Q - The Plan To Save The World

Have you ever wondered why we go to war or why you never seem to be able to get out of debt?

Why there is poverty, division, and crime?

What if I told you, there was a reason for it all?

What if I told you it was done on purpose?


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Anyone who believes the Q bullshit is a fool

The article written by 'Lexy' (fucking moron) is one of THE WORST, STUPIDEST, IDIOTIC 'news articles' ever

complete rubbish

I found it humorous that 'Lexy' decided to copy Neptune's irritating formatting style

Q predicted this

Oh the smell of jealous faggots and angry shills is fresh on this post. Good work OP

Q predicted that you guys would forget the other four letters in his name

U…. E…. E…. R….

this is a THREAD……..

on this post refers to your singular post

and I couldn't agree with your more

Do you have any Questions to ask or Arguments to make?

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Q: you're a faggot

The young girl in this video reminds me of sane people

The nightclub Bouncer that she chokes unconscious reminds me of you latently homosexual 'Q' believers

'Lexy' is stupid as shit

That may have been the single most dumbed down, childish, and rambling description of world politics that I have ever read. Wow, no shit power hungry, ambitious people become leaders. And no shit most of them are sleazeballs, when your average citizen knows next to nothing about politics of course demagogues and psychopaths will gain power. Breaking it down into a simple view of criminals vs. decent folk is laughable. The problem at large is that society in general has changed. People are dumber and more distracted than ever before, morality is considered an antiquated concept, and citizens feel alienated from themselves and the world around them. There is no secret cabal of shape shifting Jewish Illuminati reptilians. What there is, is an entrenched bureaucracy that is extremely resistant to change and extremely effective at perpetuating itself. It is a self organizing and self sustaining system that is shaped by every corrupt person within it in a double feedback loop. Breaking the cycle isn't so simple as arresting a few people at the top. It requires citizens to be smart and informed enough to not elect shitheels at every level of government. Good luck with that though. For every one informed intelligent voter there are 100 knuckle-draggers ready and waiting to maintain the status quo by voting either straight (R) or (D) depending on how their parents brought them up.

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If on the off chance u or anyone you know is still on the Q bandwagon, please call a mental health professional immediately.

Real reason we do not hear from Q anymore. When he posted the (((WWG1WGA))) in one of his last drops, with strict instructions to to honor those who honor Israel, that was the end for many as they left in droves. Before then a Q drop would have filled in virtually minutes , after it would take hours and still not at 750. Q showed the colors of zion eventually and it was all a farce.

Drummer Boy on YT was the best of all. Remember the "turn it up" as the sounds of military tunes and fighter jets lit up the background. His gematria bs was hilarious as well.

Is there somewhere Q's posts are compiled here? I missed nearly the whole fucking train on this. If not here somewhere else is ok so long as it's trustworthy.

Ally yourself with the devout Jews of the nation before the fallen ones take over completely.

Oy vey. Sounds like you're asking some questions you shouldn't goyim.

Q is awesome WWG1WGA

what if i told you jews print paper money that they issue to our governments at interest
you stupid qunt

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Because some niggas still think war is peace, ignorance is strength, and slavery is freedom?

While I dislike alex jones levels of tinfoil sounding rants, I will give the Q whatever the fuck this - there are plenty in power abusing said power. Pretty sad times when the pisswater is actually getting shit more and more right.

'money' heh. Those are notes, which loosely count has ious or basically debt on paper. Money lost alot of value when we left the gold standard and used nothing to back our money on.


We need 10 QAnons to save the world.

I'm waiting for that plan to ruin the FED.
I'm worried about 11/11 because I have to admit that i care about Potus (I live in Europe)

I wish ALL my BEST to QAnon (from my heart)

Have you ever wondered why they talk about Q or why they never seem to be able to stop repeating this bullshit?

Why there is rumours, conspiracies, and tinfoilery?

What if I told you, there was a reason for it all?

What if I told you it was done on purpose?