Eastern Washington's Sky Glows Purple Astounding Locals


Everyone has seen a beautiful sunset at least once in their lives, and when someone tries to tell you about how the sky was "so colorful" it is easy to brush off as an exaggeration. But when residents in Finley, Washington began reporting the sky had turned purple and had the photographs to prove it, the strange phenomenon began to draw some national attention.

Local news describes the sight as something out of "The X-Files" and used words like "pink and purple glow" to describe the night sky near Tri-Cities near Washington state's eastern border. When they said purple, they meant it. This is no blend of orange and yellow and red that most typical sunsets emit, this was a pure royal purple illuminating the sky as if it were the sky itself that had changed color.

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You know what it is.

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I assume this is because of the smoke from the Cali fires.

I assume you have no fucking idea about geography, meteorology, or physics.

And I would be correct.

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You're cocky like me and I like that. I too am tired of their ignorance.
Yes indeed, you are correct.

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How bout some links? Especially the laser beam plane videos. Without links or sources, dropping truth bombs is no different than Q

You there!!! Source me with some evidence and i might believe you. But even you have to admit it sounds and looks like a larp without sources.

I know you're larping because lasers can't be seen shooting from planes because military lasers aren't using the visible spectrum.

I took your words to heart though and have been looking into it. Here's a link that semi confirms your suspicions. Tho i don't know why you'd larp about it….


Forgot link

Looks like you forgot to use hooktube and to embed also!
Polite sage even though I live quite close to Finley and did enjoy the sunset last night.

Can vouche.

This happened in Georgia last year actually. The sky turned purple out near Jasper I think.


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I have an ex in Wenatchee. I wonder how close that is.


I don't need to source the laser beams starting fires in Cali because anybody on FB can go see them for yourselves and with the above link you have enough info to search farther for the other articles documenting the fake alien mutilations that are in my area. You guys are quick to label folks up that are only providing information. You must be liberals.

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As the madness progress's you will learn that (((they))) really do have UFO's but don't worry space aliens are not flying them. I mean really, space aliens bahahaha. Johnny Cash did a song about flying a Starship "across the universe divide" blah, blah, blah, "until I reach the other side" blah, blah, blah. Perhaps you heard it? Can you imagine Johnny Cash flying a Starship, lol. Great song though.

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Weren't the Northern lights lower than normal not long ago?

Not gonna hunt much with blanks

Thanks, doc.

Asking me to go back to FB and calling me a liberal for wanting sources… i have tried looking for the video you say is so easy to find, still haven't found it, but the point is that that video doesn't need to exist because the laser doesn't need to be visible so WHY would the pilots decide to make it visible?
Seems likely some clout goblin on Facebook made an edit that was guranteed to get buzz.
I don't doubt the claim that the fires are man made, or that they used a system similar to the Athena system.

I just want to know your sources and your reasoning for why they would use a "tracer round" for a false flag being blamed on mother nature (through climate change caused by us apparently)

Ram ranch?

This shame thing happened in Columbus last month.


Hooktube started giving views and watch time earlier this year.