Wall Street Journal: "Hillary Clinton Will Run Again In 2020"

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board is quite certain. The 2020 Presidential election will be a copy of the 2016 vote: Trump versus Clinton.


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Unfortunately for everyone, Bernie Sanders will also be running. Stupid Millenials like him, although anybody with half a brain can see his policies would bring about the end of this constitutional republic. Nobody likes Hillary, period; but there is actual hatred against Trump though, drummed up by the media and hyped by evil cunts like Hillary, so she thinks she will actually have a chance. How big an ego she musy have! This will be a glorious stomping. Trump will literally trounce her. The only thing that could make it more glorious is if she fucks over Bernie Sanders one more time. The Democratic Party is in shambles. Absolutely beautiful to watch them destroy themselves in huge mobs, while chanting, "This Is What Democracy Looks Like!" Truly, pure democracy is 'mob rules'. That's why we have a constitutional republic. These idiots and all their millions of misguided minions will soon have all their ideas fade into the pages of history, just like Hillary should have done a long time ago..

could barely stand up straight 2 years ago, rotten, disgusting corpse
weak, forgotten
zionist-owned, hasn't delivered on anything
Nice selection america, how about finding one single non-corrupt leader and gassing congress.

Good. Trump will be guaranteed the win because no one likes sore losers.

Will anyone vote for Bernie after the stunt he pulled last time?

After conceding to Hillary at the DNC when he could have easily swung the vote? Hell no.

What stunt did he pull?
Did I miss something?
He actually did something?
I don't believe it. Show proof he has ever pulled any kind of actual stunt in his life.

Did you see the DNC speech he made at all? The first 10 minutes of it are literally him winding up, trashing Hillary, calling out all the bullshit against him to the entire arena of delegates cheering. Bill Clinton looked like he was about to suicide. And then suddenly "I drop out of the race Hillary is better" (paraphrased). It was the biggest bait and switch I've ever witnessed.

I will laugh if Joe Biden not only goes up against Hillary for the Democratic nomination, but wins!
Pretty much though, tbh, I'm gonna laugh no matter what happens. I'm only in it for the lulz anyway.
Also, thank you, OP, for your in-depth insightful article. You have been awarded one bullet. Sorry, no gas this time. Minimal effort put forth..

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If any male Democratic candidate runs against Hillary and wins, they are guaranteed to lose against Trump solely because of the anger against him.


Are you ? If so, you are retarded.
Regardless, you need to know your enemy to fight your enemy.

1.- Sold himself to hellary for a shore house
2.- No refunds
Yeah, go vote for him.

No thanks.
But, seriously, less than 1% of the population would vote for Hillary now, amirite?

You underestimate the stupidity of the electorate..

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I hate trump because he's made it very clear how willing he is to compromise the second amendment even further.

well the WSJ does love dead kids, so them backing and wanting Hillary to run and gain is a no brainer

Hillary and Trump are both the same globalists bringing in the New World Order. How else did Trump just throw Iran off the globalist banking system? and how else is it that Trump is fight Assad to bring in the globalist banking system into Syria under the fake cover he is fighting ISIS?

You guys are dumb as a rock, or actually a rock is much smarter. School and fake news has lowered your IQ to under 15 points.

Trump shuts down Florida recount [so look there] while he brings in the chip and world government.
You suckers thought he was on your side, bahahaha.

I'm 12 and what is this?

Note how juiced up the Hillary in 2020 is with Trump welcoming her to run so if you haven't figured out the indictments are not for her et'al then you are stupid as they come.

Case in point!

And no one likes a man who sucks his own cock.

Proves it is all merely a big bs fest in the words of Dennis Miller. Back to more nonsense, illegals voting, fraud happening , no voter id in many states and if Hillary runs next time, get ready for it, she will win. (((They))) have her so pumped up with drugs and baby blood, she will be on the campaign trail next time, visiting WI and Minn etc. left our before. Hillary will win , there will be allout war in Syria, Iran and then move down to Saudi Arabia. Trump has not done what (((they))) want in terms of wars in the ME. Stage left Trump , bring in Hillary. She will burn everyone in the ME and laugh about it.

