Teacher found dead in creek after Halloween party

A 26-year-old teacher who went missing on her way home from a Halloween party was found dead in a creek in a posh Colorado ski town, according to officials and a local report.

Margo Taryn Khalili left a party in Vail Village around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and took a bus home to East Vail, but authorities haven’t been able to determine what happened after she got off the bus, ABC 7 Denver reported.

Police released a missing person alert for Khalili — a substitute teacher at June Creek Elementary School in Edwards, Colo. — showing her wearing a Halloween costume with purple hair, makeup and a purple flower crown.

By 2 p.m. Thursday, Khalili was found dead in Gore Creek, a popular fly fishing spot east of Bighorn Park, officials said. She lived close to the spot where she was found, cops told the station.

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Nothing of value was lost. Good riddance.

probably murdered by her "date" while burning coal

Do none of you value human life?

You’re all a disgrace I hate your souls. Now I fucking know!!! I always try to give men the benefit of the doubt bc I don’t wanna believe my other half hates me but now I know…..why do you hate women? Just tell me bc I need to know. This fucking hurts

All I can think about is how fucking terrifying her last moments were. Like what was she thinking about? I keep thinking something like “I’ll never see my mom again”. Shit like this haunts my dreams.

These chuds value nothing. In ten years they’ll be in the same place except ten fucking years older. I fucking pray I never know what it’s like to feel nothing….

Women are behind those posts.

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False Jew will rule in the End Time.

Eat me ho you couldn’t handle war bitch

You’re mentally challenged if u actually think that dumb shit. Listen asshole men don’t have to worry like women do. So what are you trying to say pal? That men are so weak they can’t fucking control themselves? Who ya packin heat for? In case a MAN attacks you? That’s what I fuckin thought!

Well OP didn't say she was raped, so you can probably rule out niggers, spics or mudslimes.

Bitch shut the fuck up.

And what do you have to worry about? Besides the made up shit your gender studies "professor" told you that you need to worry about?

NO user DON'T

There’s not a person on this planet that doesn’t have shit to worry about. We’re all just trying to fuckin make it in this fucked up world. Walk a mile bitch……

You didn't answer my question.

You think bc I’m a female I don’t struggle omg lol

You still didn't' answer my question.

I don't know about the other posters but I really value human life. It always bring tears to my eyes when a human dies but only if he wasn't a white knight, mangina(male feminist) or a women enabling simp. Women are parasites that managed to acquire more rights and power than they should have. I don't feel anything when one of them dies. How do you think a goat feels when a mosquito dies? dogs and fleas? cows and ticks?

Struggle with what?

Go away

Why though? I’m just trying to survive and get through life and I’d be a weak person if I didn’t get pissed off when I see this shit about my own sex or whatever. Can this world just burn already……

Is this an example of the hardship you have to endure throughout life? Pathetic.

Bc it’s pointless. Nobody had to respond to me. You did that on your own volition. I was merely stating my outrage because I can.

I'm these posts

Just making sure you know. The user won't respond because PLS NO user you're dealing with me, a dick slinging, muscle penised man with nothing but two nuts and a shaft when it comes to "arguments" with women.

Typical "wyimn" hardships. Are you just mad because daddy wouldn't buy you and expensive car when you turned 16? Be honest :^)

You are a weak "person," you don't have the upper body strength or the mental sobriety or the maturity to handle real hardship. That's why it was a mistake to give you the right to vote.

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What’s that supposed to mean?

Then where are y’all? You’re smarter, stronger, more rational but you don’t protect us - you hate us. Men aren’t supposed to hate women

You did it to yourselves. You demanded equality and you got it. Now just like men you have to protect yourselves.

Sluts who get fucked by animals like dogs and niggers on a regular basis are unworthy of our protection and unworthy of being mourned.

Wtf I haven’t done any of that shit. Never fucked a nigger or a dog. Why do you think like this?

they are KIKES, of course they don't value anything apart from gold coins.
these JDF faggots always post the same thing on these kinds of threads, and the brainless faggots parrot them thereafter.
A European blooded female dying is what they want the most.

JUDEN revelling in blood sacrifice

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Of course we attach value to human life. I'm sure most of us would pay a fair price to own one.

Tits or GTFO

Maaaybe you’re right. I can’t handle life at all. I’m not rational I kinda wish we could go back to traditional gender roles. My tantrum is over anyway…..

You guys hurt my feelings

Is show you if you guys are just nice to me.

Shut the fuck up you faggot leftist beta male white knight LARPer piece of shit.

You know goddamned well its not women we hate but the sad caricature of them that exists these days created by the Jew which is that of a brainwashed manhating feminist bitch who thinks its ok to fuck niggers and mexicans and that the most evil thing she could possibly do is to be a mother to a white baby.

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I’m not even a guy……I’ll agree on some points but I’m just scared and act out

sweetie, women are damaged/used goods

tits or GTFO

Why do I keep trying to seek male approval

I hope so, my life's awesome

I’m actually happy to hear your life’s awesome. I was upset before. This story has really disturbed me. Just the description of her costume……she put effort into it,(matching hair, makeup, flower crown), only for the last moments of her life to be terrifying. I can’t stop thinking about it. I keep feeling on the verge of tears but can’t cry like I’m numb to it by now. I would never laugh if a man was murdered.

