Trump’s ‘Birthright Stop’ Proposal Panics Hispanic Press

One mention of US President Donald Trump that he was thinking about ending the ‘birthright citizenship’ and all of a sudden, the terminology of ‘anchor babies’ hits the foreign press.

Whereas everyone on the liberal side of the aisle always estimated that the numbers of children born from foreigners on US soil were negligible, the foreign (and most remarkably Spanish) press immediately plastered it on their front pages.

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Can't have "Hispanics" without "panic"

1 in 10 isn't negligible

Sounds like most South American fags spend their whole day thinking about the US and how to get there.
Except Brazil I guess. They are making their own country great so they dont have to move to the US to seek a great country.

good,tons of chinks do this too, they come over pregnant and just drop a squad for citizenship,

Yeah dumbasses, birthright citizenship is per 14th amendment of the constitution. A president cannot simply sign an executive order to overturn a constitutional right. You inbred uneducated waste need to start paying attention.

Wait. Why are they worried about getting back their doctors, engineers, and scientists? Shouldn't they be happy?

Unless of course they want to say that all of Central and South America are vassals to the United States and not sovereign countries.

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I can get on board with this

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Means 2 legal citizen parents. It's old common law from England.

where does it say that?

That wouldn't work. That would then fall back onto the many uses of the word "white" or European white. Which are ignored to this day.


we follow England's laws

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Illegal immigrants are about to get fucked in a royal manner and all you can do is cry about it, Pablo.

Read a book, nigger.

read the constitution nigger

We do. Common law was adopted in the US significantly. That you don't know this just further proves how uneducated and unintelligent liberals are.!S7YhGCgD!aBYyVPXqYyMBPQ03nehnabad1X6HWll8QAYqDlANWmA

according to the constitution it's a legal way to immigrate

Spics aren't white.

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So, are spics White then?

And there's the kike D&C.
How's the weather in Tel Aviv today Abraham?


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No. No they aren't. They're chinks, they aren't Spaniards, they're "native Americans" who culturally appropriated Spanish and turned it into the shitstain that espanol is.

This is how it's easy to tell (((you))) lost the argument. You don't have shit on facts, like always.
Thank you for the continued bumping though. The more people that see my posts = the more turn to my side. The more people that see (((your))) posts = the more turn away from (((your))) side.

But really are native people from Mexico and South America white? It's ok to say they're not because they're not. Or just post another 4chan cancer meme cause simple facts make your brain stop working.

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They aren't native. The americans had no native sapiens. Africa and Europe are 100% completely distinct in origin and are unrelated at all points of being Sapiens; thus different species.

does reading the constitution mean anything to you or should we ban guns because it means nothing

Please keep bumping. The only people that those work on are people who already believe that forced lie.

Careful, don't trick the NPC into a logical impossibility. It may crash.

look at this nigger, cant even meme because his MAGA hat is on too tight

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Well, I'm sure it's hilarious if you're a spic but, then again, so is chopping each other's feet off with a machete.

Just give me a straight answer, Carlos.

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we should have a blanket ban on guns and free speech because we don't care about the constitution anymore

Confirmed NPC
Thanks for the bump.

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The answer we're looking for is "No, Spics are not white."
Thanks for playing though. Hope you had a good time.

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all of it. just implement communism already. all businesses trump owned and everyone makes min. wage


No bonus round because of your shameful display.

I don't know if you're a serious retard or you're ironically a serious retard.


The US has been a communist state since the Fed. I'm not arguing against that. What I'm questioning was if you? were supportive of communism.

im supportive of the constitution and check and balances

As it's written and intended or (((le ebin living document))) constitution? Because those are two extremely different documents.


the constitution isnt the bible full of parables and riddles to be interpreted as you see fit. its plain english