MIT successfully Flies First Plane With No Moving Parts (Video)

It has been over 100 years since man first took flight and the technology has advanced exponentially ever since. One thing that all the iterations of aircraft had in common were moving parts, until now. Engineers from MIT are moving away from propellers, turbine blades, and fans and are testing a new design which has no moving parts at all.

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MIT didn't come up with shit. They stole this technology from the Africans back in 2038.


you mean like a glider?

First ion propelled plane, bitte

It's literally fucking nothing.

If it can put out enough thrust to stay aloft under its own power once it's in the air, that's pretty impressive for an ionic system. And making something with a wingspan of five meters that only weighs five pounds is damned impressive too. Unless you mean by literally that the plane is not in the act of fucking, in which case yes, it literally is not fucking anything.

A tank of pressurized gas would probably do a better job.

Isn't the plane itself a big moving part?
This is retarded.
I hate this.

This is tarded, the US gov developed this in the 19 fucking 50's. But these MIT fucks make a flying ionic breeze air filter instead of a proper model with the main electrode at the leading edge of the wing.

Fucking inbreds.


breddy cool tbh

Even birds think this is retarded.

This is a gay and worthless invention. What they should is genetically engineer grasshopper to the size of 747's, hollow out their internal organs to allow for passengers to be carried. It'd make conventional planes obsolete.

The Wright Brothers beat them to it some time ago, surely?

God beat them to it several thousand years ago, surely?

Science has always been about imitating, manipulating, and harnessing nature to further human ends.

mudhuts are the only thing they have and everyone else on the planet evolved way past that eons ago

Okay, you got me. What thing did God make several thousand years ago that had an aerodynamic wingspan of five meters that weighed only five pounds? Because I'm stumped as to what this thing you're alluding to could be.

I mean, the first plane was more of a glider than a plane.

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that sounds like engineering, not science


The overlap between those arenas is necessarily massive.

I'm more impressed by the guy that made the flying platform out of levitating bug wings.

It glides temporarily and hits the ground. Where's the success? Nazi's actually start taking anti-grav and invisible energy seriously in the 30's, and this is the best the rest of the world can come up with in 100 years since then? I am disappoint.

To the dipshits who can't tell the difference between a plane and a glider: planes have engines, gliders don't. That means that planes have moving parts and gliders are completely solid state. That also means that planes provide their own thrust and gliders rely on lift alone to stay in the air. The whole point of the MIT plane was that it was able to propel itself through the air without the use of conventional propeller/turbine engines, which means it's a plane that's completely solid state.

It flew about as much as the Wrights' plane did. Was that not a success?

Yeah a success 100 years ago when planes weren’t even thought of yet versus this crap

And the Wright Bros, used an internal combustion engine, the technology of which was far more widespread and developed at that time than the ion propulsion of this plane is now. Also:
Yer a moron, Harry. People had been trying to make powered flight a thing for for YEARS before the Wrights' did it. They just happened to be the the ones that did it first. Same with Edison and the light bulb.

I don't know, but science could have been advanced if your nigger mother tied drapes to your arms and threw you out of the second story window

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