Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over planned name change

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America have filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America for dropping the word "boy" from their name.

Set to be called Scouts BSA from 2019, the Boy Scouts announced the switch in May as it prepares to allow older girls as members for the first time.

But the Girl Scouts say the change could erode their brand, calling the move "uniquely damaging" to them.

Their lawsuit seeks damages and an injunction against trademark breaches.

"Only GSUSA has the right to use the Girl Scouts and Scouts trademarks with leadership development services for girls," papers filed in a Manhattan federal court said.

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First world problems


They should counter sue to force the girl scouts to accept boys.

Scouts are a unisex organization everywhere else in the world. Girl Scouts are just glorified salespeople in training.

Feminism has always been about special rights and special treatment. They don't want equal responsibility.

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Incidentally I have been saying this sort of thing for years and years now. (((They))) primarily get to men by corrupting women as they are the more susceptible sex to certain things by nature.
Note that this doesn't imply female inferiority of any sort, just an avenue of exploitation which men have no shortage of, and it really is not their fault there is an extremely driven psychological war being waged against them, no more at fault than we are for letting it happen. It will take us all working together to fix this mess.
The issue is that gender relations has reached such critical mass now and imploded (((mission accomplished))) and they can target many men with the same tactics as women.

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I'm not holding my breath though

Even if they allowed it, no (straight!) boys would want in. just like a lot of girls don't want in–they'd rather join the boy scouts.

the reason for girls wanting to join the boy scouts is that the merit badges that boy scouts earned were more specific about activities that they had to complete–there is a lot more adventurous, outdoorsy stuff like hiking, camping and canoeing. THose activities are set at the national level, and local chapters don't need to do them, but they can't change them.

the girl scouts let local chapters decide the activities, and lazy moms running them (often) don't want to bother with doing anything risky or going anywhere difficult. So they often end up just sitting around at home making arts and crafts. and the girls are bored doing that stuff,,,, so some of them decided to join the boy scouts instead. That is where the movement began, of girls wanting to be in the boy scouts.

not even joking

(pic not related)

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The Girl Scouts had their chance to make a program and awards system equal to that of Boy Scouts. They could have made an award equal in difficulty and prestige as Eagle Scout. They could have offered High Adventure programs for the girls who actually wanted to go out and do something other than car camping and pony rides.

They continually refused to do so.

The only ones responsible for "eroding their brand" is their own lazy and backwards administration. They're the only ones responsible for why their organization is boring and useless as shit to any girl that has a sliver of ambition.

Eagle Scout has helped me get jobs and education. What's your Gold Award done, GSA? Nothing, because you never pushed for it to become anything more than nothing.

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you really have no idea who pushes these things, do you.
take pleasure in the destruction of society though, fucking npc idiot

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satire (noun): the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

advertising, brainwashing, control and manipulation via the media, is done by directly affecting the emotions.
emotional programming.
women are in most cases unable to control their emotions, either input or output, which leave them open to emotional programming. through their fear, empathy, insecurities, base desires.
men are not so greatly affected, but are more indirectly affected by the influence of their women.
if a man's girlfriend is threatened by something, or his daughter, or his potential love interest, then he will react too. a strong example is the pathetic soy-saturated spineless idiots that are pandering to sjws because they believe this will increase their chances of having a girlfriend. they aren't thinking of the bigger picture, they just think "act like sjw puts me closer to a girl that might fuck me".
the sjws are thinking "empathy telling me rapefugees are my children and are suffering, so do every irrational thing necessary to guarantee their survival".
That's why they blanket bomb every single news media form with pictures of dead babies, and not just dead men. They are saying to the unconscious female emotions "look at your baby, do something!!".
Same reason why they don't show pictures of dead babies from terrorist attacks within Europe, because then they would be programming them in the opposite direction.

There is no thought, only emotional control.

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holy fucking shit I fucking hate America
I assuming that girl scouts get all kinds of special treatment.. tax exempt? special funding? legalize child labor..
Now, boy scouts get cucked into accepting girls and the girl scouts want special status as a girls only club. – jesus fucking christ
Now BSA wants to be "Scouts" and the cookie monsters are "Meh Brand".. do people own these brands are they not the property of America? The fuck is wrong with our world.

So it's "uniquely damaging" to the girl scouts - and will presumably have no effect on the boy scouts who are the ones being forced by feminism to dismiss their fucking identity? When will retards stop being feminists and stop abusing and misusing the language?