Ocasio-Cortez Stalking Picture Controversy Backfires


f you are a political spin doctor and the political landscape exists of two parties only, then in order to arouse your base, you seek known enemies.

During the Midterm election campaign, Nancy Pelosi was the ultimate target for Republicans. Every Democratic candidate was associated with Pelosi to deter voters. If Donald Trump was on the campaign trail in recent months and he said Pelosi’s name, a loud roar went through the room.

Related coverage: 2020 - Pelosi Orders Shock Arrests Leftwing Ocasio-Cortez Protesters (Video).

A "radical", a "socialist" as she was invariably described. The Republican Party launched a video in which pictures of her were combined with police images of murderous MS-13 gang members and a closing sentence that read "according to Nancy Pelosi, they are not that bad."

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liberal is a dirty word.

maybe you should change your behavior.

What the fuck is this article even?

Diana's Bright Idea.

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You deserve an extra bullet and can of gas for this excellent and well written article, Diana Printz!

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Noyce Hitler dubs!


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Daring to sage a well-written article such as this..
Shame on you!

Zig Forums spilling over to Zig Forums, as you can plainly see

If only..
At least on Zig Forums the articles are halfway well written and not just clickbait bullshit trying to get idiots to click on a turdwater link. These fucks like Courtney, Diana, Phillip and James deserve neither gasoline nor bullets. Their 'work' is inept at best, and just plain lazy and uninformative. They are stealing from Jim, and that's just a fact. He is being used. Yes, he deserves it – karma for what he did to Hotwheels. Still, they are worthless as 'reporters' and everyone with half a brain cell can see that.

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Oh noes!
What shall we do???

Is there a news story in this article?


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Is this article about Diana Printz?

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It is now..

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Show proof please..

This was the best I could reproduce..
Neither would let me take a pic, but both were willing to sit for a painting..

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What is going on in here?

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Eeyore will find out..

I doubt it..

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This 'news article' must be torn the fuck up!

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I'm dealing with the police right now, filing a report about some stolen property, and I definitely intend on prosecuting

I'm taking Rocket with me to a new location for a few days.

When OP can't get to the fucking point.

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How does anything in the body of the OP have anything to do with the title?

What is this even about?

This is about time..
About time you figured out what this was about..

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Happy Caturday!
I think that pretty much a consensus has been drawn in this thread..

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This thread is about Meghan Markle, duchess of Sussex and what a sweet sweet piece of ass she truly is

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Considering how well written this article is, I am surprised this is not the top news story!

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But you ain't got nothing on Meghan markle

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She's got something on her..
She's an U.S. State Congressscunt.
Are (You)?

I thought this thread was about Diana Printz!


Is it ok that I want to kill myself now after watching that???

Anyone would..

Are microagressive bloviations occurring itt?
Are trigger warnings also required?

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