A lot of women are damaged and act out because of it but men do damage women. Every woman I know has been abused in some way……


You can state your opinion. Everybody has their own opinions and preferences, beliefs etc. Nobody has lived the same life so nobody is going to see everything from the same angle. Like I said, I threw a tantrum because this story disturbed me and everything intensified when I saw the comments, but this is Zig Forums - wtf did I expect? Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment…..or retarded meh

Women don't love men; women love being loved by men. Multiple men at the same time. It's from evolution: an unloved woman was not given any food or shelter.
More men are figuring out that women don't love them back, thanks to the internet.

It's from evolution: an unloved woman was not given any food or shelter.

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Heck ya I like being loved by men - but not in a selfish way. Why can’t you let me convince you not every single woman in the whole world fits this……narrative? I’m telling you right here, right now that I want men happy. I want men and women to thrive so we can become the ultimate society we were meant to be. You guys talk about this (((agenda))) that’s being waged against us but don’t you see? We’re falling into this trap of hating each other - men and women hating each other is THE most weakening thing to happen to the white race. Why are we making it so easy for them when they’re laughing at us…..?

Lol I wanna keep you because I like that picture

score one for the good guys

Women love being loved by men. Multiple men at the same time.>>209346
This is a lie. Women want men's love because that's how we evolved: an unloved woman was not given any food or shelter. In the old days, everyone ignoring a woman would have literally killed her.
Some men belive women love money, but money is a means to an end. What do women spend money on? Clothes, shoes, makeup… things to bring them attention.

These generalizations are annoying. No matter what I say it won’t change your mind. You would feel better if you just believed me though. Hate and anger are shitty feelings. I’m trying really hard to not put my emotion on the subject matter……..anyway goodnight I’m feeling…….defeated? about this though. Just chill we’re heading towards something catastrophic so nothing really matters anyway. Can’t you feel it?

I guess she got BLACKED out drunk, huh?

I pluralized men because I’m talking about platonic relationships as well. You don’t need sex to love somebody…..
“Platonic love is a term used for a type of love, or close relationship that is non-sexual. Its symbol would be the white rose. It is named after Greek philosopher Plato, though the philosopher never used the term himself. Platonic love as devised by Plato concerns rising through levels of closeness to wisdom and true beauty from carnal attraction to individual bodies to attraction to souls, and eventually, union with the truth. This is the ancient, philosophical interpretation. Platonic love is often contrasted with romantic love.”

You mean a man disagreed with her once.

No I’m talking about real abuse - sexual/physical/verbal and I give up with you guys. You keep cherry picking everything I say looking for stuff to disagree with. Purposely obtuse. It’s killing my vibe - I just wanna relax and listen to tunes. This isn't good for you to be on Zig Forums everyday looking for things to rage against. You’re your own worst enemies……

Argumentum ad consequentiam.
Not an argument.
One should close their mind to corrupting influences, once they've found an undeniable truth.
Not an argument
Good night
Nothing matters, even if we weren't heading towards something catastrophic.

Welcome to imageboards. Maybe you'll like reddit more.
Nobody cares here. Tell Facebook or Twitter or one of your orbiters
Then close Zig Forums, put on some Lana Del Rey, and smoke some weed. You don't belong here.

Ok fair enough. I meant don’t you feel the tension……I have this bad feeling 24/7. I check the news everyday and everyday I’m disappointed that it’s not the end of the world. I feel weird…like guilty? for thinking that way. I’m like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr.Hyde except I’m an idealist and an apocophiliac rolled into one. It’s a problem and blah blah blah. I talk too damn much….


Spoken like a true beta cuckold.

You also don't need love to sex somebody

Close Zig Forums, put on some Lana Del Rey, and smoke some weed - that sounds fucking ideal actually. I actually couldn’t have worded it better - you guys come across as very intelligent. That’s something to be happy about though - you guys have all these forums and women don’t put together shit like that. It’s all retarded selfies and makeup tutorials shit - nothing deep or thought provoking…..

I’m not a guy wtf

Yet you propagate the cuckold mentality.

Did you get lost on your way to Facebook or something?

Beta cucks have low T, so they talk the same as women do

Great, bye :)

I don't hate women, I hate cunts. Just like I don't hate black people but I hate niggers, or like how I don't hate gays but despise faggots. You'll get treated the way you deserve to be treated, and the way you post suggests that you're an arrogant cunt who deserves to be treated like an arrogant cunt.

You might not. I've tried the sex without love thing; it's useless garbage. Just pushing rope and feeling disgusted with yourself at the end.

Maybe stop being insufferable cunts that cheat any chance they get and men might still value you for anything but your hole. What's the saying? We don't owe you anything.

Thats going to be your excuse for cheating on your husband one day

I never said you owed me anything. Nobody owes me anything - i feel like I owe them something. Saying I’m only valued for my hole is disturbed thinking. Angry, insecure people are like emotional vampires…..

You're saying men aren't supposed to hate women just because women, so yes you do say men owe you any kind of courtesy.

come to my apartment and suck my dick then

Those words never came out of my mouth. Who are you, Cathy Newman?

tits or gtfo tbh

Is this bait? Modern first-world women, just like modern first-world men, are fucking cancer. She deserves it for being a degenerate.

Fuck off, humanist. You don't get a free pass just because you're human, faggot.

And nothing of value was lost, because I find it hard to believe it was anything other than a chance to act like a slut (i.e. not a dinner party).


Women are objects.

Look up statistics on crime victims. I think it will surprise you.

And yet she already looked old and busted. I'm 27 and she looks10 years older than me

What if he was dressed as a clown?
honk honk

typical JDF posting "all females are jews!!!!"
Her nose isn't a hook, her features don't match with juden either.
Try again faggot.

If you actually read the article there is more evidence she either fell in drunk or froze to death.