Birth control has minor risks, but it won't kill you

Apparently Tuesday was #ThxBirthControl Day. Some would have you believe that birth control, primarily oral contraceptives, are a wonder drug that saves hundreds of thousands of lives a year. Others called it " poison," saying that it triples the risk of suicide.

As with most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

In the most literal way, birth control does save the lives of the unborn. Unless we're debating the technical functions of a specific sort of hormonal intrauterine device which may allow an egg to be fertilized before the uterus rejects its implantation, forms of birth control such as oral contraceptives, the pill, the patch, Depo-Provera, and copper IUDs prevent fertilization, period. The mass proliferation of birth control, in tandem with better health education, has been a significant factor in reducing the nation's abortion rate to its lowest levels since before Roe v. Wade.

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But the most important birth control method for men ever created is being (((suppressed))) because it gives men power.

So it doubles the risk of suicide?

They don't protect you from STD/I though, for that reason they should be a second choice. Use condoms and leave the hormone pills for emergencies.

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And render your reproductive organs barren and inoperable by the age of 30

Reminder that most younger generations are in favor of birth control so they can have sex without regard for responsibility and don't have to worry about commitment from potentially having a child

K bye. Completely intolerable. I'm pro-choice, too, so it's not a religious thing, it's the fact that I can't put up with bitches on birth control.

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Destroys the whole nation

Chicks on the pill are more attracted to effeminate and faggy males. Go look it up.

Not being a massive whore has no risks and won't kill you. But that would require women to control their urges like men have to.

reminder that
sneaky kikes have redefined the start of pregnancy to be when the child attaches to the uterine wall so they can claim these are not abortifacients. But they are.
in reality life begins at fertilization, which happens days before the child attaches

Yeah, no one wants to acknowledge that it is effectively brainwashing. And heavily alters the choices and taste in men….then the women get off the pill and procreate with those men. Its quite possible that altered sexual taste have done a lot to breed weaker, less violent and less protective men.

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less violent men produce greater scientific advances, but are less attractive to women. so women invite subhuman scum into the countries that civilized men built.
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A woman's pussy, cervix and uterus are always filled with slime, genius. The copper ions of an IUD make the uterine fluid toxic to sperm (they can't swim any further), but it doesn't harm the woman at all.
Condoms don't prevent pregnancy at all. Men have no viable birth control methods at the moment.

You can also use testosterone injections, with supraphysiological levels of testosterone your body will temporarily halt spermatigenesis as FSH and HCG drop. Done correctly this is more reliable than female hormonal contraceptives and will enhance libido instead of inhibit/dysregulate it, as long as estrogen is kept in check (aromasin). There are some side effects like becoming a big guy and being a confident Chad, and it will accelerate male pattern baldness but shouldn't affect you if you aren't prone to it. Prostate cancer might be negatively impacted but not likely without a preexisting case or cocurrently high estrogen and testosterone. Maybe worth it imo.

Women are more attracted to men during ovulation. I’ll never take birth control especially an IUD. I couldn’t imagine having a copper implant inside me *shudder*

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Their risk for stroke and blood clots increase when taking birth control, so it quite possibly can kill those whores dead. God willing.

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