Democrats Face Israeli Press Outrage Over Change Of Hijab Rules In Congress

The Israeli press showed their discontent that 1 Democrat congresswoman was able to change a 200-year old rule forbidding religious headwear even before she is sworn in after the details of the House Democrats draft rules package became known.

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Sounds like the democrats are the real anti semites.
Step up your game Zig Forums

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dems don't mind when muslims oppress women.

Just another example of Democrat being two-faced. They always harp on Christian symbols and the separation of Church and State until now they have a top point earner in the Identity Politics Game with a Anti-Semitic Muslim Woman.

Why should Israel be allowed to voice an opinion about US Congress? I know about all our dual citizen kikes in office. I just don't get why real Americans should give a fuck about what Israel thinks.

Because jews are poor oppressed people. Well rich oppressed people, erm rich oppressive people, rich oppressive vermin.

Hey hey. Did you know Nethanyahu has been recorded as saying " We will bleed America dry, then cut it up like a calf". Those zios do not mess around. Non jews truly are cattle or sheep or both to the jews.

If she can wear a hijab then I should be able to wear a svastika. Surely we both can ignore the religious connotations and long history of violence….

This. Take the fucking ugly scarf off your damn head. It looks bad. Congress has the right to maintain a strict dress code and if it bothers you so much that it doesn't include a hijab it probably means you consider it a religious symbol and should not wear it anyways. Otherwise you should have no problems taking it off. Simple as that.

Israel's just pissed 'cause the Jew reps can't wear their little foreskin hats

I wish they would wear them. Then America might pause and ask why half of those motherfuckers are wearing yamakas.

It should be constitutionally illegal to hold citizenship outside of the US and hold political office at any level.

Dems are Zig Forums's useful idiots in this case


Also this (and checked)

because there's no such thing as "real americans" anymore. thanks to trump playing the zionists' plan perfectly, "americans" have been divided up into left/right, who will never put up a united front against a real enemy. that way, when trump proclaims jerusalem the capital and moves the US embassy, only half of americans will be upset, while the other half will defend trump to the death that he made a "great" move.

tldr: trump will rather bring israelis together over americans

Of course. To do otherwise would simultaneously be nationalist and anti-semitic. The kikes have fucked us over, for sure.

Translation for retards: It's anti-semitic to accuse kikes of being nationalist for being against immigration and having closed borders or imperialist for stealing Palestinian lands. But it's perfectly fine for them to accuse us of the same non-stop. They are hypocritical cunts who have invaded the US government at every level. They specialize in litigation and usury.

I should point out that it's not just "litigation," but frivolous litigation, questionable injury claims, legal intimidation tactics, and suing people for everything imaginable. They revolutionized and perfected all of these slimy tactics.

Trump only furthered the divide. The divide was there since the 80s.

Implying any of the commie pawns haven't degenerated into secularism

Too me the real Americans were the ones that said "fuck identity politics!" wither it was left or right wing. It was about preserving this idea of freedom, of separation of church and state. Yeah people like Ford hated Jews, but he didn't hate Jews as a race, ashkenazi Jews are white, they hate Jews because they were the ones who abused identity politics most of all, they made themselves not-white, the created their own fucking race to suit their identity. That's what it was. But if you turn it around and say that now all Jews are just thieving kikes, well that's just going in the other direction. Jews that actually do care about this country actually exist, wither Zig Forums likes it or not. In fact, Zig Forums is so fucking insane that they see Jews being both Democrats and Republicans as some conspiracy of them "playing both sides!" It's not that, they aren't playing both sides, they have their own agency, there are niggers who are both Republicans and Democrats, there are Asians who are both Republicans and Democrats. This is what I mean when I say it's the real Americans who don't play the identity politics game.

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nani weebu desu?

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Ohi vey, he doesn't care about Israel?!
Call the Shomrim! Call the Shomrim!

Bunch of hijabis moving into our nations, all because you loved sodomy