Ben & Jerry's Unveils Anti-Trump Ice Cream Flavor

One of America’s most popular ice cream companies launched a new flavor Tuesday, which it hopes will help fight “Trump’s regressive agenda.”

“Today we launch Pecan Resist!” Ben and Jerry’s announced. “This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump’s regressive agenda.”

more here:

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There are better ice creams for cheaper. Anyone who buys Ben and Jerry's is a twat who wastes money anyway.

So the madman finally made an actual salty flavoured ice cream

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Fucking awful. They made this unpalatable on purpose.

Oh, ffs so even these guys jewish. Explains a lot.


That's almost exactly the NPC meme, just with colored hair

user, its an edit. Click the article

Sell ice cream
Collect money
Hillary is now pres.


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Ben & Jerry: Jew & Jew


Fuck you, salted caramel is delicious.

They've been peddling overpriced goodgoy junkfood for a while.

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orange sherbet man bad

Marketing tactic
So does it actually taste good or…?

No thanks. Haagen Dazs is annoyingly small in size, but it sure is good, even if I don't trust GM. Also, muh anime grills grill it on their milk-grills.

Umm didn't black slaves have to harvest pecans in the South for plantations? Seems pretty insensitive to me.


Ice cream is fat and sugar. It's almost incapable of NOT tasting good. We used to make it in elementary school by combining three ingredients in a plastic bag, putting it in another bag with ice and salt, and shaking it for five minutes; and the only one that didn't taste good was the one made by the idiots who didn't seal the bag properly and saltwater leaked in.

That said, putting nuts into ice cream, in my opinion, is absurd. Doesn't make it taste bad, but texturally speaking, ice cream should be smooth not crunchy.

This is some good fuckin timeline.

lol, awesome. i've been waiting for an excuse to pressure stores into not carrying ben and jerrys.
i'll just argue that theyre encouraging political violence because this is obviously a pro-antifa thing.

fuck these hippy kikes. VT was ruined by NY kikes moving their in droves after they turned NY into niggertown. VT used to be just like NH before kikes came and ruined it.

Now with extra salt added.

How gauche

WOKE capital at its finest. Why do old and dying billionaires do this shit as if they have an actual stake in who wins the elections?

this time things will finally be different

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Leaked photo of the other flavor they were considering.

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Founders: (((Ben Cohen))) and (((Jerry Greenfield)))
CEO: (((Jostein Solheim)))

Every. Fucking. Time.

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for what fucking purpose?

do they make a piss flavor?