'Meat tax' which would almost double price of sausages should be brought in to save lives,say health

A ‘meat tax’ which would almost double the price of a packet of sausages should be brought in to prevent thousands of Britons dying each year, health experts have said.

Researchers at Oxford University set out to determine the level of tax needed to offset the healthcare costs of eating red and processed meat.

They calculated that increasing the cost of red meat by 14 per cent, and processed meat by 79 per cent would prevent the deaths of nearly 6,000 people each year and save the NHS nearly £1 billion annually.


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Because throwing money at it solved so many problems on this planet…oh wait.

And then the poor can't afford proper protein anymore, so you've got malnutrition among the needy. Great idea. Make it so the poor can't afford meat for developing brains so they grow up poor and stupid and stay poor and stupid.

Tbh veganism is harmful. Eat meat, it's good for you.

But that is the intention.
They want to reduce protein intake to cause mental deficiency in order to have an easier to control population.
Weak of body, feeble of mind.
Note that as usual, the upper classes are immune to this.
Knew it was England from the title alone. Sausage tax. Fuck off.

FACT: Saturated fat doesn't cause cardiovascular disease.


Reading pic related atm. Guy ate nothing but fish and water with the eskimos for 2 years. Then did a study with expedition friend in a lab and ate nothing but red meat for 12 months. Didn't get scurvy or suffer any illness.

Ultimately it comes down to where do you get your energy from, ketones (fat) or glucose (sugar/carbs). If fat doesn't kill you then it must be sugar. If it's freezing winter and there is nothing left to eat but the big fatty herbivore you can't have any carbs. I don't think nature would make the basis of your diet bad for you. As for preserved meats I've no idea about what those mineral salts might do to you. I personally get a rash after too much bacon but idk.

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What did we expect from the fucking bongs

Even with perfect oversight and rigour in this study it's pretty much not worth the paper it's written on unless you want to chalk it up as a 'personal experience'.

Well I've also switched to a carnivore diet for the purposes of elimination and I've successfully cut out some foods which cause gut irritation. So consider that a sample size of 2, sorry 3, oops probably closer to 200,000. Basic fact is that the research that led to sat fat = heart disease is lousy and a high school grad could've done better than Ancel Keys and his bullshit seven countries study.

Don't sausages often have pork in them? The UK don't like pork anymore. It's racist against muslims or something.

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He didn’t consider the effect of cholesterol at the time, there is something positive to be said about meat only diets, but this is not one that you should rely on. The eskimos that do should be though. That is way better evidence. But again, the were not devoid of meats, I think. Whatever the case it is a little bit more complicated then their meat only diet makes them live comparatively healthier then us.

It's a sample size of the entire inuit culture. You can't just conveniently ignore that. They pretty much only eat fat traditionally and have done for millennia

I wonder what the effect of occupational stress caused by the need to pay so many taxes costs the healthcare system annually?

Its hard to believe just how fucked the UK is, there was a news story yesterday about people being arrested for making jokes about that apartment building that caught on fire. Good help us all if the UK legal system ever gets its grubby hands on 4chan. Im starting to think its actually a good thing the pakis are dominating the UK, at this rate id go on holiday to Islamabad before I ever set foot in London.

It makes sense honestly. Thy have socialized medicine so people who gorge themselves on meat cost everyone money. Of course they probably aren't going to lower the other taxes because they are cucked, but the idea is defendable.

Just a kosher ban in disguise

Plants are worthless in nutrition.

Like i get that most of the meat studies doesn't differentiate between the types of meat and are generally garbage click bait teir studies from the 90's, but there is no need to go full retard in response.

Is there reliable information on the health and lifespan of Inuit and other hunter-only societies? Because every time I head them being brought up the reply is always "but they all died at 30 or 40 years of age".

(((health experts)))

Sugar does more harm but don't ever think of a sugar tax goyim because (((we))) got all these studies (((we))) funded to say you are wrong.

Tax sodas tbh.


There already is a tax on sugary drinks, which might sound great and all but my brother is a diabetic and needs Lucozade in case of emergencies.
In other words because of the fatties my brother and other diabetics have to suffer the increased price of a product that literally can save their life.

