Pittsburgh Mayor Wants Gun Reform: ''Armed Guards Not The Answer''

As he left for a campaign rally in Illinois yesterday, US President Donald Trump commented on the Saturday Tree of Life synagogue attack in Pittsburgh claiming that houses of worship should perhaps consider having armed guards.


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Predicting future events. I wonder what people did so bad to expect future attacks.

oy very think of our kevetching children, your children's future rulers.
Please disarm yourselves for our protection, and allow us to stay protected. after all we are God's Choose and better than you stupid goyim.

I'm a civil man but when it comes to the 2nd ammendment I'm an absolutist.


Ban jews from owning guns.
See how many lives that would’ve saved.

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the russian czar and family to name a few

Ban non-ethnicEuropeans from having any rights and privileges.

Because you don't want to pay for them.

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bad example, user

Dismiss the armed guards then.



It's actually natural law that allows one to defend oneself utilizing tools made for that purpose. The Constitution was just recognizing our natural rights we were born with as living beings.

Send him to London, with all the other jews who want to ban guns.

Why would a conservative person care if law abiding people were armed?

More news at 11

your not getting any gun control
maybe teach kikes not to be such assholes



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He's right, armed guards aren't the answer, but notice how he ignore concealed carry. Classic red herring. The man who tried to shoot up that kroger was stopped by a man with a gun.

Armed guards ARE the answer. You know what you call a responsibly-armed citizen who is willing to use lethal force to stop a violent assailant? An armed guard. You don't need a fucking uniform and a rape whistle to be an armed guard.

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There is controlled opposition, and if you wouldn't do it if you're not the one getting up and doing it why would anyone else? All the leaders you think are getting up and doing something if they're not murdered in front of yu getting spilled on the floor they literally are the allowed speech. they are soothing you, they are tricking you

If the repeal of the 2A doesn't spark Civil War 2 and ultimately DOTR and the American Holocaust and I'm ever forced to turn in my registered guns, that'll be the day that I go down to my nearest street corner and buy a Glock and AK from Tyrone. A gun ban will only disarm law abiding citizens.

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Why the fuck have you registered anything? An unjust law is no law at all.
As hard as it may seem to believe at times, they aren't that fucking stupid. They'll continue to boil the frog, as they have been doing.

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Nice read user. The reasons why jews hate guns is because they dont like sullying their own hands, and to refuse to hold a gun means they are on lesser footing than an armed individual. Thats why they cry out for the removal of guns, that and they have a militarized state at their beck and call and its harder to throw around that force when both sides are on more even grounds.

Molon Labe, leftists

Several prominent groups of Jews use the fable of the Holocaust as a good goddamn reason why they will not be disarmed. Stop huffing Zig Forums and realize that it isn't the Jews, it's the fucking leftists, and Zig Forums are just as leftist as Soros, only in the opposite direction. They'll disarm and murder you on a whim if they suspect you're a "degenerate" which, since you're on Zig Forums, you probably are.

All authoritarians must die. They cannot be reasoned with, for they have abandoned reason in favor of rhetoric, and they will NEVER stop.

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Military grade assault sniper rifles DO NOT belong in the hands of the illiterate.

Why do we give them to our military, then?

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guys, guys, the real solution is to be afraid gun control is coming, buy a lot guns while you still can and send a donation to the NRA. everything will be better then.

Shut your turd-filled mouth, blackpill faggot. If I wanted to hear noise and smell shit, I'd fart. The solution is to get your lazy ass out and make your voice heard. The ballot box is the first and best way to prevent shit like this from happening, but you and others like you will sit and do nothing and later complain "Why oh why didn't anybody DO anything?!"

If the ballot box is ignored, then I reach for the bullet box. Before that, however, I will do everything in my power to bring about a favorable resolution that does not involve slaughtering the people I swore my life and honor to defend, as much as I firmly believe what I said in , and that some people will accept no reason, no logical path that safeguards the liberty I and the rest of my countrymen were guaranteed at birth. I will vote. I will encourage others to vote. I will educate the ignorant as far as I am capable. I will disseminate statistics that have not been massaged to support a leftist agenda, and I will distribute schematics so that people will have no excuse to be disarmed should the worst occur and everything fall into madness.

Either lead, follow, or shut the fuck up and stay out of the way, coward.

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