Woman That Claimed Justice Kavanaugh Raped Her Now Admits They’ve Never Even Met

The Democrats did their level best to promote unproven allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh before his confirmation vote in the Senate.


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the question is not "can my opinion of women get lower?" because the answer is no.

the question is: can respect for women in society get lower? yes, it sure as shit can.

Christine Blasey Ford heads Stanford Univ's CIA internship program
Her office # 658-498-6440
Her email: [email protected]

A lot of men are in prison right now doing time because a woman or women lied.

a lot of men are in prison right now because women got raped, whats your point?




its alright trump already instructs ICE to rape kids in the jails they set up. its only natural he hires rapists into his administration

Kavanaugh was a victim of Ford's Lying gold digging grave digging greed.

If that was not insulting enough, she got a million dollars in patreon, and now she has book deals coming down the pipe. Yes, Miss ford is being rewarded for abusing a man on national tv! THAT is the FUCKING POINT!

stupid cunt should be rotting in prison for the rest of her life, not getting rewarded for abusing another human being!!

fpbp. Women are a cancer upon society.

If there was any justice she would be tried and given the death penalty for attempting to essentially take away the life of another human being.

ford was a victim of kavanaughs power grabbing greed.

as if thats not insulting enough he has a 200K salary for life and seat as one of the most powerful judges in the country

stupid cunt should be rotting in prison for the rest of his life, not getting rewarded for abusing another human being!!

Why is Ford not pursuing a criminal conviction of Kavanaugh? Why did she decide to drop charges? Just because he is justice doesn't mean he can't be impeached.

Why is Kavanaugh not pursuing a criminal conviction of Ford? Why did he decide to drop charges? She can be arrested for slander

He is. Grassley and the FBI are on it.

ford was already question by FBI faggo and nothing came of it

So was Kavanaugh but I guess that's not enough for you now is it shithead?
Can't wait for Grassley, the FBI, and the DOJ to come after each and every one of them like they're doing now.

Men pay the consequence for women's lies. Kavanaugh could have not been nominated because these cunts lied. He could have been yet another innocent man that suffered because women lied. Women's(whom are illogical and driven by emotions) words without evidence is taken too highly. Lemme guess you are tricked by a woman's crocodile tears–grown women doing what children do cry(until their parents give them what they want).

But user, because a woman got raped somewhere that makes it alright to just jail any annocent as some sort of sick retribution.

yea whitehouse limited the investigation to specific people not including ford or kavanaugh so you could pretend like the FBI did a full investigation in 3 days

but user a women lied once so that means its never okay to jail for rape and every women should be arrested!!

Guess which investigation isn't limited though. This one. Please, feel free to flail at your computer as you type up your next response so I can laugh at you.

stay mad that ford got a consolation prize

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At best I can laugh that Kavanaugh will be justice for another few decades.
At worst I can laugh that Ford lives in anguish.
The only one mad here is you, because you lost already and will continue to lose.

Cry harder thots.

How does a woman live with herself knowing a man is behind bars because of her lie. The guilt would consume me like fucking Christian Bale in The Machinist. Troubling times we’re in…..

This, absolutely this

Women have no conscience, simple as that.

you mean the hotel resorts he put them in
the prisons were under Obama oh and the Obama admin "accidentally" turned kids over to child traffickers

that swamp will drain any day now!

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yes the baby cages trump now keeps them in for ICE to rape

Poor thing, trying to change the subject.

please ignore open corruption and focus on 'winning'

Women know they have all the power to do this with impunity. Anyone with this much power lacks basic human empathy. They are sociopaths in their nature.

Sure thing. As long as it keeps you up at night :^)

because how is hearsay from people that she didn't even know back. and didn't even live in the same state then even fucking relevant

lets ignore the coerced witness, threatend by her ex FBI friend, who she lied about helping prepare for a lie detector from a change her story from one that contracted hers…

lets ignore how she lied about the 2nd door on her house that was really a illegal apartment she rented to google interns aka strange men

ruining the country to own the libs XD

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Says the libtard. Keep crying. Did you really number your shill images folder?


hate to tell you trump used to be a Clinton puppeteer while these people seem swampy someone of these people know the ins and outs of some things and how to get shit done.

meanwhile when Obama golfed with Comcast CEO then appointed a Comcast lobbyist to head the FCC and you people saw nothing wrong with that.. just blow

He wasn't, sweetie
He provided proof against those claims

liking beer and saying "i dindu nuffin" like a nigger isn't defending it

don't even try to bring of golf outings

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Your chart only shows Obama really is fucking useless.