Bernie is a loudmouth kike, when it comes to act he is running for his life. When the BLM girls came on stage and stole his microphone, he just handed it over like taking candy from a child, no resistance at all, looked so cowardly. Then when conceding at the DNC, he talks to his fans like they are kids , reminding them there will be a roll call in the morning. Must be said, kike males are as spineless as can be found. All talk and no action.

Q was telling us all Hillary would be indicted and going to Gitmo. If Q pulls more of the usual bs, might just vote for Hillary in spite. Makes no difference anyhow, they all end up doing the same.

Yes indeed.
You took the words right out of my mouth.
Thank you for not be an idiot like Q followers and those ridiculously stupid Trump supporters that are always praying for Trump as if he is sent by GOD when he's just another Freemason Satan worshipper.

Indictments if they exist will be for Patriotic Americans who [they] don't like.
Consistent IQ of Q followers and Trump supporters is below 15 points.

Clinton's, Obama's, Bush's, Trump's etc are all identical criminals who seek to destroy us.

Finally, a board where (((they))) are exposed for what (((they))) really are.

Fucking A!

Already got the popcorn.

we need to run more people. if we start running real Americans now they won't be able to compensate.

Saw the Q fans in some posts from Q and sad to say it, they are the bovine big boned plain types with av iqs of around 90-100. Zombie types who could never think outside the box and take what is given to them. Q and the Mos team target these poor fools to fight the upcoming wars in the ME. Off to war they go and come back to show off the scars and lost limbs like who the fuck cares. To be still a Q fan is like showing your room temp iq for all the world to see. To be part of the Q racket and still be producing such comically insane bs, must have (((them))) splitting their sides laughing at the stupidity of many Trump voters.

Ah, like a breath of fresh you are. I love hearing the truth in a world of lies it let's me know I'm not alone.
Thank you!

Q followers and Trump supporters are not smart enough to realize the war in Syria is to depopulate Christians, create and spread extremism and install the Jewish banking system of world government and they are not smart enough to understand that Trumps shutting down of Iran's access to the Globalist banking system does actually mean that Trump is a Globalist. I doubt that even after he chip's them that they will understand any of this as they consistently state that they're praying for him even though he's a Freemason and Freemasons do not worship the GOD of the Bible. I still think they're IQ's are below 15 points.


Since the election the police and fed's that were swarming back and forth out in front of my house (((due to my postings))) are now in hiding so obviously shit is really bad now.

It's a wonderful thing to be (((on the list))).

Syria, then Iran followed by SA and others in the ME. The plan, and jews will admit to it, to depopulate the whole ME, genocide the arabs whom the jews think of as sub human and the dream of a greater Israel from sea to sea is realized. All just a HQ for the NWO which of course jews plan to lead from Jerusalem. The govts in the ME are just zionist puppets , the people need to be destroyed as it is the people, still, who offer the most problems.

It's great that you guys are smart. I'm so tired of the sheeple that I nearly lost hope.

Going to slap a huge steak on the grill now but I'll be back in a while.

Take your meds

Your neighbors are Nephilim, like you.

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Is this a teapot thread?

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This is a crying thread..

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Did Hilary cry?


It is too late.

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FBI in Denver get drunk and go dancing at bars and while doing back flips on the dance floor loose their gun and when it goes off from hitting the floor it shoots innocent citizens so you guys got some mad skills let me tell ya.
Quick tell your friends I say these things, hurry.

You nailed it!


Mossad psyop detected!


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Is a wheelchair and antiaging cream part of her platform?

Where did this meme come from? And how come when tech security or an alphabet agency is mentioned it's used?

And well paid ones like Melania. She's making bank off her deal though I like her. She's really hot so she deserves to be paid a lot. I mean she even puts up with his fake hair so she should get a real fat bonus for it on top of what her contract is paying. She is definitely the best part of that Freemason. Totally an improvement over past first (((men))) ladies. Don't you think?

