1000 People Missing amidst California’s “Camp Fire”


Bodies were seen charred in footage filmed by survivors that leaked to the internet, and some are suggesting that the damages are the deadliest in California history.

Catastrophic losses put the estimated homes destroyed in the fire to 9,700 now, with 290 buildings destroyed and 26,000 people now homeless.

This level of damage is unseen even in California, at a catastrophic scale of costs being burdened by the state and local authorities.

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wow it's almost like God doesn't like pedo liberal globalist democrat globalist marxist communists or something. dude…

They pounded on their windows as they were baked inside. Sometimes a child would get scared and run outside, into the fire. Then it became the fire, and the screaming wind never stopped.

Absolute terror.

Kids young enough to believe in fairy tales aren't allowed on imageboards. Run back to mommy. It's past your bedtime.

You don't even know what those words mean, do you?

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God will burn you too :^)


And nothing of value was lost


Superman actually tried to stop this but everyone's response was "I'm not.gonns do nuffin cause you're crazy an dun have a purty government suit"

That's right. It could've been stopped.

I tried to tell everyone. The results were a cyber attack and you can't detect it.

More than 100 dead? More than a thousand missing. I don't know what else I could've done other then assaulting everyone and putting the police under my heel.

Wow I'm glad Superman was toting to socialists and not violent. It killed like 1000 ppl

Thank God no one made a point or had an opinion though. That would've been worse.

Always always stop posting when I respond.

I'm gonna trigger your ass with religion bitch

Yeah, except only religionists get triggered over religion..
Also, I'm not him. Just piling on.

Please GOD let them have all died and reduce the blight that Californians are on the earth.

but we banned forest fires. THEY'RE ILLEGAL.

how could this happen?

Cali btfo by geostereotyped, satellite laser initiated, harp sustained ff op.


You definitely can actually just like

watch what happens to your family

Where the fuck are his shoes?

There's never enough dead commies.

Yet I'm still here, shockingly not burned. Perhaps I haven't sinned enough to get on God's agenda? Maybe He didn't strike me down today because it's the Sabbath and He's lazing around his fat bearded ass in "rest" instead of doing the whole ruling-the-Universe shtick.

It probably happened in the red areas, unfortunately.

Uh huh that's right and it isn't GOD burning them off at least not the real GOD in the bible. He doesn't use man made lasers so those who are blaming this on GOD obviously don't get out much from mom's basement except to bitch that the Cheetos are running low.

[Steroids powered tipping]

Everyone else is wearing jackets and long pants

"That can't happen in America".

He's just wrong about a creator god that cares about the affairs people.

But, if there was a god - he might just set fire to lands and forests that were not managed properly to prevent fires - just as a troll move. Communist California passed dozens of laws that prevent them from prevent them from clearing dead brush and trees in ways that would've prevented the fires from growing so fast.

(((They))) were burning us out in Cali over 30 years ago and nothing has changed. Especially northern Cali where the more conservative folks lived. I fled the war there very long ago and now they're burning us out here where I moved to. Howz the UN Agenda 21, 2030 & 2050 working out for ya? But don't worry you're not on fire,,, (((yet))).

Did the laser beam created fires burn around the Q LARPers?

You mean Trump lied?

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad retarded.

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Just returned from checking on the Q LARPers and since the Cali fires aren't burning around them sparing them as Q promised they're jumping ship by the boat load as if they're on the Titanic. I guess the Government issued very low IQ of well below 80 points has finally caught up with them.


Maybe they shouldn't be building such flammable homes? Build monolithic homes out of cement with fire proof doors and window covers.

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