Macron warns Europe of a return to 1930s

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned Europe of a return to the 1930s because of the spread of a nationalist “leprosy” across the continent, in an interview published Thursday (1 November).

He also warned that Europe risked losing its sovereignty if it is “pushed around by foreign powers.”

“I am struck by similarities between the times we live in and those of between the two world wars,” he told the newspaper Ouest-France, urging people to be aware of the threats.

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So what's the bad news?

Meanwhile the French are set to be a minority

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Vichy France was a peaceful, happy, white France. Modern France is Africa. Bring on the 30's.


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Hitler declared war on the U.S. when he didn't need to. That was his fault.

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France was invaded, and Britain was bound to declare war by the terms of the treaty they had with Belgium.

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