Before anyone says
"well he must be a fatty if he's a diabetic"
No smart arse, he's type one, born with it, not type two where through lifestyle of being a fat cunt people become diabetic.

No tax like that exists where I live. You can buy 2, 2L of soda for $2.

numerous civilisations around the world have an almost completely carnivorous diet and have thrived for tens of thousands of years.
meanwhile, vegan faggots develop half a dozen health problems in 10 years.

People are poor and stupid because of all the food, especially the meats

You have to grow plants gen after gen to be strong and health giving.
You have to not gmo fuckem up.
Build the soil, reclamate water, cycle in other plant materials to complement.
Pick them when ripe, not use agri chems, etc.

The last time this was proposed in the UK it nearly lead to Civil War. I am not shitting you.

How about adding a tax on being a fat nigger instead.

Imagine being this much of a retard.

t. btfo vegan, isn't it time to go stab your mother because she's making you smell meat cooking?

okay that's true but the article speaks about processed meat like hotdogs and hamburgers and "red" meats like rare steak or lamb
your post has nothing to do with the article, stupid

Vegetarians and vegans are the cause of more animal deaths than meat eaters.

Oh it's not that argument.

100% entirely false. The shitload of salt and chemicals used in preparation to sell and eat that red meat causes heart disease.

Except salt doesn't cause anything unless you literally poison yourself by eating table spoons of it.

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Most poor people are fucking skelies not Obese fuck, get your facts right

Yes, goyim, meat is the real problem here, so eat more refined starch and corn syrup instead.

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The body doesn't retain/absorb cholesterol you eat as a rule. Watch the video it explains it.

This goy gets it :^)

Fuck that. How can I be a h'white supremacist and hail Hortler if I don't drink milk?

On a serious note: "no milk" is retarded. There's a reason humans white Europeans are lactose tolerant and animals blacks/browns etc. are intolerant.

Japanese are lactose intolerant. Too bad, becasue they're missing out on all the benefits of milk, like uhhh… and uhhh…

Japanese are lactose intolerant. Too bad, because they're missing out on all the benefits of milk, like uhhh… and uhhh…

incredibly healthy for;
bone health
heart health

Great. They're also not as fucking retarded as niggers. Retarded: but not niggerretarded.

Also the moment I see a /fit/ picture I generally immediately ignore it as any time I go to /fit/ I see them saying some shit about soy being fine.

Meh. Not as good as sour cream or just cream.
Cheese has same benefits, also tastes better.
Come back when your country is at least half as good as Japan.

That doesn't even make sense. What tastes better than what? I can assume the second what is Milk, but the first?

oy goy plz

Are you retarded or something? The topic is milk both times.
You're not allowed to call me a goy when you have gay parades, "rapefugee welcome" parades, nigger infestation, jews controlling the media and all that. Not even funny unless we're being post-ironic here.

The US is 50% European blood now, and that's a good thing.
More and more couples are mixed race, and that's a good thing.
Terrorists are everywhere, and that's a good thing.
Children are being turned into trannies, and that's a good thing.

Found the kike.


I think you misunderstood - my point was the UK has became such a shithole that it might as well be handed over to the Pakis. It's too far gone now.

But see, when Eskimos eat fish, they eat ALL the fish. The organs, the skin, the bones; all which has vital nutrients that the body needs. If you eat nothing but fish sticks for 2 years, you're gonna die.

A tax on soda isn't going to effect medication. Don't be absurd.

Yes, I noticed a while ago that I can eat (small) bones just fine. When I have chicken or Fish I eat all of it, even the bones. With larger animals I can still eat the cartilage and sinews if the bones are too hard.

It started out with wanting to scrape off the last bits of meat, but it was in hard to reach places, so I just bit off part of the bone, then I ate most of the bone and waited to see what happens, if I the bone fragments might cause problems. Turns out it was all digested just fine.

The fish Eskimos eat is fermented and all the bones are soft or even mushy, you're just an idiot to eat solid bones.

Jehovahs goyim meat cucks hate the truth.

Cooking softens bones as well, idiot. It's not like I eat a chicken wing straight off the chicken.

It's the worse thing for you. Meat is important for the production of Serotoin, the chemcal that keeps your mood up so you don't get depressed kill yourself.

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