Australia - Mass Stabbing And Vehicle Fire Chaos On Melbourne Streets (Video)

A violent attack unfolded in Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall after a man crashed a car and then violently attacked bystanders and good Samaritans with a knife. Four people were injured in the attack and the assailant's condition is unknown. ABC's Meegan May said, "A couple of people on the trams were saying someone had a knife and when I got up and looked through the rear window, I could see a big ute on fire driving across the road."

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Big media reporter on scene.
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Vehicles and knives.
The push for mandatory "kill switch" that can be operated by police and other govt employees, installed in all new cars.
And the usual anti-knife hysteria. They already took guns from Aussies with the Port Arthur false flag (look it up), now they want the knives, or at least to introduce further restrictions to civil freedom / draconian new legislation on

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