Filipina women detained at Halloween party in Saudi Arabia

Seventeen Filipina workers in Saudi Arabia have been detained after they took part in a Halloween party, the Philippines foreign ministry says.

The women were taken into custody on Friday by intelligence officers who raided a compound in Riyadh, after neighbours complained about the noise.

It is not yet clear what charges they are facing.

But the foreign ministry noted that Saudi laws prohibit unattached men and women being seen together in public.

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so a house?
I know that Saudi Arabia is really strict on women dressing like sluts in public but if they were inside what's wrong?

Why are Muds hijacking western Pagan/Christian traditions?

Filipenises have no business in Saudi Arabia

i cannot understand why anyone would want to relocate so saudi arabia, mudshit or not

Why would any sane person willingly go to Saudi Arabia? Sure, women are not the brightest, but still…

Pick one

Filipinas going to Saudi Arabia to find their muhammad.

Money. They pay exraordinarilly well for foreign expertise in any field. They are fundamentally unable to do anything themselves. They rest on their laurels of oil money. It's one of the most heavily subsidized welfare states on the planet. The whole population there has no impetus to get up and learn to do anything. They finance foreign experts for everything from education, to top level national security. Hell more than half of their military is fucking Ukrainian mercenaries from what I understand.

They have so much fucking money they literally do not care to develop themselves anymore. It's the definition of decadence. It's a nation in decay as it has no innovation of its own, there's no actual capital just currency.

Provided you aren't a drinker and stick to the foreign block compounds avoiding dispute with the locals (the law is unabashedly pro-Saudi, you will lose any court case against Saudi authority or peoples) it's entirely possible to make fat fucking stacks of cash and then leave after a spell to a life of luxury in your home country. Which is the most common reason for going.

Stupid women who couldn't keep their heads down until they had left the country.

Filipinos are the Mexicans of the Asians—bottom of the barrel.

Saudi Arabia is a shithole not worth respecting. If they were nuked off the face of the earth it would be a much better place.

Bullshit. Most of us work.

Some degenerates went to streets and aren't filipino only. As for compounds I heard they're used to make degenerate parties for adultery and drinks.

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My cousin works there it's better pay I always send bacon sandwich photos for the lulz

You completely missed the point, you idiot.
It has nothing to do with respect.
It is about avoiding trouble.

Am I supposed to give a fuck?

"work" is different from being paid by the governement to sit and shuffle paper aimlessly 15 hours a week, Abdul.

You guys work? What do you make/manufacture, develop or invent?

Mostly rape, some subversion.

You're supposed to have a brain.

Bet you watched some filipino porn before or one of the cam girls.

Filipino Halloween: October 31 is prep:. November 1st is All Saints’ Day in the Philippines.
November 2nd is All Soul's Day.

It's a form of necromancy

How much are we talking here?

Yes, and disrespecting them when you aren't living there is fine and good.
Probably a shit idea when they decide if you leave or get locked up though.

Exporting islamic imperialism to some poor third world countries, no doubt.

So, is everyone gay there?

It's ok to be with your wife. Going with foreign women for dating / adultery isn't allowed. We don't allow sex before marriage unlike adultery/bastard children in the west.