Trump Cadillac Stormed By Topless Femen Protesters (Video)

Two topless Femen activists stormed the Cadillac (known as ‘The Beast’) of US president Donald Trump today as he drove past the Armistice commemorations in Paris. Security services could immediately pick up the women.

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so what the fuck happened then retards?

trump got free tits

Zig Forums readers:

This article title highlights the main issue with use of language. Note the word 'stormed'. That's a word associated with war, or bad weather.

Did two girls 'storm' the president's car? Realistic use of language would be: "two girls rapidly approached". The word 'storm' suggests a military move.

The wording of articles is trying to bring up your emotions, antagonize you and make you feel angry. When you become aware of such language use you can read articles in a different way. You start to be aware of yourself being manipulated. Beware of this; it is used to control you and your thoughts.

This poster is spouting off about things completely unrelated to the article that only an idiot would talk about. I can't believe he wasted his time writing this, lol, what a loser.
It is just news, try to keep your tinfoil hat off sweetie.

When are these femen protesters going to do this in either Saudi Arabia or Israel?

This poster is trying to manipulate your emotions by using milder terms for what happened.
An accurate use of the language would be: "two girls ran at the Cadillac"

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Go back to tumbler with your non agressive language

When they see the Chad Trump, they can't control themselves. They just start ripping their clothes off and throwing themselves at him.

Zig Forums readers:

This post highlights the main issue with use of language. Note the word 'Realistic'. That's a word associated with sanity, or bad mental health.

Did the poster imply that you and others have a poor grasp on reality with his use of the word 'Realistic'? Is the poster conditioning you to question your reality so you can have your rights infringed? A more apporpriate use of language would be: "idealistic" as it's just a fucking word.

Reported. Not because I want you banned, but because I want the mods to be able to laugh at your faggotry too.

Secret Service should have shot all those feminists.


Dear faggot,
Fuck off I hate (((Trump)))
T. Me

Dear faggot, would you rather the headline say "Trump Cadillac Assaulted By Topless Femen Protestors"? Because that's what "rapidly approaching" someone aggressively is defined as, under law.

Perhaps it's not too late?

I heard Trump is taking those gold curtains with him to GITMO.

It's really too bad that Trump failed to lock them up because now it's his cell they're preparing though Q will say it's all part of the plan.

I never know exactly what they are 'protesting'.. I used to think they were cool until I realized they are just attention whores with no message.

If you ever get close to one you will learn how nasty they really are.

NRA has requested a season on them.

And you thought Big Foot is a hoax.

Is being a fully bought and paid for arm of 'Soros Destabilization Services Inc' cool?

What can I say?
I like tiddies!
I am hence easily controlled by displays of tiddies, especially since Christianity has demonized them.

Found the nigger.


Somehow, these femishit bimbos always get within arm's reach of world leaders so they can bounce their tits and shout unintelligible slogans.

Speaking of psychology. This is an example of gaslighting.