Switzerland - Bullied Girl Shock New Appearance


Don’t underestimate the consequences of being bullied in school for years on end. The Swiss Celine Centino decided to change her appearance drastically so that nothing would remind her of the vulnerable girl of before. Her flight towards plastic surgery has so far set her back $50,000 but she does not regret it one bit. Not everything is quite as enthusiastic though.

"In the past, it was much better, there was nothing wrong with you. And if you make such an effort to please others, then the bullies have actually won," say some of her family members.

"The ugly duckling," they used to call her. But it did not end there. She got bullied and even beaten on a daily basis in school. The actions of the bullies chopped into her in such a way that Celine often called in sick to skip school.

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Should have bought a gun from black market and shoot the bullies. Much cheaper and efficient.

just higlights that those with plastic surgery are mentally ill, broken people.
If she had grown her hair long instead of putting it into a romulan bob, she would have been fine.

My first experience in Switzerland was the newsagents 10 metres outside the airport, still within the train station complex. Needed some change, so bought a mars bar for 1 franc, using s 5 franc coin. Behind the counter was s cosl black negress, that handed me back 1 franc change. I said in basic German "it was a 5 franc coin", the negress replied "no it was 2" - I had a train to catch 5 minutes from then, so just left.
Switzerland looks generally fine, but they need to expel the negroids that are ruining their reputation, especially vet who is working in the airport area and is the first thing people see of their country.


went from virgin feminist to chad pornstar

but now she can be a whore and make even more money

What did she say to the surgeon?

Too bad half of her looks fake now. She was kinda cute before. She couldn't like just got a different haircut and wore different outfits or something. And also cut contact with everyone who bullied her, maybe even moved to a different country.


Now, she just looks like the end result of someone not mentally capable of handling peer pressure and maintaining integrity of character.

The bullies definitely won and they still will make fun of her. $100 she kills herself.

Had she spent the 50k on a flight to japan, accommodation and a few costumes, she could have made millions from the businessmen's fetish market.
Just vomitting live baby eels onto their crotches or something simple like that would rend her a luxurious lifestyle.

And they say bullying is a bad thing. She sure showed them the way you get back at bullies. You better yourself to the point that you can't be reasonably bullied anymore. Checkmate.


If this is what it looks like when bullies "win", then they should win more often.
lol, on a scale from gay to raging faggot, you guys must be absolute cock gobblers if you can't recognize a hot piece of fuck meat.

good job celine

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She should apply for Chinese passport
plastic tits
plastic face
plastic lips
plastic ass as well probably
100% honorary chinese

She went from ugly duckling not ugly IMO, kind of cute even to plastic barbie. However the real question is how she could shell out 50 grand for her surgeries if she is so young.

It's a mystery innit?

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One thing to doll up her appearance and workout to get in shape. Another to devote so much time and money in creating something other than herself to hopefully one day impress the same bullies or similar types. She sold herself out , might be prone to mental illness in the future and the bullies have probably already forgotten about her.

The bullies didn't win jack shit. Only the surgeon did.

looks terrible. had she simply grown her hair long and got more fit she'd be more attractive without all the "enhancements"

Oh we recognize it, but the problem is that's all she is now. The before picture, that has potential as a mother, as someone contributing to society. The after picture? It has no more potential than a blow-up doll.


(((swiss girl)))

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She looks like she's completely made of plastic. Which is still an improvement on her future genders studies major look.


If she has children, they will come out looking like shit when she was ugly. Her self esteem might be through the roof but she is still trash and will only be good for a sex toy and to be used and abused

Damn those tits look hilariously bad. Like basketballs shoved under epidermis

damn, she felt so ugly even she beat herself up by killing her old self. bullies won i guess.

t. AIDS patients


did this shit really warranted a tread?

Have you noticed that /jews+/ has become a tabloid celebrity hot-goss feed, and almost nothing about any of the topics that used to be on Zig Forums before.
It is almost as though there is a directed force diverting the flow away from wokeness and truth, to mindless babble, filler and stupidity.
This thread is an illustrative example. UGLY GIRL SLAPS ON TITS BEATS BULLY
"See what THIS girl looks like now"

This, unless it's considered a "very simple" fashion, coming-of-age sort of thing as in certain so-called "modern" "civilized" countries, in which case it's then "normal".


Finally one of you ugly losers took the constructive criticism to heart and did something about her appearance rather than force decent looking people to deal with it. She doesn't have to look at her face, we do.

lol what a fag, I bet you watch anime.

Can you imagine taking this tramp home only to discover that she didn't have a dick? I would demand a refund.

ugly tattoos ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery and whore clothing.

can we just admit 3d pigs are obsolete?

10 + tattoos = 3

This is not an improvement. This is just a sideways move in ugliness. I genuinely feel bad for her.

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This. Tattoos and fake tits were a retarded idea of the set. Probably botox for lips, cheeks, forehead, and around the eyes. That can all be fixed by eating more high fat animal meat though. the botox shit