Acosta - Did Infowars Doctor Video White House Published?

US President Donald Trump and his unending slugging match with CNN was made a whole lot more interesting this week when the network’s White House correspondent, Mr Jim Acosta, lost his privileges to set foot in the Presidential offices ever again.

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what the fuck kind of sentence is that.
edit the title into English.

I work in the TV industry. I can't give a better explanation to show this video was doctored than this excellent analysis:

As you can see, the clip is slowed down then sped up to give the impression his arm is pushing down. You guys love 'evidence', so here it is.

Also, I happened to record this live, so if you want to see the real thing, let me know.

An undoctored video reads like a clear stream of data, progressing from one frame to the next. As you can see from the analysis above, frames are copy/pasted, also slowed down then increased in speed later on.

link the unedited video then faggot.

I saw the original footage with him asking the question and when I saw the official white house video it definitely looked more aggressive than I remembered it. I thought I might not have noticed that before, but this explains everything! The white house is officially releasing doctored videos with frames duplicated and sped up to make it seem like he was "judo-chopping" her, when all that happened was a slow gesture of his hand as he was speaking to trump.
This is the lowest of the president's administration lows. Actually doctoring video, posting it on an official platform and using it as an excuse to interfere with freedom of the press. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

did you not watch the youtube clip? it's right there. WITH the audio, which of course was removed from the white house's video.

Yeah naw fuck off kike

This is as raw as it gets @ 29:00 You can clearly see him brushing her arm downward as she tries to get the microphone.

i know its a popular complaint, that trump is like hitler, but he literally is doing everything in his power to come off as a lying, power-hungry dictator who will demolish the constitution he swore to uphold as long as it means he gets his way.

What the fuck are you on about? Stop eating the paint chips.

Where in the constitution does it say the white house has to let anyone in to interview the president?

You're an idiot.
The original video is just as damning.

its a two parter. first white house has never banned a journalist and you can look over at russia to see where that leads to. second trump wants to abolish the 14th amendment

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I'm full of shit, but let me appeal to emotion.


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Stop acting retarded, you're not impressing anyone.

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Exactly where in the constitution does it say that the White House is obligated to give out press passes to grandstanding partisan reporters who get physically aggressive with women half their size?

Lmao. Actually kill yourself you gaslighting cunt. Some of us actually went to film school.

No you dumb nigger, it was taken from C-SPAN converted over into a .GIF, uploaded to dailywire, and then Paul Joseph Watson took that gif off of the internet zoomed in on it blew it back up to its original size and then posted it before Sarah Sanders retweeted it.

So no fucking shit frames are going to be dropped, thus appearing "sped" up.
converting over into GIF alone is going to do that. audio is going to be either missing or artifacting after it went through like 6 God damn file transfers, and at least four different conversions.

Fuck off with this conspiratorial trash, there is a perfectly rational explanation that doesn't involve a conspiracy theory about the left-wing or right-wing.

freedom of the press doesn't have conditions like that. and don't be a liar like the president. there was no physical aggression whatsoever. not even sanders said that, limiting her post to mentioning laying a hand on a woman. (ironic, given trump's penchant for grabbing pussies)

not the guy you're referencing, but it looks like YOU need to go back to school. compression and converting to gif will not duplicate frames right before the laying of the hand, then speed up those frames and result in image blurring in those frames. the video was obviously edited and you either didn't actually watch the youtube link, or you really don't know a thing about video.

no shit you can't lying leftist nigger scumbag traitor.

Why do they let any of these outdated legacy news ogranisations in the whitehouse?
They always ask the same questions even though they have just been answered.

I would enjoy seeing Diamond and Silk asking a question or two.

I love all these video compression experts like you coming out of the wood works because of this event.

Or it was ripped and reuploaded .multiple times. Or put through an editing software without setting the settings correctly.

This entire topic is a slide tho. Who the fuck cares. Its so petty and irrelevant.

nothing would cause the kind of editing that is so obvious in the fake video. and so specifically at the precise moment to cause the effect of making it look more aggressive.
the fact it was uploaded without sound is the most damning thing. all you fools arguing at all that it's not edited are just being stupid for stupid's sake.

Trump can do what he wants. I hope he doctors more videos to humiliate the lying press.

you mean humiliate himself (even more)

Trump doesn't care. Your tears are like ambrosia to him.


You can't just call someone a 'n*gger' just because you aren't intelligent enough to use logical rational thought bro. In fact you shoudn't be using that word at all.

Only select frames were added (repeated) and frames copy/pasted. If conversion to a GIF caused such errors then this would mean this process would happen to the entire video/GIF. It happened to select frames (only a few) and was sped up and slowed down purposefully.

Here's a suggestion for you: watch Alex Jones (multi-millionaire now, thanks to idiots paying $199 for his placebo 'vitamin pills' haha) being asked by news channels about his show and the lies.

He has 'researchers' who go and find random articles on the internet - with NO peer reviewing - which he then repeats without verification. Why does he does this?

One reason: MONEY. He's creaming millions of dollars from the conspiracy theorists and laughing all the way to the bank.

A president cannot just go do anything they want. Even presidents are human. This is why there are constitutions in place. If a president went raving mad, unlimited power could potentially destroy our beloved USA.

