Poll: Most British people would stay in the EU rather than accept a no-deal Brexit


British voters would rather stay in the EU than accept leaving without a deal, according to a new poll.

The survey of 3,006 voters for Politico, found that British voters would choose by a margin of 53.5% to remain in the EU if the alternative was leaving under a no-deal scenario "with the potential for disruption," an option favoured by just 46.5%.

The news is likely to bolster calls from anti-Brexit campaigners for the government to arrange a second Brexit referendum on the terms of Britain's departure from the EU, with an option to remain on the ballot paper.

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>(((a new poll)))

How many times must we force you peasants to vote until you get it right?

Zig Forums shows 100% of british want to see traitors hang

Would be the suitable cure.
How to start a referendum on that.

At this point, Britain is beneath Italy. As Italy is actually following the example Britain is supposed to be.

For shame.

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Brits are too stupid (and too young) to realise that Britain did just fine for quite some time BEFORE joining the EU. Even then it hedged, hence not killing the pound even as the franc and mark went to their graves.

Most young people in the UK are shitskins or are spiritual ghosts who live in cities and turn to daily drug use to ignore all the rapey shitskins around them for diversities sake.

but isnt that what british people wanted? isnt that why they attacked germany and started ww2 plunging the world into chaos? isnt that what they were fighting for?

not that i would ever prefer the extinction of brits over any non-white race. but of all the whites, they deserve everything they get.

there has already been a vote




Yes, goyim, the British fought the German Nazis to stop the race from flourishing and surviving. It wasn't lies and propaganda, that was far more effective back in the 30s, no, it was the Anglos being race traitors.

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Lies. I've talked to many Brits who have said they can't wait to get away from the EU, and their thieving leadership. The only ones wanting to stay or politicians and people with money who get kickbacks from the EU.


You can't reason with the Hitlerboos. It's just an unfortunate annoyance that comes with using Zig Forums.


Not like Brexit is actually going to save cuck island or anything. That ship has long since sailed, away from cuck island.

Yeah, this is the real problem. It's like aliens in your escape pod.

Reminder…arm yourself, lads.

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Yes goyim. Just accept it and stay a part of the EU.