Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Enters

The man identified as the gunman in the mass shooting of a Pittsburgh Synagogue has entered a plea of not guilty. Robert Bowers, 46, is an anti-Semitic truck driver who is accused of killing 11 people at a Jewish Synagogue. Bowers injured four police officers during the shootout leading up to his arrest. He was shot during the exchange of gunfire with police and appeared in court Monday with a heavily bandaged left arm and riding in a wheelchair.


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He literally said he's "Going in" and then thinks he can get away with plea of not guilty? Not guilty by being too retarded to stand trial maybe


fucking brilliant, Douglas

Goldwater Staff Member Says

he likely wants to use the proceedings to air his grievances and publicise his manifesto

Philip, did you and James enjoy the Venom movie?

For some reason I doubt Mr. "Screw your optics I'm going in!" even has a manifesto too be honest

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THIS. Put the JQ on trial for all the public. Dispersing red pills from the witness stand. I hope this is what happens.

He'll have plenty of time to write one when he's waiting for 10 years on death row.

Isn't is hilarious to watch all of the key board warrior
Anti-Semites crawl back into the wood work and
suddenly lose their balls.

Especially on 8ch, they talk hate and act all big.
Then, THE VERY MOMENT, something happens IRL they run and hide.

They talk shit about Jews all day every day.
They spread lies about Jews all day everyday.
Then the moment some crazy person buys into their bull shit;
they are no-where to be found.

Quit hating Jews or publicly admit to condoning this kind of shit so that people can see you for who you are.

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i think he did a public service. jew lives dont matter. optics are fake and gay. also Jordan Peterskin is a massive faggot and you should feel just as gay.

t. mad kike

Are you saying that you condone the violence?

Don't hide yourself. How do you really want the world to be 10 years from now?

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yes. destruction is the ally of creation. also to answer your question for the other user, it should be divided into homogeneous societies and purged of hook-nosed people

lol, get aload of this kike

self governed homogeneous societies without jews would be quite peaceful.
there will always be little fights and squabbled between people, but thats nothing compared to what the jews have created. can you even name a war where jews werent a main contributing factor?


Jordan Peterstein is a male feminist and prolly a faggot like you too. His daughter that he raised is a THOT. media.8ch.net/file_store/7b93578350efec8944e0933636e4bb31965d4c18f7c545457236e50da020ffee.jpeg
His opinion on Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination: breitbart.com/tech/2018/10/07/jordan-peterson-kavanaugh-should-step-down-from-supreme-court-to-have-his-name-cleared/
Yet you give him shekels to suck his jew dick. Kill yourself faggot.

Look at all these psychos want to shoot Jews. I just want to have sex with farm animals. Why are people making this so complicated?

Good. This hero deserves a medal. Not guilty is a good decision. Juden Peterson is a back peddling hypocrite. Glad I didn't buy into his bullshit. The Jews are wicked beyond forgiveness and should be exterminated like the rats they are.

If they can't let me do sex with farm animals then they are no hero. Letting people do sex with farm animals is easy and if they can't do that easy they are not worthy of anything.

They can't deny a plea of not guilty.
The can deny a guilty plea though as there are obvious instances of coercion or misunderstanding that happen.

of course. its all misdirection and dog whistling until shit happens then finger pointing and removing that person from the group as if it wasn't planned from the start. who woulda thunk that suggesting violence would make someone act violent. but of course they're a lone wolf not someone I'D associate with :^)