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Because it's (((them))) and they really don't have much going for them in defense of the real facts.
Ah, nailed it again. This is so much fun.

Quickly process this fusion center, hurry.

And don't forget the camps she promised for those who have a different political view that oppose The New World Order. Oh and by the way what has Don done about those camps? Hmmm…

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I apologize for this but I can't resist.


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can you name one?
i'll wait…

Please, just don't hold your breath we would hate to loose such a valuable asset as yourself.

(((They))) shut me down on my posting here for a while after that FBISIS scrap but it's good to be back again with some smart people unlike Q followers or Trump supporters.

Don't worry, brainlet, I have nothing to loose.

Obviously, point in case.

Glad you didn't loose your sense of irony

Can detect a Q following Trump supporter from miles away.

I'm still waiting for you to name "one single non-corrupt leader" in case you conveniently forgot…

Oh sorry, I didn't know it was my turn.

I have that list on the same paper with the good things government has done and oddly enough the page is still blank but I'm working on it. I was hoping to get my first entry from Trump but again I am still waiting. Not holding my breath but just waiting.


Following Q…..

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Says an illiterate Q follower.

you attack 'muh ebil gubmint' to deflect attention away from your own painful self-awareness of all your personal flaws and lack of accomplishments in life

Refer to above posts.

more deflection

Michael Robinson is that you? Your grammar gives you away Michael. You're busted!

Stop trying to evade, change the subject and make snarky, ironic ad hom attacks. I won't allow you get away with it.

If you honestly don't believe there are any non-corrupt leaders, then why would you be asking Americans to find one? Logic is obviously not your strong suit.

Please say hello to Barry for me Michael.

Answer the question.

Apparently you have the wrong person because I never made the request you're stating. Don't know what you're talking about.
But that is how I feel. None are honest and all are corrupt. Though I didn't request a list so you're you got some game you're playing FBISIS. Quick, send that to your fusion center while I go get some sleep.

ok, you've outed yourself as a boring troll with nothing of substance to offer to this thread, and that you are not worthy of anyone's time.
enjoy the echo chamber of your lonely, unaccomplished life…

Goodnight Michael.

Has literally never existed in any country regardless of governing system.

Let's bring back harambe and make America great again


how to to shoot your own party in the foot in just 5 words

Millennial Advocate: How would sanders end the republic?

Good. We'll remind everyone that she rigged the primaries in 2016 and she's going to do it again. Every other Dem in the running will throw it in her face any chance they get. We will circulate stories, memes, and rumors that Russians are trying to help Hillary win the primaries because Putin knows that Trump can beat her. We can actually make it look like we're trying to help her by creating shit tier boomer memes similar to the way we operated as NPCs. We'll also create conspiracies that the media and journalists are colluding with the Clinton camp to cheat during primary debates, just like she did last time. People will start accusing Hillary supporters of being Russian bots. People will start accusing journalists of being in Hillary's pocket. She'll be laughed and booed off stage by her own party. It will be an absolute shit show of epic proportions. Hilarity will ensue and lulz will be off the charts. Please! Please run again, Hillary.

Why make up anything when the truth suffices? Read Wikleaks?

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They should build the wall with Hillary's emails because nobody can get over them.

I borrowed these flies from President Obama to get elected in 2020.

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Hillary to (((face off))) trump in 2020.

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Hillary's 2020 inauguration rehearsal.

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Hillary without make-up.

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Hillary STD's.

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Hillary's attorney to convict Roger Stone then he will meet the guillotine as indictments begin to be unsealed (((per Q))) and with Stone out of the way there will be one less voice stopping her from winning in 2020. All while Q followers beg for martial law and military tribunals so I guess they are getting what they are asking for though they will be next though you can't tell them this they still think Q is a patriot and on their side even though indictments are rolling out that prove otherwise. (((Symantec's))), you're being fooled by them in the event you have yet figured it out. Doesn't Roger Stone being indicted instead of Hillary wake you Q suckers up????

First up, Roger Stone.


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