Netherlands - Man Wants His Age Changed To Meet More Women on Tinder

A man has filed a petition to change his age so he can have better opportunities to go back to work and meet more women, arguing, too, that if transgender people are allowed to change their sex, then he should be permitted as well to change his age.

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lol (non-pozzed source)

… but transgender people are actually changing their sex… putting some Just for Men in your hair and your legal age isn't making those crow's feet disappear…

About a hundred million pedophiles are holding their breath now.

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Nice bait

< meh, she's too old now

The absolute state of europistan.

Dude…the other way.

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I get the feeling he's taking the piss. You never can tell with börkbörks. What is their fucking problem?

What are you on about? He deliberately uses their insanity against them…well at least he tries.

I can't tell if he's fucking with them or he is just as nuts as they are. I have difficulty telling the difference sometimes pls no bully.

except they're not since they can't have babies
Turning your dick inside out and breast implants dont make you a girl

It's not your fault, user…the jewish narrative to this planet is insanity.

Well he's not wrong. Both are pretending to be something you're not and expecting everyone around you to play along.

rules for radicals in full effect.


I identify as a 13 year old lesbian, and I want to go to live at an all-girls boarding school.

That actually fits perfectly into their fucked up logic. If you can choose what gender you identify as despite clearly being wrong you should also be able to choose what age you identify as.

Genes don't lie

Gee its like cutting off your dick and cramming some silicome over your pecs doesnt make you a woman.

Gee its like cutting off your dick and cramming some silicone over your pecs doesnt make you a woman.

Age doesn't change anything in that situation. A very large portion of registered sex offenders in US are underage. Amerimutts don't even know how many children in their country get cucked out of their rights before they turn 18

They already molest white children.
Nope, not our problem.
This would change literally nothing except the visibility of the issue. Pedos need the rope, but we won't give it to them until shit hits the fan hard enough that it literally becomes a survival strategy to hang them.