Davidson mocks Republican Congressional candidate, former Navy SEAL who lost an eye in Afghanistan

Pete Davidson is in hot water for some comments he made on “Saturday Night Live” about Dan Crenshaw, a Texas Republican running for Congress who lost an eye while serving in the U.S. military.

On Saturday’s episode of the sketch series, Davidson appeared on the “Weekend Update” segment, the 24-year-old comedian gave his “first impressions” of some candidates ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

He giggled as an image of former Navy SEAL Crenshaw, who wears an eye-patch on his right eye after being injured by an I.E.D. in Afghanistan, flashed across the screen.


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Even Worse

Pete Davidson's father, a New York City firefighter, died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks

The vet lost his eye, did so fighting the very people that is responsible for killing this guys FATHER

So he's not only an unfunny faggot, he's downright perfidious

man I can't imagine why Ariana Grande thought she could do better than him

I don't recall U.S. troops fighting Israel

Fuck, that's a hero. How many Israelis did he manage to take out?


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No, they were fighting over the control of the worlds largest drug manufacture, which is now owned by the people responsible for the death of his father. His father died for the drugs he's using now.

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Was that guys face repeatedly stung by wasps?

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Drug manufacture.
No trade route.
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Not really. The US army never fought agains't jews

Opium farming. Most of the worlds Heroin supply comes out of Afghanistan.

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Pete Davidson, if you're reading, tweet the following.

"He's not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was shot in the eye. I like people who weren't shot in the eye."

The President himself will back you up with this sentiment.

sorry, he wasn't shot in the eye, he lost it in a IED blast. Just change it to "lost an eye"

Your Pete Davidson is too emasculated to say that. That nobody could never go toe to toe with Crenshaw. His hideous eyes would pop like grapes under Crenshaw's thumbs. But, he'll either stay quiet or apologize like a little pussy and eventually OD like that faggot Mac Loser.

John McCaine was a fucking traitor. It is no secret.

I bet you were trembling when you wrote that.

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Nope, we fought to install a Rothschild bank in Afghanistan and Iraq

Nah. At that point they were already way past the point of needing money, so those banks a byproduct of their ongoing expansion. Drugs on the other hand cannot be traced and are accepted everywhere around the globe. Now combine that with having your own organized crime state, securely hidden inside an orchestrated war zone, and you have the means of planning the real nasty parts of world domination, enslavement and destruction.

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Nice try. Name one thing Mccain is a hero of.

-Father allowed USS Liberty to be attacked for hours by Israel
-Was a horrible pilot that crashed planes and his own serviceman called him a sociopath
-Started USS Forestal fire by performing a wet start. Admiral father was in command of Pacific fleet and covered it up.
-Nickname was "Songbird" from own troops for complying with NVA and ratting out his own guys at Hanoi Hilton
-Mccain institute tax exemption money funnel
-Support for Syrian jihadis linked with IS
-Called jihadis "freedom fighters" "patriots" and supported US escalation in Syria

Brain cancer was too easy for him.

so say right-wing blogs. beleeb it!

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