Birth Tourism – "Every Second Mother Pushing A Pram Through Miami Is Russian”

Birthright citizenship and immigration are two issues set to take center stage during the last week before the midterm elections of 6 November.

During an election really in Estero, Florida, current US President Trump doubled down on his claim that he would make it harder for foreigners to immediately obtain citizenship for children born on US soil, saying: "Under this policy, anyone who breaks into our country and has a child, the very next moment that child would be made a citizen for life. Great. This policy has even created an entire industry of birth tourism. Big business, where pregnant mothers travel to America to make their children instant American citizens."

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Did Melania give birth to Barron before she became a US citizen? I'm just asking!

Considering that Miami is 90% wetback cannibal mongrel halfcaste, this seems unlikely.

Jokes on them, they will owe American taxes when they grow up and be burdened to file every single year for the rest of their lives.

Barron Trump was born on March 20, 2006. Melania got citizenship in 2006. If it was after his birth, that would mean Barron would have been kicked out of the US according to what Trump wants to do. And then he would not be considered American, but… Slovenian? I don't know how that would work.
Even assuming that Melania's citizenship came as early as possible, in January 2006, that would have still made her, what, 6 months pregnant? And Trump just complained he didn't want women coming here 8-9 months pregnant, so under Trump's proposal, she still would have been shipped out of the US as soon as possible to prevent her from giving birth here.

tldr: Trump's an idiot, what else is new?

he panders to the crowd and will flip is his opinion based on who he's talking to. all his public statements and rallies are just to get votes. everything he implements is to benefit GOP politicians with extra millions while telling the poorfags who vote for him "look you got an extra $50 you're almost hanging with the big boys now!"

You strong grip on the law amazes me.

Are you even from here? Didn't think so. don't be mad, you just have to go back.

Russia is a shithole that no one wants to live in

Lots of same fags in this thread


trump said if both parents are not american, the kid should not get citizenship.
and your reply is…?

Foreigner detected

russian jews if we are talking miami


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Trump is an American thus Barron would be American because one of his parents are American. He says if both parents are NOT American not if only one of the parents are not American.

Do you have a direct quote of him saying that or did you pull that out of your ass?

If neither of your parents were American, what the fuck gives you the idea that you have the right to be American?

because your failed board sucks

sorry, I thought I was on a board where people readily accepted absolutely everything trump pulls out of his ass on a daily, sentence-by-sentence basis. It seems you are all very well-informed and not-easily-fooled people who demand evidence for claims. won't happen again! ;)




Quadruple unfortunate truth. If it were real Russians, that would improve Miami.

Not likey.
Wish it was true.
Low IQ mongels are overrunning the place

think what you will, but it's like talking down to a child. you folks are so predictable in your responses, this is the easiest place to troll, while making actual, valid points and winning arguments. see you next thread! :)