I'm sure whatever opinion we hold in life, you would agree that the USA matters more than any president in power. Trump is the elite and we've just voted him in. What does that say about us? I don't give a shit if he pretends to not be the elite, because he's the son of the wealth and the elite and ain't doing shit for me.

We need real representatives and change before the US dies. Trump just gonna accelerate this decline. Good economy for two years before a massive fall, just watch!

is this the same logic they use to say that all of the veritas videos are "edited" so they can (((officially))) "debunk" them?

"cropped video = edited video"

And what about that wannabe rock n roll cowboy that the snake oil man has on his show always barking about gun rights only for those who are in his "asset column" as if the 2nd amendment states you gotta be in his "asset column" to have guns that all others are restricted from their "inalienable rights". That pos is disgusting. I wouldn't own an NRA membership if it was FREE with that self deprecating cock sucker thinking he has the right to say who can and cannot lock n load.
Then there is that fat slug on the show…..
AJ = CIA created psyop = MSM = AJ isn't even his real identity.

When the new AG fails to indict you will know you have been had again just like the times before because it is true that there are suckers born every minute. To think that Trump the Freemason is from GOD is so laughable but hey they're following Q and he needs beer money, lol.
"X. If you'd like to buy me a beer or a little Christmas present for my effort, you can donate some Bitcoins to the following address: 1JExPvzpR6WWLQMsPZSYhuq1Cox9kz33XS"
Pitch in suckers and throw enough in so he can get some weed too.

I do wish AJ would bring that one back with the tits though.

AJ has perfected ambulance chasing and for that you gotta give him a little credit just don't buy that snake oil or you're fucked though I did use some once to clean my gun and it worked really good.

But you gotta give him credit he's a master at blaming others and sucking his own cock to the point his cult following is totally fooled. Blinded in fact by his tricks & illusions while off to feed the Lions again.
Freemasons are not from the GOD of the Bible dummies but then if you were real Christians you would already know this information now wouldn't you.

I love how it's called the WHITE HOUSE since only white men can go there!
(Sorry oblackma, you were not a real President)

You know it's true that Christianity is dead when they think Nephilim are from GOD.

Not true Trump has muslim freemasons over all the time haven't you seen them chilling out? Go look it up on jewtube and see for yourself.

Apparently you didn't see Trump behind the wheel of that big rig or you would know that he definitely is mad, or rather "raving mad" as you state.


Is Acosta a Muslim?

The question as to whether the video was doctored (which if it was, it wasnt enough to make any significant difference, personally believe PJW all the way) makes no dfference.
If you are a white house correspondent, you are in a VERY privilaged position, and if the president tells you to hand the mike over you should do as your told, and you egnore him, then you souldnt be surprised if you pass gets revoked. Being heavy handed with a female staffer is just the cherry on top.
Can you imagine if it was a right wing press being rude to a Democrat president and getting heavy handed with a female intern, they wouldnt be talking about frame rates, the MSM would be going nuts

where the fuck is the original C-SPAN video?
if you're going to argue over a .gif which is notorious for being an utter shit and out of date file format
the least you should do is find the original video, audio included and then debate on how Acosta acted in that video.
Arguing over dumb shit like this is imageboard culture
but if you want to look smart make sure your acting skills are top-tier

in case you haven't noticed, most of the press is on Acosta's side, including Fox.

quite the contrary. trump cares a GREAT deal about what others think of him. he cries himself to sleep every time someone doesn't think he's awesome.

Bullshit, okay im not fro murica but fox news arent backing acosta, your talking shit, and im not the slightest surprised the rest of the left wing MSM are, i stand by what i said, Can you imagine if it was a right wing press being rude to a Democrat president and getting heavy handed with a female intern, they wouldnt be talking about frame rates, the MSM would be going nuts

too bad he is awesome, and you have to cry yourself to sleep at night instead

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Pleeze take your meds, killcen..

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Obama was not black. That's a stereotype. He was a mostly white man. He had one drop of black blood and he turned it into a career. Obama exploited that blacks in this way. He grew up white and only had a black father who wasn't there for him which should come as no surprise. Obama grew up white as he was raised in an all white neighborhood by his white grandparents. His mother was on drugs, hence the sex with blacks, and hence the fact that she gave him to his grandparents to be raised. Obama was raised as white and exploited the drop of black blood in his veins so he could become our president. He was the biggest oppressor of blacks the world has ever seen.

proof, please of how he's awesome. I've only seen embarrassingly inept.
and I laugh during the day at his antics, then laugh myself to sleep with the late night show commentaries on those days' antics. feels good! :)

and then you masturbate into yesterdays crusty socks and imagine living the billionaire playboy lifestyle, the power of the presidency, the love of the people, and remember your just a lonely little libtard that nobody loves, cant even fit in online anymore because you find all the edgy humor too offensive, all you have left is having your own little giggle in your echo chamber about how your so much better then one of the most sucessful, important, powerful men on earth.

take your sad act back to leftypol or reddit or whichever rock you just crawled out from

1. I'm conservative
2. I'm not american
3. I was on the internet before it was called that. I've done more to make the internet "edgy" than you can imagine. Just ask your mom.

you know, it's understandable when the only news you ingest is fox, to not know what's actually going on, but this was from FOX new itself, idiot.

boy, don't you look like a fool now?

rael neus.