94-Year-Old Ex-Nazi Guard Goes On Trial Over Mass Killings At Concentration Camps

A 94-year-old former SS guard went on trial Tuesday in a German juvenile court for alleged complicity in the mass murder of hundreds of people at a Nazi concentration camp more than 70 years ago.

Johann Rehbogen is charged with being an accessory in the murders of several hundred Jewish and Polish prisoners at the Stutthof camp just east of the Gdansk, Poland, in the early 1940s. "He admits to having worked at the camp but denies knowing about any murders there," NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson reports from Berlin.


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It was all a lie.
Jews, unfortunately, were not killed. Not in those numbers anyway. Only the elderly and infirm were.
All it was, was a sympathy card play.
Everyone fell for it.
No look at the state of the world.

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What are the chances that there’ll be a complete lack of evidence which will lead to his acquttal causing a chain reaction that will publicly reveal the holocaust as having been a hoax this whole time?

The lolocaust continues to bring laughs. How the hell these kind of statements continue to be taken seriously boggles my mind.

This though, this makes me mad. Just let the poor man live his twilight years in peace. These fucks are trying to prosecute a man for something that happened over 70 years ago with no evidence that he was complicit in any way other than him working there once upon a time. With the only support for that evidence being fucking laundry lists of all things and the word of a 94 year-old man in poor enough health that he's stuck in a wheelchair and can only be there for 2-hours a day.
Have an archive as well archive.fo/e0Cep

the jews will not let him 'just live'
they won't let any of us

chirst can you at least let him enjoy Bavaria before he passes?

What BS. They even went after a 91 year woman who was telephone operator for the camp. A telephone operator tried for accessory to murder.

Know what the funny thing is?
Germany used to have a statute of limitation of 20 years for murder. They abolished it in the 60s so the ebil nazees would not escape (((justice)))

what are the chances rehbogen is a kike whos about to die anyway and figures why not use his death to benefit his kike descendants

how exactly is that supposed to work?

Oy vey! Little things like it being decades ago or not happening shouldn't get in the way of punishing evil Nazis for the holocaust goyim! Remember teh 6 gorrillion! Never again!

*Adjusts kippa* Let's get the 93 year old janitor too. Also goyim kids need to learn more about holocaust in school!

"They" being the (((US))) that began occupation of Germany in 1945, and completely rewrote all the laws to favour the US and juden, and to cause the German to suffer.

keep in mind that all of the lawyers, judges etc are likely juden, and every single person in that courtroom, working for the newspapers, and so on has been raised from birth being fed holofake propaganda, so they are utterly indoctrinated anyway.
he's the only single one there with actual memories of the time period. that is what makes it utterly insane.

That's true for a lot of murder, actually.

isn't everyone who voted for trump a nazi? what's the big deal with nazis, if that many people are nazis?

isn't everyone who voted for trump a nazi? what's the big deal with nazis, if that many people are nazis?

isn't everyone who voted for trump a nazi? what's the big deal with nazis, if that many people are nazis?

ok wtg site for telling me the post didn't go thru and not showing up and not clearing the old post and not giving me the option to delete a post anymore.

such a scenario would get the lawyers charged with holohoax denial and get them 4 years.

Why do they do this? It serves no god damned purpose.
You know, if god is real, he would be watching their actions with rage. Everything the jews do goes against his tenants.
I take solace in the fact that many a jew are never going to make it into the kingdom of heaven on judgement day.

Since we're prosecuting people for fake crimes does this mean we can finally go back to burning feminists for withcraft?

cry more

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Chances? Very close to zero.

I stand with him in solidarity