Western Europe Early Snow ‘Coldest October Days In Decade’


Western Europe just started relaxing after a summer with the longest heatwave on record, exceptionally high temperatures in Portugal and Spain, unusual forest fires in Sweden and a few hot September and October weeks. But now all that has come to an abrupt halt as fall seems to have been skipped and winter set in to parts of the UK, France and Germany.

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"fall" doesn't exist outside of the US.

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But, we are our own planet. Why do you think we were called "the new world"?

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What most people don't understand about "global warming" is that it's not unified temperature rises all over the place all the time. It's small measurable temperature increases, mostly of seawater, that upsets weather cycles. You can think of the weather cycles on Earth like a spinning top. It goes around and around from hot in the summer to cold in the winter, predictably and mostly in stability. What climate change is doing is upsetting that balance. Now the spinning top is starting to wobble a bit. That wobble doesn't just mean "more warm", it means "more extreme. It's wobbling to hotter summers and also colder winter, stronger hurricanes and longer droughts.

How gullible do you have to be to buy into the whole climate change nonsense?

Solar minimum event a-brewing we will live to see Kalki the Vaysha-Slayer end Kali Yuga with the cold fire of a Black Sun

Even a small variation in the suns output can make large differences in the climate here on earth.
A few hundred years ago they used to be able to grow grapes in Scotland.

Its not controversial to say the cliamte does change over time.
The part that we should be skeptical about is when they say the climate is changing therefore give all your money to a billionaire who will fly around the world to conferences in his private jet in order to somehow stop it.

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"Climate change" generally refers to man made climate change.
I don't know how you manage to be ignorant of that.

I guess im just not a good NPC.


a pity it rains a lot

First of all, there are no billionaire climate scientists. There ARE billionaire oil and coal barons, though; so there's that.

But suppose I'm wrong? Fossil fuels are not going to last forever, which means eventually all countries are going to have to phase them out for renewable sources of energy, eventually. If we hasten this process to this century instead of waiting a few more centuries, there's no serious downside.

But suppose you're wrong? Then mankind is, right now, in the process of producing its own extinction and the die will be cast by the end of the century.

So you can fix your leaky roof now, or wait until it possibly becomes so rotten that it collapses and kills your family. Your choice.

That argument can be used for anything.
For example: send me a thousand bucks or your mom dies horribly due to karma.
You can dismiss my claim as nonsense, but suppose you're wrong and your mom dies horribly because you didn't want to spend a thousand bucks.
The rest of your statement is just ignorance in what climate sceptics have actually proposed.

Typical dumb inbred Trump supporter: "Therefore global warming doesn't exist! I told ya so!"

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Technically is correct because it's called autumn, but we're lazy and call it fall.

as in, every other place on earth.
Reminder that the US is 5% of the population, and 50% of that is mudblood.
"Hey look ma'!! Them bits of tree is fallin!!"
- "Y'all y'all gonna wanna havta know that that's cause y'all tree-bits be fallin when it fall!!"
"Golly gee ma' you's so smarts!!!"

That means the world ended 10 years ago, since this is a sign of the end of the world, right?
Just like those "hottest in 30 years" was the end of the world 30 years ago.
How about in a hundred years, or a thousand years.
The world ended back then, but it is ending again.

Weather ignores climate cultists again.

Winter-chan? Have you finally begun Fimbulwinter?

There are billionaire tech giants, but no billionaire skynet prevention teams, which means skynet is going to kill us all unless we fix our leaky roof otherwise it will fall on us and kill everyone like the sky!!!
Also there are no billionaire alien fighters, but there are billionaire space companies causing all kinds of disturbance in space which will annoy aliens and attract attention to us and kill us all unless we repair the rake handle or it might snap and then we'll trip and fall on the rake and it will go into out brains through our eye sockets unless we fix our leaky eye-goggles so the spokes don't go through our eye sockets but then if the spokes are rusty they might fragment and go into pieces up our nose so we need to fix out leaky faceguard.

Typical mentally ill faggot with aids weakling spineless Hillary supporter: "Therefore global warming exists! I told y'all so!"

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>all these shills believing in (((climate change)))
it's autumn outside, but sure as hell still smells like summer here.


smarter than you. still not sure how people think they know more about climate change than the people that go to school for it… or that they know how vaccines react with the human body better than medical professionals. retards.

Scientists say that if you put the words "scientists say" before a claim then gullible suckers are more likely to believe you.

I don't know why people are too lazy to look up the science for themselves instead of taking someone elses word for it.

so we went from summerly temperatures in early october to fucking cold temperatures in end of october
I wonder where fall is when you need it…

Because orange man is bad. That's all I need to know.

Nightmare before Christmas….