Man arrested for allegedly making death threats to CNN's Don Lemon

A man has been arrested for allegedly making 40 calls to CNN, making death threats and harassing the network, according to USA Today.

Arkansas resident Benjamin Craig Matthews was arrested Wednesday and booked on charges of felony terroristic threatening and multiple counts of misdemeanor harassing, according to the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office.

Matthews, 39, allegedly threatened the life of CNN anchor Don Lemon, according to USA Today.

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Meanwhile, a literal mob threatens Carson Tucker.
No action taken.

Awww poor oppressed right winger

You'll never truly know how deeply you have been conned. A thousand voices projecting a single lie from the same source, the intricate machine pumping information into your empty mind is so vast; it would take a lifetime to fully describe.

If all else fails I truly hope that one day you find the diversity that you so yearn for.

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ah mate, you're just meant to yell at the TV - not phone them up

Kek! I called them at least 40 times about Don Lemon myself! I made no threats, but I did ask they immediately fire the extreme racist Don Lemon. White men have been beaten down by society enough. It is no surprise that some of us have had enough. Don Lemon threatened violence against white men, even said they should be banned from public spaces. Why is Don Lemon not being arrested for inciting racial division and hatred?

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Hey man, congrats on being the cancer of society. The sky will be more blue and the grass greener on the event of your passing.

death threats against a man that call white people the enemy of civilization, thus saying everything will he better without white people and we need to get rid of them.
hmmmmm, seems like Lemon brought this upon himself, you know "freedom of speech isnt freedom on consequences" and that shit.

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When are all the niggresses and kikesses going to be arrested for making threats against POTUS' life? And the first family etc.
Oh right.

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See, they were never going to give a shit about that. You should have pretended to be black and called them about his "uneducated negro" comments.

This is why this country is dying. Every talks about making America great again, but there's never any follow through. If you're going to kill a man, it's idiotic to give him warnings.


Good for you.

Yet people who make threats against the President dont have anything happen to them…
This country is so screwed up

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civil war 2 soon plz.

I guess you can't have empathy for "literal nazis" , am I right?
A good nazi is a dead nazi.
It's OK to punch nazis.
Everyone I disagree with or dislike is a nazi.


Why do they keep making threats? Take action already. You go to jail for it anyway, making your bitch ass prank calls. Do some good in the world.

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Do you think his parents really liked lemons?

Congratz, i don't think you could have gotten more replies if you tried