TX - Father Invents Bulletproof Book As Shield In School Shootings

No parent - or even citizen for that matter- would ever want any mass shooting to happen to any school in the country ever again. One father, however, feels that in the unwanted and tragic instance that it does, he wants students to be safer. As such, he invented something that might serve as a shield in case of a shooting.


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not a book

literally just a ballistic plate covered with cardboard

inb4 banned or discoraged like bullet proof vests for kids.

How about not sending kids to school, instead? They can practically study online easily. And free.

wew, lad

I know where my money is

Hm. Might as well.

wew lad


Wow, that's a new level of retardation. Impressive!


No one cares til it's their child they receive a phone call about.

i was thinking about this. what if we just made people bulletproof, or only sold bullets that cant penetrate skin

Fuck that shit, arm the children


Good, now he just has to invent cyber-augmentations capable of raising human reflexes enough so that someone can protect themselves from a gun with something that's barely large enough to cover his head from a single angle.
I'm sure we'll be there by Christmas.

This is way less expensive and much more effective.

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What do you mean? This has already been invented and used by Samantha Grady in the Parkland FL shooting.


How the hell are they suppose to indoctrinate children if they don't go to school? Use your head!

School isn't about learning.

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Trips for truth..
I wish this guy talked better. good stuff tho

Your premise is flawed. Pretty much any leftist would be more than happy with some psychopath shooting up any Republican gathering, if you can convince them to be honest when you ask them. Same goes for the other side, except they're smart enough to understand that doing so would only make martyrs out of their enemies.

Well obviously it didn't do you any good.

the cost is so high because big pharma is just transferring the insanely expensive cost of your socialism to us.
PROTIP: go shoot yourself in the middle of the woods. Wait, you don't have guns, so go get a kitchen knife and slit your throat in a ditch somewhere.

do americans really think a doctor can't be sued and fired for malpractice?

That's your fault. If you wont negotiate or regulate prices, then you get fucked, piggy.

for such an economic powerhouse you sure complain a lot about being too poor. maybe you pull up those boot straps america

There is other option for them is to quit the public school and start educating themselves or hire the tutor to teach them.

think your books were too heavy already? guess again public school pleb.