Trump Allows US Military To Shoot If Caravan Assaults Them

Having seen the violence that accompanied some of the second immigrant caravans trying to reach the US border, President Donald Trump yesterday warned that the military would be allowed to shoot if they were assaulted like the Mexican police were on videos seen this week.

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gonna need more ammo

Only fuckin idiots would believe Trump's attempts to micharacterize the "caravan" as a threat. He uses this to roil his inbred closet-nazi base. Its an election ploy. Fools.

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Good. There should be zero acceptance for acts of violence. Just look what they did to those Mexican Police. In the words of our God King Trump, “Not good.”

Get a load of that fuck boi NPC calling everyone a Nazi. Lmfao

Immigrants attacking mexican policy
Proven criminals andere gangbangers

Bit remember, they are in danger.

Please fuck off. We have no obligation to take in the Whole world

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lol, i hope youre a kike, because if youre one of the few genuine braindead liberals left i feel sorry for you, mental retardation probably is very difficult to deal with, especially since you likely dont have a soul.

what is the (((official))) defense of this caravan? NPR is trying to defend this mob of people saying its good people, and that calling it an invasion is offensive. the common kikes in comments are typically saying its "blown out of proportion". but none of that is an actual defense, especially since nobody paying attention agrees with NPR, and saying its an exaggeration when pictures and videos have surfaced is just embarrassing for you guys.

you guys got fucked over by the stupid kikes organizing this caravan. good job.

Man oh man, you JUST FUCKING KNOW some psycho liberal is gonna hide among the spics and start throwing Molotov cocktails and shit at the Army in order to provoke a mass shooting just so they can show the world how evil the US military is.

Some things never change. Notice the imagery in this video. It's the same shit, new day. And history must repeat itself again. Godspeed soldiers. Gun them down like the kikes gun down Palestinian kids at their border. Once you see the whites of their eyes, let them have it. Make history and this will be the last caravan stunt to ever be pulled.

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This may have been their intent all along. I say the troops do it and give zero fucks about it. Maybe it'll inspire other nations to do the same. We can only hope that maybe Italy and Brazil will follow our lead and start sinking NGO migrant ships. If Trump says "Elect me again in 2020 and we'll start drone strikes on these human traffickers." He'll win for sure.

Daily reminder: Only Israel is allowed to have a wall and use military force on migrants, refugees, and civilians.

sure sounds like trump really wants to be israeli. like how they face off against some stone throwers and promptly start gunning down crowds of innocent people and carpet bombing entire city blocks to kill the "terrorists"
trump's circumcision is showing.

Fucking 8ch niggers will not allow me to post a . webm that fully explains this in simple terms even a child can understand. I will try to re-render it so the fucked up algorithms at 8ch will not flag me. God, I h8 this place!

The US has been the jew's attack dog for decades, bro. Your precious Barry O is just as guilty. New management, but same military industrial complex protecting Israeli / Saudi interests across the globe.

if trump was even 1/10th the nazi he is unceasingly portrayed as by the NPC MSM this world would be a lot more peaceful and civil. we won't need caravans attempting to invade our border, because we would already control their country. all of central america would be our slave labor.

Gun them illegals down and show NO MERCY.

UN laws on asylum require the person to make their claim in the first country they step into after leaving their home country. Legally all of these people's asylum claims are null and void if they continued to the US after stepping foot in Mexico. At that point, any world leader should be looking at why these people NEED to come to the border thousands of miles away from the original point of entry.
The fact that a lot of these people are armed, already assaulted Mexican police, and are supported by third parties not inside the US or even the continent. They are at this point, an invasion. They have refused to follow international, Mexican and the laws of the USA. These are not asylum cases, they are economic migrants with no right to claim they are being persecuted for religion, sex, or any other viable claim to asylum.
When a woman claims to be leaving Honduras to get asylum in the United States, but leaves her children in Honduras, she's not leaving to avoid persecution, she's leaving for "work" or to get herself into the sweet entitlement programs that illegal immigrants have been draining for decades.
Shoot the fuckers if they get violent. If you want to use stick diplomacy to get your way, don't be surprised when the other side brings a bigger stick. A 1 pound rock can kill a person if struck in the head, a molotov cocktail is defined by the ATF as a destructive device and the illegal possession or manufacture of one holds the same charge as an illegal grenade. There needs to be consequences for a person's actions and decisions. It is long past time for this country to defend itself from an economic and criminal threat of this magnitude. The Caravan is the Globalists attempting one final fuck you to Trump, and its working better for Trump than them.

They are invaders sponsored by (((shitstein))).

this board is funny. you think a criticism of trump means someone is a leftie or obama supporter. I'm a rightie canadian.

In Canada do they teach grammar?


Less than they used to. As far Right Canadian I will keep this comment short and to the point: this country doesn't even understand left and right political theory anymore, the root of the phrases liberal and conservative and how they relate to the act of government intervention in the lives of the citizenry is completely lost.

You might think it a bit funny that the grammar or spelling of a poster on the internet is off from time to time. But it should probably be more frightening than amusing, consider: whether willingly ignorant or merely neglected by the education system these people can vote, though they lack the fundamental understanding of language required to think critically. Understanding language and having a firm grasp of it is MUCH more important than people grant it on first pass.



Doctors, engineers, and astronauts every last one of them user.

Do you honestly think this was planned by a bunch of faggots on Twitter? If anything this seems to be an attempt at causing fear in the American public, don't be surprised if new legislation that further restrict citizen's rights are pushed through if anything bad does happen on the border.

im pretty sure americans are more of a threat

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Abraham please get out.

You’re fucking spoiled. All of you ffs 🙄aren’t you grateful you live somewhere like Canada? I live in Canada too and I could’ve been born ANYWHERE in this world but I lucked out. Well wtf is wrong with you guys? Do you feel like you’re losing power because don’t fucking tell me you value the white race lmao you don’t even like each other. There’s no brotherhood and sisterhood with white people which is a damn shame. We’re just as bad as the rest we just fuck things up with class…..

please tell me more about how some caravan thousands of miles away is more dangerous than monthly school shootings

Once I was blocked for saying don't lump us in with you with your "normies" trash saying that we were all peadofiles and everyone else was normies, faggot trash.

Too soft. They should be gunned down on sight. They're literally invaders.

It's funny how you with the same picture shows up every time when something about the caravan gets rapported. Smells like a shill

Not an argument.

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Spics are a treat

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[req] unalpha channel that please.

Yes, nothing to worry about

Immigrants trowing rocks at police

Footage from mop :

Mob directed by soros

i like how you brush one one white man killing 58 and injuring 500


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So when's that wall going up? Oh wait…

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Lol what?

Even continents are 'country', you dumb nigger..

Just watched the whole thing again. That's not exactly what he said. You are being a nit-picking little cunt. Even you have to admit the presentation was real, effective and truthful. You are being a little shit that needs a spanking.
Never once were those two words put together even in the same sentence in this video. You need to go back to Zig Forums and kys while you are at it..

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So being angry or assertive is a sign of stupidity or being inbred?

Apparently you must assume that people must become robots in order to be intelligent.

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Nice try

It isn't necessary to regard statistical outliers.

Assuming you're talking about Vegas, I doubt he killed 10 with that stupid faggot bumpstock. The deaths were from panicky animals trampling other panicky animals.

I don't care if america becomes the defacto tool of zion on the middle east and europe as long as the spic genocide happens, hell, go become gomorrah 2.0 if you idiots want but at least go kill spics like you promised you would do.

Thank you kind user.
polite sage for reasons