Democrats Motto- If You Can’t Beat ‘em- Cheat ‘em (Video)

We can’t allow this to happen. If we let Democrats steal this election, no one will vote. No one will believe their vote matters. It is mathematically impossible for every single “missing vote” to be for a democratic. That is unrealistic to anyone with any common sense.

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I'll second it.

Democrats haven't won an election in decades.

Fuck you. I have to wait 3+ hours to vote in my district unless I want my ballot thrown out . The voter fraud nonsense is just that. It has no basis in reality. A handful of cases happened every year. If you want to criticize the Democrats then there is a very valid criticism that they are bribing poor people for votes. Or that they are naturallizing all of Mexico for votes. They are plenty shady, but you want to fuck me over instead of calling them out on their shit.

pls go

Or that more people vote than are actually valid voters in the district.

Or that magically year after year after year votes are randomly found and they swing significantly in the dems favor. If you don't like how long it takes to vote in your district MOVE TO A NEW FUCKING DISTRICT, CITY, COUNTY, STATE.

When I voted and I waited less than 60s for them to pull up my voting ballot.
Oh wait, I live in a 95% white country, with few jews, fewer negros, and nearly 0 spics. Shit works flawlessly here.


Also how is it nonsense when it's proven year, after year in this same county by this same negro?

Im not leaving my home because assholes in the capital don't want my vote to count.

I'm not saying it doesn't happen. There are certainly a few cases each year, but it's nowhere near enough to actually change outcomes. What does actually happen are "errors" with electronic voting machines. Those aren't mail in ballots though and it's not what people mean when they say "voter fraud".

Are you;
property owner
legal citizen

If the answer to any of the above is no then legally your vote shouldn't count.
but muh voting rights: voting isn't a right and the above proved you don't get or deserve voting

And that's where you're fucking wrong. It happens consistently in every state to the tune of election swinging.
There are so many dozens of instances in THIS ELECTION ALONE. Where randomly enough votes were found to swing the vote to EVERY SINGLE TIME the liberal winner. Without fucking fail just magically found.

actually, your post is the greatest argument for not allowing all people to vote

remember when it happened with bush, where the odds of all of the last outcomes after he was behind being in his favor was something like 1 in millions (or was it billions?)


Remember when that French official ripped up a bunch of Le Pen ballots because she didn't like them? Leftists are inherently dishonest; they'll blatantly and openly tamper with every election there is unless they're given a dose of 5.56 medicine between the eyes.

The Republicans were legally disbarred from ever questioning Voter fraud until 3 months ago. You only think it doesn't happen because Republicans cucked out to the law.

get out of here you dumdum

Who's up for two years of absolutely nothing getting done then four years of doing things again?

Or you could stop being complacent pussies and start marches or something.

oh trump will get plenty done. and he is going to get a second term. if the dems had lost he might have lost but since the dems won they'll be in power in the house and senate. history shows they will fuck that up. and so, 2nd term Trump. The gloves come off.

I would add gun owner to the list of requirements.

>(((Hey kid. Ya wanna blow up a federal building?)))

Eh. In the end sure. As it is now no. There are far too many (((restrictions))) which prevent people from owning a gun.
When those are gone and rights are restored, then certainly; but there are far too many men who fit my 4 but were one time when they were 8 prescribed an anti depressant so now they're on the list of people with (((mental health))) issues that can't own a guy.

Literally nothing but lies from a deranged commie.
The irony.