Oh shit, forgot
Shit, if he stopped golfing he would have brought world peace

it shows trump is useless and abusing exectuive orders worse than obama ever did

Maybe obongo should have put them to better use instead of freeing prison inmates and importing new slaves.

well enjoy bowing down to the jew and goldman sachs

Pants on head retarded.

same with trump

Enjoy not sleeping at night. I'm going to bed. See you in 6 years

maybe earlier if you leave your van

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Thanks for playing, sweetums

Thank for playing, dearie

Onus of proof, dipshit. Further proof why the Left lost and will continue to lose: you can't argue or persuade for shit

In under the impression most of these people are high on drugs, confused, and adrift in outer space.

This is probably why they cannot understand my desire to have sex with farm animals, without applying disconnected extraterrestrial concepts to it's relatively uncomplicated earthy nature.

Clearly they do not know what happened, because anything and everything could happen in outer space. They could take this case anywhere while on drugs.

Dems made the same claim as you, sweetie, and it fell flat
Try again, cupcake

for some reason the left doesn't wanna copy 'the big lie' like the right does



that all niggers will hang, I think that's what he is trying to say
glad you agree, cunt

I make six figures and I bought my house with cash, stay envious fat cunt

No I’m not a sociopath. I feel everything too much if anything….

Never white knight. Nobody deserves respect unless they earn it through integrity and competence. Women do not need respect to make babies. Only cunts and white knights insist you must respect someone for having a vagina.

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That's called BPD; it still makes you a sociopath.

Rape is kind of like a spiritual experience. It seems very real to the person experiencing it, but in the end there is usually little to no evidence of it and rational people ignore it.


Who knew?

I already know I have sociopathic tendencies. You don’t live for 30 years w/o realizing something is inherently wrong with you.

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It's really not surprising because you are a homosexual, and most homosexuals feel the same way as you


this wasn't supposed to be a takedown of a predator, it was always supposed to be a character assassination

I really wanted a Ford tho.

A lot of women are walking free after raping children, what's your point?

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Kavanagh definitely sold out his country in the past though, no doubt about that, thank god we aren't talking about that though.

Believe ALL Women!!!!

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This triggers the roastie

the best part about this story is how long she stuck with it before admitting she lied. it just makes future claims even less credible. this is good, women are vile idiots.

Oh we have talked about it and the claunch has been found wanting like the sexual accusations.

I love how Thejewwater took great pains to ensure this clickbait headline was read as "[Dr. Ford] now admits they never even met", when in fact it was some other accuser (a woman by the name of Judy Munro-Leighton).


Meanwhile, you keep calling the likes of CNN "fake news". God you retards are such fucking pieces of work!

people are stupid. two posts in, somebody trying to dox Ford, who is NOT the false accuser mentioned in the article!
swear to god, i'm surrounded by idiots on this board.
i watched kavanaugh and ford. she was way more credible than him. kavanaugh, even IF he was telling the truth (he wasn't) came off as a sputtering hysterical madman. I can't believe that this is the best the right has to offer for a supreme court nomination. actually, he wasn't, there were about two dozen others they could have picked, all of which were equally as qualified, but trump had to turn it into a fight just for the hell of it and as usual, doubled down on idiocy because he knows idiots will hang with him.

Ford was not credible, she could barely remember any of the important details.
Is this your head on feminism?


Bullshit would have been pulled on any nominee. Just like bullshit has been pulled on most decisions Trump has made. It never ends.
Same shit happens with Dems in power but with less false rape accusations.

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She was a good actor and very good crying for sympathy, we all know women like that.
But you can see she was lying if you study her body language.

Kav will be a supreme justice for the next 20 years and you can only cry about it.

'Accused of rape by lying shitbags' apparently equals 'rapist' now. What the flaming fuck.

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Goldwater est fake news

They never implied that it was Ford either.

the thing is that right wing click bait sites know that their base is not smart enough to differentiate. they'll just think, "it's that woman I saw on tv!" they won't even read the article, but then go on repeating the lie to their republican friends who will let it all go viral. it happens ALL the time with trump's base and it's why his lies get so much traction with them. they're just that stupid.

I can't believe that you actually believe that.
You must be one really retarded leftie that believes most of the crap that mainstream media peddles.

no, I'm smart enough to know not to take ANYTHING at face value. qui bono and investigate, then you'll know what the angle is. the trouble with trump (and his stupidest supporters) is they don't even care about that.
why has trump just hired a 5th goldman sachs exec into government? while slashing regulations for banks and inviting another financial collapse? Is this the swamp draining that he promised? he's filled the swamp to record levels but the diehards don't even WANT to look at that. all trump has to say for the 100th time is "hilary!" "dems!" "immigrants!" and suddenly everyone goes blind.