156,562,000: Record Employment for 12th Time Under Trump

The economy is the second most important issue for registered voters as the midterm election nears, a new Gallup Poll says. And there was very good economic news on Friday, as the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics rolled out the October employment report – the final one before next week's midterm election.

The number of employed Americans has never been higher. The 156,562,000 Americans employed in October is the twefth record set under President Donald Trump.

In October, the number of employed men age 20 and up – 80,405,000 – set the 12th record since Trump took office; and likewise, for the 12th time, the number of employed women age 20 and up set a record, reaching 70,909,000 in October.

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More goyim than ever before

Illegal immigration is up
"legal" illegal immigration is up
BUT TRUMP SAID ROCKS ARE BULLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing that will convert me to Trump is if he orders the army to open fire on any and all of the Caravan that steps food on US soil.
He won't do that, despite how legal it is.
He won't do that, despite his best fucking friend Benny Netty doing that daily in Palestine as he squats on land the jews are illegally occupying behind US backing.

I wonder if this could be because the US population has never been higher…? Nah!

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."

Thanks Obama!
-Donald J. Trump

why is only half the country employed

Obama: "Jobs are not coming back."
Trump: *brings jobs back.
Obama: "It is all thanks to me."

obama and Trump are the same tbh

the other half is kids and overweight burgerfucks.

Obama: *kills jobs
Trump: *brings them back
Totally the same obviously. /sarcasm/

Jobs during Trump's first 21 months: 4,054,000

Jobs created during Obama's last 21 months: 4,477,000

Though unemployment has fallen, job growth has not actually accelerated. In the first 21 months of Trump’s tenure, the economy added fewer jobs than it did in the previous 21 months.

For a long time, he took credit for the rising stock market. But the Dow fell by 5.1 percent last month, and the S&P 500 dropped 6.9 percent — making it, The Wall Street Journal noted, “the worst October for the S&P 500 since 2008.”

The stock market is still well above the level on Election Day 2016, with the S&P 500 up by 27 percent. But that index rose by 35 percent over the same period in Obama’s first term.


Lol, all this misleading information.
Do you think that people are stupid enough to not see through it.

According to that guy unemployment can be whatever the politicians want since it's based on a survey of a fixed number of households.

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"Two Charts Show Trump's Job Gains Are Just A Continuation From Obama's Presidency"


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17% of the country is too old or young to be employed. Another 7% are in school. The other 26% are just faggots or welfare niggers with part time or no jobs at all.

Yeah no shit, the FED decided that the economy was doing "too good" and raised interest rates like a bunch of dumb asses.


bush:kills jobs
obama:brings them back
trump:I'm the greatest coat-tail rider EVER in the history of coat-tails!

so true. facts and figures are too much about being "evidence-based" which is so not Donald's way.

I guess you don't know about 2008, huh?

okay, neet

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stop posting facts! you're going to give trumptards an aneurysm.

talk about fucking B R A I N W A S H E D

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there is no cure for your level of delusion. enjoy 6 more years of trump and a massive red tidal wave. you have no one to blame but yourself.

not that poster, but seriously, what is it you don't like about facts?

truly depressing when half your poopulation is unemployed and you celebrate it as american exceltionalism

you must be too young to understand things. do you expect every person to be able-bodied? do you expect nobody ever stays home to raise a family? do you realize that old and sick and retired people exist? do you realize that children are a real thing?

Not that poster, but seriously, why do you so blindly believe those charts?

because of all the available data that they were made from. are you implying that every city/state/town in america has been keeping false records? that this is somehow a country-wide conspiracy that every elected official who ever worked in any city has been able to co-ordinate and keep secret with everyone else? idiot.

You forget where you are? This is tin foil hat country.