London - Mayor Khan “Crime Epidemic Could Take 10 Years To Solve” (Video)

As the London murder total hit 116 (after another 3 youngsters were stabbed to death over the weekend), Mr Piers Morgan, the conservative commentator of Good Morning Britain, invited Mayor Sadiq Khan to explain his policy to solve the bloody knife crime epidemic that is gripping the British capital.

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It doesn't take that long to deport all the shitskins and arabs.


Its just part and parcel, goy.

"We need to implement Sharia Law because it's a justice system they understand. Besides, London is now 70% muslim anyway." - Sadiq Khan in 2028

He is estimating that It will take 10 years to roll out the shariah law that he has been drawing up carefully for most of his professional life.
Can't see how he hasn't been hung for treason yet.


stupid people deserve stupid mayor

Now, why does this sound so familiar.
Omfg, it’s fucking London for Christ’s sake! Go to a library or a museum. There are hundreds.
But wait, soft what light from yonder window breaks? It’s the truth. He means basketball courts every few blocks like what you have in NYC.

That's right kuffar. You need me for 10 more years to solve this """crime problem""", inshallah!

In other words, he's not going to do anything about it

you clicked a shitwater link?

It can be solved less than that if you remove the obvious problem like what the Burmese monks did.

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Still pretending the problem isn't obvious: brown people.

>the average stab vest for a police officer costs £200 fucking pounds

If anybody here has access to nuclear weapons you know exactly which city to bomb.
The English people will forgive you.

By who? #1 baby name in London is Mohammad, he is serving his nation, on their God-given soil.

Briitbongistanis havent renewed their uprising loicense for many years and can't afford the back payments.

Terrorism is just part and parcel of living in the big city

Why I will never travel to London

but if we bomb their countries we are the monsters and also terrorists win.

imagine being so pathetic, the only reason you are winning the culture war is because the other side feels bad for you and considers you a total non threat.

Islamic lead pogrom of London when?
There won't be a problem once the fucking whites are gone.

Mayor Khan cannot hide his lack of management skills.

You would only know if you did too faggot

Require all processed meat to have a minimum pork content of 10%
Execute all shitskins who refuse to eat the cleansing sausages of britain