Army sets sights on bigger, bolder, harder hitting bullets

The Army has been working on a new bullet that is bigger, bolder and harder hitting that will help make U.S. soldiers even more unstoppable.

When you combine this new generation of bullet with the new generation of weapons for soldiers – then they will be able to shoot farther – with accuracy – than any known military rifle on earth.

There’s been a lot of mystery, buzz and speculation about this new generation of bullets. The specifics are classified and limited to the companies selected to produce prototypes.

But there are some key details we can share. Here’s what you should know about the Army’s goals for this new generation of 6.8 mm rounds.

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Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt. :H

Soldiers want light and reliable weapons, not a minigun and desert eagle…

But (((defense contractors))) want more expensive weapons, and politicians want to keep the donations coming.

Ok good point…

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I'd still take a Garand.


Americans have no imagination, the last Americans who had imagination died during the late 1800s and all you have had left since the 1910s is kike owned companies rehashing superior european designs.

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can confirm. most of my platoon wouldve traded their m16's for m9's if we were allowed to.
also nobody likes wearing the flak and kevlar.
tbh we wouldve loved to run around in green on green with a pistol, a few mags, maybe a single grenade just for funsies.
t. former USMC

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It better be 6.5 Grendel. You know, the perfect intermediate round. The perfect rifle and Infantry machine gun round.

Retards. But of course they choose wrong, just so they have a flimsy justification to keep the two round system going and not admitting how retarded they are.

after youve marched 50 miles with 100lbs of junk digging into your shoulders, youd rather just die comfy tbh

The US is not going to invest in 6.5 gren because the kike firearms companies are pressuring the Pentagon to adopt something that isn't the m-16 (and thus will need lots of money thrown at it to get working)
Investing in 6.5 gren will signal to the rest of the world that military production of the m-16 is safe, and because the m-16 is a good rifle the kikes naturally want to replace it with some newfangled piece of polymer shit.
If it's this they're talking about in the article all members of the US military may as well just shoot themselves right now

Know how I know you know nothing about Vietnam?
It's because Vietnam was only ever a political loss, not a military one. Even with the shit tactics of the time, even with the spectacular failure of the early-generation M16s, we still absolutely fucking dominated them.


Do you realize why the FAL, aka "the right arm of the free world" was phased out? The 7.62x51 was found to be too deadly. This is why the British army switched to the "SA-80" in 5.56. Forget 1-on-1, this isn't how armies reckon their outcomes. In a large scale conflict the ratio of dead-to-wounded is of critical imporance.
A dead man puts the enemy down 1. A wounded man takes two soldiers to carry him off the battlefield, and a medical team to take care of his injuries.
In other words, FROM A STRATEGIC STANDPOINT, you don't want the deadliest rifle, you want the rifle which causes the most beneficial number of dead AND WOUNDED.
The FN FAL destroys anything it hits. THIS is why it was phased out.
If you're planning for SHTF, then you're a fool if you base your weapon choices on those of national military. Military weapon choices are based on the game of big numbers + selected specifically to be less-than-always-lethal.
In a game of you vs the world, you want the most lethal option, not the option which churns out the best ratio for your jewish overlords.

tl;dr this "bigger, bolder, harder hitting bullet" is an obvious response to asymmetrical combatants who LEAVE THEIR WOUNDED ON THE BATTLEFIELD.

The US hasn't dominated anyone since WW2, stop pretending. Its a cucked nation that is to chicken shit to "win" a war and it should stop trying. If you're not willing to genocide a population by killing men and taking their women you will never win.

Wars are glorified money laundering operations for the Rothschilds: they're not meant to be won. If we really wanted to: we'd win all the time.

Finally, the "smaller, lighter assault rifle" meme is dying and we're going back to actual rifles that actually hit their targets.

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but you're castrated

Sage negated salty. Face the facts, America is a good force multiplier when backed by allies, but absolutely terrible when fighting guerrilla forces. To be fair guerrilla warfare is a pain in the ass to fight regardless of what nation you are.

We still kick the shit out of them militarily in every case. The "loss" occurs when dipshit leftist politicians start whining about how we're "killing babies" or "destroying culture", as if these people had a culture worht preserving.

they're jews. jews avoid military conflict because they are physically weak. israel's military literally shits and pisses itself if you so much as mean-mug them.
that's why jews favor cultural warfare (aka cultural marxism). it's a method of warfare they excel at (lying, manipulating, etc)

Saddam would like a word with you

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I'm former usmc too, which unit did you serve in and who was your CO.

the MuhReen Corps primary purpose is short range zerg rush, run the fuck into somewhere as fast as possible in order to 1. kick the enemys shit in as fast as possible, and 2. avoid getting your shit pushed in massively.
see: ww2 island hopping campaign
a grunt wearing silkies and running shoes carrying a 9 a frag and a few mags is going to be orders of magnitude faster than some fucker wearing heavy ass shit with a big fucking rifle sweating out the ass

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nice romantising
it was the japs who used those tactics and scared the living daylights out of the pathetic, and very very GREEN US faggotroops.

desu id prefer 7.62 high velocity any day over 5.56
fight me niggers

Just accept you got your collective shit packed by jungle baboons with ricegrain dicks and you will feel better tomorrow.

Why not use a modernised shortened 6.5x55 though? No real recoil, could likely be made shorter than the 7.62 to fit a carbines and rifles as needed. It also has the range for an mmg.

Why not convert some m16s to 7.62? Would save a lot of tax bux.

Shutup, nigger

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You're so angry, user. Is there a US military base in your backyard? Did a US troop fuck your mom, sister, and girlfriend?

Stay mad, faggots. All your base are belong to US. Chances are, if you're privileged enough to be using our internet right now, then we probably have military bases in your nation. How does it feel to have your homeland occupied by another military force? :^)

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This whole thread, tl;dr, the Army wants something slightly different, because muh military industrial complex, than 5.56 or going back to the ole 30-06. We want a BRAND NEW™ caliber! I think there's more to it than meets the eye. This may be their way of killing the AR and 5.56 platform because of Civil War fears. The military stops using ARs and 5.56, so production goes down. The new rifle and caliber will be designated for military use only to prevent civilians from getting it. All old AR/M4 5.56 is handed down from the Army to Law Enforcement. Now, regular townie cops stand a chance in a fire fight against James Yeager. Also, sales of ARs and 5.56 become more expensive and the ammo gets harder to find. This is only speculation though, but 2A lovers have discussed that not manufacturing ammo would essentially be the same as disarming. Can't ban the AR? Just stop making ammo for it. ymmv

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This. Everybody wanted to hate on ar derivatives because "DI is antiquated, piston is better" then it was "5.56 just doesn't hit hard enough". Polymer is shit for a service rifle, where weight and service life is a balancing act. Just look at the g36, and if you think their problems were with the ammo, you're a cunt. A new cartridge isn't going to change anything, adapt the 5.56 nato to do what you need it to do. Small and fast… exactly what you need to defeat armor. This reeks of the xm8 shit all over again.>>208873


That's your second mistake.

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If you look at most US defense purchasing decisions (in the 20th century at least) they only make sense if you assume it's a way to transfer taxpayers money to the defense contractors who made the largest donations to the current presidents campaign/party

Look at this Russkie, shaking in his boots! You won't get within 400 yards before meeting our superior technology! Bwahahahaha!

I was stationed at Kaneohe Bay. I'm not doxxing myself any further than that for now