am also now offended by the portrayal of germans by Unter (they're all muslims, not porky little lederhosen-clad children)

This is something that doesn't matter but they're trying to divide us. They can catch any of you off the street, and it's some criminal. It's already there, you have to go out and start by yourself, leaderless resistance. They will kill you and your families and everyone and their families You have to be the faceless mob. A blob of bodies that won't work anymore to have your money sent to Isreal to care for the Jew. In their book you are the animal. They crated our racism and our prison systems and fear, they are creating organically the Race War.
Gematria, you'll see it's true.

Typical white trash

There are a hell of a lot more flat out…….Against Whites…..Do you EVER HEAR A WHITE PERSON YELLING RACISM ? Every day Whitey gets blasted….Bunch of fucking pussies…FREEDOM OF SPEECH !

Let's start with Bumblebee Man. Obvious af way to get him off. All he does is say "Ay Ay Ay" and Dios Mio while acting dumb af

Why drop Apu and not the entire show? Does anyone even watch it anymore?

He said taking him out wouldn't be a solution
This smells like HR fuckery

Good! One less non-white piece of shit fucking up my favorite cartoon.